Sports Betting Picks Podcast 10/20/21 NBA, MLB ,CFB, NHL Picks Props, and Parlays - Betting Advice

Sports Betting Picks Podcast 10/20/21 NBA, MLB ,CFB, NHL Picks Props, and Parlays - Betting Advice

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Mitch Wilson (1s):Thanks for joining us every day at 11:00 AM Eastern standard time for the live show. <inaudible>

1 (13s):For sure. These games have to be high drama.

Mitch Wilson (27s):More than everyone got a killer day ahead of us, man. This is what it's all about. We got a full card of NBA basketball, still a few teams that, you know, after today will not have played. You know, I can name them off the top of my head Clippers. I don't see them on the schedule, you know, yesterday or today and Dallas Mavericks. I haven't seen on the schedule yet, but I know that we will be seeing those teams. So pretty exciting stuff day away from a day away from Thursday night football for college games tomorrow. So we got to college football tonight. We've got two major league baseball games today. We've got 11 NBA games.

Mitch Wilson (1m 8s):NHL has got what? Three games, four games, two games, two, two, and juggles. But they're good games,

Rodd Zawacky (1m 17s):Right? Two good games. Yeah.

Mitch Wilson (1m 20s):So I think so how did that work out? I know that I know that Edmonton 1 6, 5, right. Is the way that that one worked out. So our puck lines one on the ducks, right?

Rodd Zawacky (1m 33s):Yup. If you had the plus one and a half on the bus, that's

Mitch Wilson (1m 36s):What we said on the show that it was that the puck line was obvious. Right? So it was, it was there. All right. Mitchie pucks one and, oh,

Rodd Zawacky (1m 45s):You got a little excited that the ducks were going to win that game. So good thing you had took the park line, getting your,

Mitch Wilson (1m 54s):It was the bed. The bed was the puck line. The ducks were three and O on the puck line going into the game. Now they're foreign. No one though.

Rodd Zawacky (1m 60s):Well, he got Lilly cited. The banks were going to win that one.

Mitch Wilson (2m 4s):They

Rodd Zawacky (2m 4s):Did. They didn't win. Now. They got, they didn't get any points. Zero points for one, he should have

Brian Bitler (2m 9s):Went for the big hit. Why take the one and a half?

Mitch Wilson (2m 13s):Because, because in that, in that particular game, the numbers didn't show that the ducks were going to win the game. It showed that the puck line was the lap and on the Mitchie pucks picks over the, over the last year. Those are the kind of bets that have hit the hit the most often you're right? Because the numbers clearly pointed to it, easy ducks puck line. When,

Brian Bitler (2m 35s):When I get to my baseball pick and I give a run line, pick out, I don't want to hear it. He say, oh, well, let's just be a man. Take the, take the money.

Mitch Wilson (2m 45s):Yeah. But, but mine hit correctly. So

Brian Bitler (2m 48s):What if mine hit

Mitch Wilson (2m 49s):Correctly too? That doesn't happen. It never has happened on the show. Not once. I bet it has. Nope. Not once. Well, you took the run and a half and you didn't leave the money on the table. It's never happened on this show with any of those run line picks that you've given. Not one time, either you've lost outright or they are the other team won. It never hasn't factored. I know no sad. We can start keeping score if you want. Well, we'll take out like, we'll take out the Hagler Hearns posters, or we can put a below here. We can put it. We can just have like, get a whiteboard with some post-it notes or something via, I don't know.

Rodd Zawacky (3m 36s):And there's a whiteboard there, but I don't want to start writing.

Mitch Wilson (3m 39s):Hi rod. And you can show your ass on right here on the it's R it's not really the whiteboard shot. It's Rod's ass, Jo. Your mic is off. I think, I think your is off Joe. We can't hear you. Nope. You gotta turn the soundboard on. Gotta hit the army. Yes. Now we can hear you. It helps. It helps when you turn the on button on.

Jo Madden (4m 6s):Yeah, it does. I was wondering why no one was listening to me. I will.

Mitch Wilson (4m 11s):I often wondered the same about myself. Clearly said puck line on that one. You

Jo Madden (4m 21s):Did. You killed it.

Mitch Wilson (4m 24s):I think.

Jo Madden (4m 24s):And we saw the sabers get the outright right when yesterday too. So that was good to see over the Canucks. I love seeing the color.

Mitch Wilson (4m 34s):A lot of hockey left Russell Westbrook is a brick layer.

Rodd Zawacky (4m 40s):Capital's was easy when everybody was all like, <inaudible> quite a few people there or I looked it it's like, okay. So I always enjoy seeing Lakers. Spruce sounds good. Yeah. That too. Yeah.

Jo Madden (5m 5s):Right. I didn't see the end of that capital's game. Did they get an empty natter at the end or no? Yes they did. Yep. Yes.

Mitch Wilson (5m 14s):Well, that's good.

Rodd Zawacky (5m 16s):Oh, of course he did. He's honest. He's on his mission. This, the ask him he's moving up. The hill will be trained this season. He's all like <inaudible>

Mitch Wilson (5m 30s):We got a lot of ground to cover. So might as well get started. We've got, let's just go right to the college football game. Knock this one out. I've got app state against coastal Carolina on paper. This thing just really looks like it's all coastal Carolina, but boy, if it was wouldn't you think the line would be, you know, seven and a half or something and change here, the way the apps they played against Louisiana, it's almost, it's kind of the head fake, right? I mean, it's like app state coming off of that blowout loss against Louisiana, they looked as bad as we've seen an app state team ever look really. And coastal. I mean, these guys, these guys love to cover and I love teams that love to cover.

Mitch Wilson (6m 17s):I mean, they could basically go one and five against the number, the rest of the way. And there's still 500 against the spread. And I think Brian's probably been on the other side of him every way. And so that's not true. Got a chance to catch up. That's not true.

Brian Bitler (6m 30s):It's pretty much, if you go back and look, my premium picks up, bitch, I didn't have any against coastal,

Mitch Wilson (6m 34s):But that's okay. We know you're rooting against them.

Brian Bitler (6m 37s):I am rooting against them. Yeah.

Mitch Wilson (6m 42s):Because he's cause he's got, cause Brian feels compelled to always be on the other side regardless of it or not. It's always true

Brian Bitler (6m 50s):When I had to. That's not true. Sorry. I was, I take a,

Mitch Wilson (6m 54s):I want to be the tie breaker here. Is it, is it always true? Sometimes true. 99.9% of the time. It's true. And also with no handicapping basis behind it, right? Zero, zero.

Brian Bitler (7m 11s):I've seen games. I've seen games like this over the last 10, 11 years of the handicap. And I seen games like this every year.

Mitch Wilson (7m 19s):I know. And that's what I'm saying. I said it right. I didn't say, oh, coach was going to go on. I didn't say any of those things. It was like, <inaudible>

Brian Bitler (7m 28s):You have a point bad app states, not a bad team. And there are no other beds you were at last coastal Carolinas plead. Absolutely nobody, Kansas UMass Arkansas state. They played bottom feeders, all, all rescheduled

Mitch Wilson (7m 43s):The asterix, but they've done it two years in a row.

Brian Bitler (7m 49s):I'm to say in coastal Carolina, the bad team. I'm just saying app. State's not as bad as people perceive it.

Mitch Wilson (7m 54s):No, they're not as bad. They're not bad. It's app state. I mean, they have those have like three really good running backs and go wide receiver, usually really strong red zone defense. You know, you usually have all of those things last week against Louisiana. They had none of them,

Brian Bitler (8m 13s):They were on the road in that one and they lost a opponent that was not pushover. So it was, I don't, it was an embarrassing loss, but it's something that they can come back from for sure.

Mitch Wilson (8m 23s):So the issue here, of course, you know, when we look at this game is the, you know, is the coastal rushing attack, you know, regardless of who they've played against that app state Rushdie events, which is really just fallen off the map. Right? I mean, they used to be like a top 10 rush defense every year. Now, if they're just a sieve rod, you think, you think you could plug this hole or you think that at home on Wednesday night or frozen.

Rodd Zawacky (8m 56s):Wow. I think that line should be a little higher, but for me,

Mitch Wilson (8m 60s):Well, it's going hide the lines, the lines move two points in the last 12 hours or so a little bit, right? It's almost doubled up. It was three and a half. Now it's five and a half

Brian Bitler (9m 10s):In the last three and a half yesterday. I saw four.

Mitch Wilson (9m 13s):Now it opened it three and a half. We look at the west gate line. That's to me is that's the official opening line is the west gate. Right? Because that's kind of the, it's the gold standard of sports books. I

Brian Bitler (9m 26s):Know the song. I'm just saying I never saw three and a half. Maybe I just,

Mitch Wilson (9m 29s):I never saw a three and a half in the Nebraska game, but you somehow got that too. So I don't know, Brian, you tell me it was actually three was actually the opener and this one at the west gate.

Brian Bitler (9m 40s):Alright. I believe you. I'm not. I'm just saying I didn't see it three. Now

Mitch Wilson (9m 43s):What was three at the west gate was the open. I mean, I, I, I don't know. Does anyone out there want to contend that the west gate is not the gold standard when it comes to the sports betting? I mean, I don't, I always consider them the SA the be all and end all when it comes to, you know, the decision maker and we could probably get them on here and to, to agree with me on that all, I

Brian Bitler (10m 7s):Would say what I saw yesterday

Mitch Wilson (10m 9s):Across Jay would agree with me on that, Joe. Yeah. Yeah. I think so. I think, I think you can get even the people from the other shows that don't even like me will agree with me on that. Everyone's going to agree with you on that one. Everyone's going to agree with me on that. And it opened it three at the west gate and that is where it opened. And it's now five and a half. It's four and a half at west gate. Oh, wait a minute. How was yesterday on disconnected? It help if I connected to the internet and I show five and a half at fan door five at west gate five and a half at some of the off shores five at circa five, a Draftking sugar house, penny five and a half.

Mitch Wilson (10m 58s):Bavada six. So there they're a high volume book. So you still have to respect that bet. 365, 5 and a half, a lot of fives, Fox, but I'll get points, bet, five and a half MGM and a half. So it's a lot of movement. I'm going to guess this thing's going six and a half. Is my guests. No way. Okay. Six for sure. It's gone six for sure. We can bet on if you like, I'll bet your hat on that one too.

Brian Bitler (11m 36s):I'd be, I'd be very surprised. I went to six and a half, but we'll see, I think five and a half is a solid number.

Mitch Wilson (11m 45s):Well, it's six in

Brian Bitler (11m 47s):One spot. Yeah.

Mitch Wilson (11m 49s):Of the off shore. Is there kind of the west gate of the off shore is I would say that was my

Brian Bitler (11m 54s):Favorite book about it because they offer the best lines for people. I'd take a anti book place. So,

Mitch Wilson (12m 8s):And it was rod, Rudy. Think, you know where Brian, this,

Rodd Zawacky (12m 16s):They got that. They got the line the way it is. If they're trying to trap me in with coastal Carolina while they're going to trap me, cause I'm gonna think close to Carolina, I think they wouldn't easily by a touchdown. So I laid up on the coast of Carolina here in this one,

Mitch Wilson (12m 32s):Joel, you're going to give a Peck and maybe a little side dig on Brian here or

Jo Madden (12m 36s):No, I had him leave the side, dig away from Brian. Talk about, yeah, I don't have the energy for it this morning. You know, I'm going to go on the under on this one. We have such strong offensive teams, but I think these defenses really do step up. And we look at coastal Carolina, they're only allowing 15 points per game and app state's defense. Yes, they haven't played great, especially in their last game. But I see them stepping up. I think this under is a nice way to go in this matchup. So I do have a premium pick on the side, but otherwise I'm going to take the under.

Mitch Wilson (13m 15s):I like the under also I think last year's game was really exciting. I lost my voice for a week last year. I

Rodd Zawacky (13m 22s):Think you did. You know, that

Mitch Wilson (13m 25s):Happened last year was it was at coast on the teal turf and they were outside. They were in, it was, they were, they were not covering basically the whole game. It was a dog fight. And then at the end of the game, coastal got an interception and ran it in for a touchdown. And it was one of those plays where the guy could have sat down on the turf. Like you see all these idiots do, but instead he ran it into the end zone. I hate when they do the slide or they run out of bounds intentionally or they just sit down, not, he ran it all the way back. Of course I was singing the bud bunk song and you know, my wife was filming it on the iPhone. I lost my voice. I did the show with no voice for the next week.

Rodd Zawacky (14m 11s):Yeah.

Mitch Wilson (14m 11s):S screaming like a little bitch, as they say,

Rodd Zawacky (14m 15s):My fourth was like, how are you getting sick? No, no, just yell at the TV.

Mitch Wilson (14m 22s):Oh, the coastal game.

Rodd Zawacky (14m 24s):Yes, that'll do it.

Mitch Wilson (14m 32s):I think this is going to be a hard, hard hitting game. And I think it is going to be a little closer than people think. I will agree with Brian on that one. But I, I don't, I, I do think that the line goes six and a half here would not be shocked. So if you want coastal, I would grab them. Now, if you want app, state, I would wait it out.

Brian Bitler (14m 55s):Oh, sure. Waiting it out on this one is the thing to do because the action is hot and heavy on coastal. So there's no reason not to wait. So, and I never gave an official. I just

Mitch Wilson (15m 3s):Said that. I just said that. It just,

Brian Bitler (15m 6s):It just, you just assumed, but

Mitch Wilson (15m 9s):I just said to wait.

Brian Bitler (15m 11s):I said I wanted to <inaudible> today. So it sounded like you never gave me a chance to make my pickup was on the under 61 and a

Mitch Wilson (15m 21s):Half and going on

Brian Bitler (15m 22s):That's my free pig,

Mitch Wilson (15m 25s):Little sucking up going on there. It's like, yeah, I agree.

Brian Bitler (15m 28s):Makes sense. That's just Betty. One-on-one to wait until kickoff. When a game that's heavily bet on,

Mitch Wilson (15m 33s):We got a Labrador retriever, you know, we, you know, it's already got one.

Jo Madden (15m 49s):You can't make comments like that. When I'm drinking coffee, Mitch, there should be a warning.

Mitch Wilson (15m 54s):There's a

Jo Madden (15m 54s):Cat. My neighbor,

Mitch Wilson (15m 55s):See my coffee this morning. We have like a neighborhood

Rodd Zawacky (15m 57s):Cat came out, knows.

Mitch Wilson (15m 59s):Yeah, we have a neighborhood cat named Bindi. And so Bindi, like just walked around. Everybody knows Bindi. And she's just like, you know, basically not afraid of anything. She just lays on the side of the road, out in thing or up on the wall or something. And when anyone walks by, she kind of comes over and she checks you out. And then she decides if she wants to be your friend or not. And I'm not really a cat person, but for some reason, this fricking cat just loves me. It's like, it's always, she comes like out of the woodwork, rubs up against my leg. Just like my wife just really gets a kick out of it.

Jo Madden (16m 35s):Oh yeah. Cats know, they absolutely know when you don't

Mitch Wilson (16m 37s):Like them. Well, the thing is, is that cats also know that people that generally don't like them like to ignore them and that's kind of what they want. Right. They don't like the people like that are just grabbing them. And because cats are kind of their own little thing. Right. So it's like the people that ignore them or whatever, that they're good with it.

Rodd Zawacky (16m 58s):Oh, I know. It's like you ignore the cat and he'll come to you. And then an undoubtedly. So it's going to, you're not, you're not, you're not festering. If me trying to pat me on, I'm going to go over to you.

Jo Madden (17m 8s):So like a typical woman.

Rodd Zawacky (17m 12s):Well, my dog will do the same thing. If you try too hard. If any, if you try to talk, try too hard with them and you try to pat him or get closer and he's like, oh, get out of here. I'll come to you when I want. He's kind of, he's going to cut his teeth Like that. Yeah. He's definitely like that. My nephew tried and tried and tried nothing. It took me like 10 days, at least new person came up and he was like, he's like, oh, I like this guy. I don't have not, you know, go away.

Mitch Wilson (17m 47s):Alright, Brian, what are you selling today?

Brian Bitler (17m 49s):Got my wild Wednesday cash. Grab three Peck. And to try to follow up a nice 300 a day to winning days in a row. So got to start somewhere. So we've got a nice, nice game tonight, including my sun belt game of the week. So make sure you check it out.

Mitch Wilson (18m 4s):Sunbelt game of the week, rod.

Rodd Zawacky (18m 10s):Welcome

Mitch Wilson (18m 10s):Back to follow there on the Sunbelt game of the week.

Rodd Zawacky (18m 14s):Oh dang. I, for me, I get as wealthy Wednesday. I got three MBA that I absolutely love. And I've got one play in the football game and a one play in the MLB game. Well, not one hot day. My bed, one point wealthy Wednesday, Monday, Wednesday, three MBA, one play in the hockey and one play in the football game. So Joel ward, Wellesley Wednesday five pack, or you can just get the MBA. I've made it as a triple as well. You can just get an NBA. Yeah. Triple.

Mitch Wilson (18m 49s):How about you, Joe?

Jo Madden (18m 51s):Yeah, I've got three picks today. One in the college football game. MLB and NBA. Oh, actually I have floor. I've got an NHL pick as well. Forgot about it.

Mitch Wilson (19m 4s):Where, where does the fun stop? So what I always say

Jo Madden (19m 7s):Is the fun stuff. I don't know

Rodd Zawacky (19m 9s):It doesn't we always having fun here. Come on.

Jo Madden (19m 13s):It doesn't stop. When you're part of the pick dogs crew that's for sure.

Mitch Wilson (19m 17s):I always say I drank about eight years past fun.

Rodd Zawacky (19m 23s):I hate when it goes about 10.

Mitch Wilson (19m 27s):Okay. Drank about eight years past fun. Maybe more was allergic broke out in handcuffs.

Rodd Zawacky (19m 38s):Speaking

Mitch Wilson (19m 39s):Cuffs. Let's go to this major league baseball action. Two good games yesterday.

Brian Bitler (19m 47s):I can't

Jo Madden (19m 49s):Be like handcuffs.

Brian Bitler (19m 51s):Yeah. I can't cross. Why not? I used to like can't coast when I had fun, but not

Mitch Wilson (19m 56s):You're saying the policeman was her favorite village person. Check it. Yeah. We got the red Sox and the Astros won a game that was last night. The red Sox acting LinkedIn, you know, on the fans doing what they do acting kind of like they had one, even though they know better, Kyle Schwarber looks a little banged up. I don't know it's his status for this thing, but I'm going to guess that he's going to be super limited, but you got Chris sail who does not look good in the postseason and Fran Burr Valdez, who definitely works up a ladder out there on the mound, like good sweater, right speaking with good sweaters.

Mitch Wilson (20m 51s):What do you think?

Rodd Zawacky (20m 52s):Yeah, for me, this one, I think we see runs again and we get the over there. Just, just we see Brammer he's going to definitely be working up a lie there and giving up runs. And I always see in sale give up Robins as well. So I like the over this one. I think we see a whole pile of runs. Like you can take the first five over and the full game over

Mitch Wilson (21m 14s):The runs. You heard it, Brian?

Brian Bitler (21m 17s):Yeah. I disagree wholeheartedly here. Normally he'd be the one going on the under here because it just looks like it screams over yesterday. Barely got over that number. Just barely. It's just crappy performance there by the red Sox, giving up all those runs. But, and framer Valdez, Chris sail. I haven't looked good in the post-season, but I just think it sneaks under that nine and a half number bait me into taking the over it's going over for what? Every single game in the series so far. I think it goes under the tonight.

Mitch Wilson (21m 46s):That's what everyone was saying yesterday. You got the rug ripped,

Brian Bitler (21m 50s):But it just barely got or just barely did it. So

Mitch Wilson (21m 55s):It's all the same. It's the same as if it went over a hundred runs and it happened in the first ending. It was pays exactly the same.

Brian Bitler (22m 4s):I think today goes under.

Rodd Zawacky (22m 6s):There you go. We got our referee though. Got a riff. There was a review. Well to

Mitch Wilson (22m 14s):Run roughly

Rodd Zawacky (22m 15s):2 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1 3 run river. Yep.

Mitch Wilson (22m 26s):Joe, what do you think?

Jo Madden (22m 29s):Yeah, I'm going to have to go with the Astros in this one. I'm not believing in Chris sales for the red Sox and that's the whole reason. I think the Astros get this win against him here. And I don't know you guys on this total. It's one of those hard ones. I really do think it just flies over. It makes sense that it's going to fly over it again. So I would lean on the over and the Astros to win this matchup.

Mitch Wilson (22m 52s):I love the Braves tonight. I like the reverse run line here on the braise as well. I think this is the game that you load up. Maybe even go to minus three and a half. If you know, if you must then I think I might must because I just think that, you know, what we've seen in this series is basically the Dodgers about one good ending.

Brian Bitler (23m 10s):Did you skip ahead? I didn't know. We were on Dodgers. Praise

Mitch Wilson (23m 13s):Said both games fine. Oh,

Brian Bitler (23m 15s):Well then I would have gave out a pick on the Dodgers

Mitch Wilson (23m 16s):Brace. Darn it turns up,

Rodd Zawacky (23m 22s):But we know what you're taking

Mitch Wilson (23m 25s):You snooze, you lose the Braves on the reverse run mine here. I just think that this is easy money just seems the world humping up on the Dodgers. All the squares, 92% of the money is on the Dodgers. No chance. The Braves own the series. And I'm outside of one inning and a, what were they going to do? These are not like the lousy teams that like, oh, you know that one got away and that no, these are the guys that their very best player hit the wall and has been out for the entire season. You know? And then they rallied. That's the team that this is, you know, their very best player is out there.

Mitch Wilson (24m 8s):Moody bats is out then out there, minty bets and bets and Mooky butts, any relation.

Brian Bitler (24m 18s):And they're both very good at what they do. So, ah,

Mitch Wilson (24m 22s):What exactly is it that they do seem that seem nice enough? I'm going to guess. No relation.

Brian Bitler (24m 32s):No,

Mitch Wilson (24m 33s):No. Got our office full show today. That's going to be fun. One thing that I noticed in the office pool is that people that enter in the thing they put in their picks and then they don't retweet the post on our pick dog sweater. So you're not eligible for the prize. You know, if you don't re, if you don't retweet it, it's rule number one in the rules. So you missed it. You know, you have only until Sunday when the game starts to retweet it, but it's like, I'm just going to say it. You know? So you don't retweet the post, which is, I mean, it's basically clicking a button I think is what this is right. You go and you go like this, right? You go

Jo Madden (25m 15s):Twitter.

Mitch Wilson (25m 17s):So I'm logged into my phone. So, so start me now. I have an open the app. I got blank page here of apps. Tell me, you guys can count 1, 2, 3, 4. And I'm inept at this 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 18, 20, 21.

Mitch Wilson (25m 58s):I just go to Joe's profile on should retweet whatever she is. So it takes about 30 seconds. If you're really a,

Jo Madden (26m 5s):And if you don't have Twitter, just sign up. Ben said he had to stop entering. Cause he doesn't have Twitter. It takes less time to even set up a Twitter account.

Mitch Wilson (26m 13s):It's super easy. You guys. Yeah. I mean, I see people on there with comic book characters that claim to be expert human capital. So it's really, you can be whatever you want to be on Twitter. You could be the beauty queen if you want. Or you could be a fashion model like rod, or you could be whatever world-class chef to be. Whatever you want. Just Twitter. There's no accountability whatsoever. I didn't know you needed it. It rule number one. I mean, if you look at the rules would run across the bottom of the screen or in the description.

Mitch Wilson (26m 55s):I clearly say it every single day. Every single one. It's actually role number one Anyways.

Jo Madden (27m 7s):Twitter's fine. Hey guys, you're missing out if you're not on it.

Mitch Wilson (27m 10s):Yeah. I really enjoy it. I've been doing it.

Jo Madden (27m 18s):I know you have you been keeping up with

Mitch Wilson (27m 20s):It? Not, not like every day, but I've been doing it. Loved the Braves to meet them. Well, who do you like in that game, Brian?

Brian Bitler (27m 29s):Oh, I get a chance to give a pick out. Holy moly.

Mitch Wilson (27m 34s):Well, we accidentally boot you off the call, which would you like

Brian Bitler (27m 39s):For, for me? I'll take the Atlanta Braves plus the one and a half year. I would, I wouldn't lay the reverse run line here. I think it's a one run game. Either way you slice it here and the way the Braves are playing, I think they at least keep it close to my Jose erase. Hasn't gone more than for what? Four innings or so. So I don't see him going deep into his game. I think it will be a high scoring affair back and forth, but take the run of the half year for safety. That's my thing. The world is humping the doctors today.

Mitch Wilson (28m 16s):Rods. You did

Jo Madden (28m 18s):Well. Yeah. I got my freight train

Mitch Wilson (28m 20s):Over here going so I agree with you guys. Twitter is so toxic man, but YouTube, you know, they allow the trolls there too. And even on Facebook is the worst. Facebook is the worst of the worst. Joe Thiebaud even sent Joe a a message yesterday, a video message, five minutes wearing the black wife feeder didn't even get the sweat stains, the full effect, the unshaven, like for five days and sweat stains. What a pathetic of crap, that guy is harasses the crap out of people and complains about others.

Mitch Wilson (29m 5s):Let's get the NHL out of the way. Carter, heart and goal here for the flyers up against Boston Swagman and then we've got Lennar for the, I pronounce it for the Vegas golden Knights up against Bennington for the blues. It's not the same Bennington we saw a couple of years ago. Joe, what do you think

Jo Madden (29m 26s):Vegas? I love Vegas tonight. I think they're going to come out at home. Do so well on this game. I also think it's going to be a tighter game. I don't think we're going to see an over and these two teams. I know they're so strong offensively, but their defenses. I they're looking for a bounce back game. I'm going to go for an under five and a half in this one.

Rodd Zawacky (29m 51s):Right? And I love I'm going opposite. I love with you over and now one blues. I've not been playing any defenses season. They were lead vantage out and scoring six goals, a game. And that's so far, the blues are not playing very much defensive hockey. They're just been blamed. We can outscore a year, but I think we've been averaging six goals games in their first couple of games, a lot of the over five and a half. Cause we know the Knights can put some boxes in the neck as well. I don't trust the Lennar. And just as Mitch said, Bennington, hasn't been all up to himself. So getting over in that one and I think the other one, I think the Bruins, I liked the Bruins.

Rodd Zawacky (30m 32s):I think the Bruins are going to have a solid season. So I want to stick with what I said in the video. You the Bruins over the flyers.

Brian Bitler (30m 45s):Yeah, for me, I agree of rod here. A hundred percent. I think the Bruins come to town. It is a pretty public play, but the prunes are just a far better team than the fliers here. Fliers beat the cracking. But what's that really mean I didn't, I think that Bruins handle, that doesn't mean it doesn't mean much to in my book, you know, Seattle hasn't shown much. And then I like St. Louis blues. They're cracking what they, they got, they got three points. Don't they? The crack

Rodd Zawacky (31m 12s):I could have done. Pretty good. Considering the NHL gave him the worst scheduled to start this here, here, here, here. The expansion team let's play five days on the road for

Brian Bitler (31m 21s):Yeah. I might feed them at first, came back. But in the other game I liked the St. Louis blues. I think there the other two games here, I think that's the best plan. The board and the Moneyline. They start off scoring a ton of goals. They are playing much defense, but I think you're going to see a down year for the golden Knights. So we'll take a chance to lose.

Mitch Wilson (31m 43s):I like the blues on the puck line that you pucks play too. Good to be true.

Brian Bitler (31m 49s):Diggity dog too.

Mitch Wilson (31m 50s):Good to be true too good. I think Vegas wins by one. It's too good to be true

Rodd Zawacky (32m 6s):Because I'm like minus one 90. It's a little better than that. I don't think so.

Mitch Wilson (32m 12s):It's

Rodd Zawacky (32m 14s):Either. I think it's like

Mitch Wilson (32m 15s):Crazy. Sigma is 200. Oh, it's

Rodd Zawacky (32m 17s):Actually even worse. It's like minus two 20. Nice.

Mitch Wilson (32m 20s):Let's see if we could find it even worse. I'm sure we can. If we shop it just

Rodd Zawacky (32m 24s):Right. I'm sure we shop that shop.

Mitch Wilson (32m 27s):I could probably get to minus two 40 slap 98 bucks on it and throw it for sale. The pucks play too. Good to be true.

Rodd Zawacky (32m 36s):Hot diggity dog

Brian Bitler (32m 40s):On Wednesday.

Mitch Wilson (32m 43s):It's all coming together. It's all call.

Rodd Zawacky (32m 48s):Yeah.

Mitch Wilson (32m 52s):All right. Go to the NBA. It's a big day in the NBA. Get to see all our old friends. We haven't seen these guys in awhile. Got the Charlotte Hornets, big expectations from the horns. This season got the pistons in the bowls, big expectations from the season Toronto Raptors and the wizards Raptors. Haven't been home in two years and the Knicks against the Celtics big expectations from the next next year. Brian, any of those four tickle your fancy.

Brian Bitler (33m 30s):I try to keep it quick. Cause the three of them tickle my fancy I'll take the Washington wizards. Plus the points here. It gets a Raptors wizards. We're a team that I think you like to bet a lot at the end of the season. Then I think there's going to be, I think they're a scrappy bunch and I think they can keep it within a 2.2, one or two points here in this game. I think it's going to be a tight affair. And then I liked the Pacers on the road getting a point and a half. You've got to got a little bit more last night if you bet the Pacers, but I just think I'm not going to believe in the Hornets till I see them win a couple of games. I like the Detroit pistons at home against the bulls. I think the bowls are going to be a top five Eastern conference team, but you know, pisses last year were covers and spots.

Brian Bitler (34m 10s):And I think home opener here, five points. I think it's just a little bit too much for Chicago to cover.

Rodd Zawacky (34m 22s):And for me, I, I grabbed, I take the pistons as well. I think it's a three point game. I think it was a little bit closer at the end there. And when everybody's thinking bulls are going to have a great season, that's for sure. And the other one I liked, I like give me the Celtics here. Plus the points over the next day. Everybody's enamored with the next. They're all like, well, I'll just give you a cup of Walker revenge. You traded me away and got rid of me. I'm going to think the south has come on and get the winner. This one, I asked you to take the Celtics on the money line. You can just talk myself into it. We had a Celtics upset the next Joe

Mitch Wilson (35m 2s):She's there. She's frozen

Jo Madden (35m 5s):Right now.

Rodd Zawacky (35m 7s):I frozen.

Mitch Wilson (35m 9s):It's like have them show it like that. I always freeze like this <inaudible>

Jo Madden (35m 28s):Oh, I love it. Okay. I'm going to have to go with Indiana. Plus the points. I think this Hornet team has so much young talent. I just don't think they're going to great tonight. I just have a feeling I think Indiana covers and probably wins that one or loses it by one point. I'm also looking at the bulls and pistons and I really do think the bulls pull it out tonight. I think this is a team that really has something to prove. I know the pistons are in a rebuild as well. You guys, we look at them, they got the number one draft Pitt Cade Cunningham. But I think this team needs a couple of games to get the jive going through through old fence here.

Jo Madden (36m 8s):So give me the bulls minus the points. Not one as well. Questionable He's out.

Mitch Wilson (36m 17s):Yeah, he probably won't play. He's not playing. Okay.

Jo Madden (36m 20s):Risk.

Mitch Wilson (36m 22s):Yeah. And they don't just give that number one overall draft choice to anyone, you know, it's a, you got to really stink and then you gotta, then you gotta win the lottery. You gotta be like a really, you know, it's all gotta come together for you. The pistons are that bad. And the bowls actually have made some strides to made some good moves. I think they cut the guys that got rid of the guys that weren't, that they knew weren't going to get them over the hump. And then they added guys that can, I think there's still a couple, couple a players short here, but I think that they'll make some moves and that's what they did last year. Remember the trade deadline, move with the magic. And then it kind of seemed like in that trade that, well, the bowls kind of, you know, they didn't play well as a team after that trade, but they did get the best of it.

Mitch Wilson (37m 8s):And I think we're going to start to see that this year. And I think when we start to see it right here in Detroit, where, well, let's just say it's a hockey town. Also. I liked the Pacers against the Hornets. I just, I don't know. I always take the Pacers. So it's going to stick with it. One of those things, he always takes the pain centers. Yes, I do. Got the Griz against the Cavaliers, got the rockets against the Timberwolves, the pelicans against the Sixers and the line bouncers and spurs and the magic.

Mitch Wilson (37m 49s):Joe, what do you think?

Jo Madden (37m 53s):And this match up I'm like in the Cavaliers plus the points tonight as well. I am leaning pretty heavy on these dogs plus the points in these match-ups. I just think, again, we look at the Grizzlies as a home favorite. They're one in four against the spread in their last five. All we can do is look at last year stats and all these teams come in different, but I really do think the calves get this probably the wind tonight. I'm just the Grizzlies is one game that I really don't believe in looking at the other games. I like the spurs minus the points. Actually, this was one where I'm rooting for them to cover the spread. There are 10 and two in their last 12 games, the magic.

Jo Madden (38m 36s):So I think they come out and cover it

Mitch Wilson (38m 42s):Right

Rodd Zawacky (38m 45s):For me in those ones. And I'm going to go the other way. I think Memphis that our home opener, whenever you get a double digit win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, cause there's a better team by far. So I'm gonna take the Grizzlies and that one drama that goes off. And the other one, I think, I think that everybody's humping up a timber wall. So give me the, give me the rockets here. Plus the points. I think that's a little bit closer and the other one knows I on when it was, everybody's hopping up on that 76 years. So I'll take the 76 years even with their Ben Simmons D debacle going on. I think they still get away. I mean the 76 years and that one,

Mitch Wilson (39m 26s):Right?

Brian Bitler (39m 29s):Yeah. I agree with Joe and a Cavaliers Grizzlies game. I said I was going to try to stay away from the Cavaliers, but I liked that right off the bat here, seven and a half. This is too many points here for Memphis at home who aren't a great team. And I liked the Houston rockets here. You got Minnesota has got to prove something to me before. I'm laying six points at home with Minnesota. I know Houston's probably maybe the worst team in the NBA, but I think the six, six and a half, just a little bit too many points. I think the rockets keep it within four or five. So give me Houston gave me the calves. I think it's a dog day in the NBA to open up the year.

Mitch Wilson (40m 7s):I like the Cavaliers as well. I think Memphis wins the game, but I think it's like a three point game. I think it's one of those ones. John Moran hits the runner late and maybe gets fouled, hits the free throws. Right. And then they drop a prayer and bang off the back. Right. I'm excited to see Evan mobiley for the calves. He's one of those guys. That's like, you know, it's like his arms are so long, right? That it's like he can dunk standing flat on the ground, you know, with his feet on the ground. Remember last year at USC, he was the guy, right? That's like, this is weird. Right?

Mitch Wilson (40m 47s):Freak. Also like the rockets post the points. I think the thing about the rockets that we have to remember is with Christian, would they cover without Christian? Would it never cover it? And I think it's that. And also the Tim roles, they just look funny without Ricky Rubio on the team. I just don't even understand it. I don't understand why he's on Cleveland. I think they should trade traded him back. He's supposed to be on the timbales whenever he's not on the Timberwolves. This is the second time right in his career that he's not on the tables. It just feels, it feels weird. I don't, I'm not comfortable with it after sending an email, no opinion.

Mitch Wilson (41m 27s):I'm just not comfortable with that situation. I mean, isn't there like certain guys that are supposed to be like on the same team, like forever and that's it. We're all happier when brick does a timber.

Jo Madden (41m 43s):Yeah, I agree.

Mitch Wilson (41m 45s):I liked them. I liked the spurs against the magic magic. Terrible, terrible. They could be the worst team in the league this year. I don't about it. It's

Rodd Zawacky (42m 0s):Or worse. And the Cavaliers are probably

Mitch Wilson (42m 2s):Worse rockets. At least I hope

Jo Madden (42m 10s):Orlando also has a new coach. How do you think that's going to factor?

Mitch Wilson (42m 15s):Well, I think, you know, I think the lines telling you everything you need to know, the books are running for cover. It's a stampede we have is a new coach against maybe the best coach ever. Hmm. I also like the Sixers. I think they're way better without Bensons and lineup, even though a shake mountains also out. So it's a problem. So I mean, I don't know. Who's playing point, right? Got the Donna there. Number three at this point that matters. It's still, it's the addition by subtraction.

Mitch Wilson (42m 54s):Benson's didn't want to be there. So they're saying the train them to the

Rodd Zawacky (42m 59s):Bulls here,

Mitch Wilson (42m 60s):The bulls will take them away. You know what I'll tell you, I'll tell you who always wants the, the who always wants that is the Timberwolves is the, is a place where that guy always ends up. He always ends up in Timberline or the other team is the nets and they trade away like five first rounders for him. Yeah. Pretty much trade the future for them is what the end of doing.

Jo Madden (43m 27s):I think there's more pre-Madonna athletes in the NBA than there is in other sports.

Mitch Wilson (43m 31s):I think baseball has the most. Okay. I do. I think these baseball pitchers are just, I mean, God, you know, cause there's no salary cap. So they're just like, you know, it's ridiculous. I think the NBA has a good share of them, but at least these guys, I would say that I would say that LeBron James earning that money, running the court for 48 minutes with two guys, dragon on his back at least has earned that. You know, absolutely. Rather than a guy that plays every five days and you know, goes 16 at nine or less at 13 and nine, is that what?

Mitch Wilson (44m 18s):He went $36 million worth for the Yankees, something like that, something like that. He pitched in the big game, they lost a big one. They lost, he was the starting pitcher, Utah jazz against the thunder, got the Kings against the blazers. And you got the sons against the nuggets. Of course, Jamal Murray stole out for the nuggets. Jokers hurt, gotten a banged up. Aiden, no contract for the sons. I like the jazz. I'm going to lay the Baker's dozen there and just think they blow the thunder out of them.

Mitch Wilson (45m 1s):Water.

Jo Madden (45m 5s):Yeah. I'm with you on that one, Mitch. I think the jazz are going to be way too much for thunder in this matchup. Thunder hardly covered last season. And I don't see them bouncing into this season with a cover. So give me the jazz too.

Mitch Wilson (45m 20s):I got jazz hands.

Jo Madden (45m 23s):I liked jazz hands are so much fun.

Mitch Wilson (45m 26s):Jazz hands. Well Brian took, Brian took a whiz. You got jazz hands too,

Brian Bitler (45m 33s):Man. Hands.

Mitch Wilson (45m 35s):Yeah, I have man hands, man.

Brian Bitler (45m 40s):Your hands are dainty.

Mitch Wilson (45m 41s):Datey Called them dainty.

Brian Bitler (45m 47s):I think I got the Utah jazz here at night. It's the only favorite that I'm really humping up on. I just think a thunder buddies are gonna really struggle at night in Utah. It could be a 30 point win for the jazz. So I agree.

Mitch Wilson (45m 59s):Vendor buddies for life. Let's call them thunder buddies. That's what we call them on the show.

Jo Madden (46m 3s):I've never heard anybody before

Mitch Wilson (46m 6s):You ever see ever see the movie, Ted?

Jo Madden (46m 9s):No, I haven't seen the movie.

Mitch Wilson (46m 12s):You got to see the Thunderbolt songs.

Jo Madden (46m 15s):Is that the one with the Teddy bear? Yeah. Yes.

Mitch Wilson (46m 18s):Okay. Thunder buddies for life.

Jo Madden (46m 23s):Okay. Add it to my list of movies that I have.

Mitch Wilson (46m 27s):I'll send you the scene yesterday. During the college football show, I sent Joe a lot of mascot clips, the live mascots. She didn't, she was not familiar with some of these. She's just like such an actual tiger at LSU. Yes it is. It's not like a little copied nine under math, like the tiger, like it was like, she's like really? They have, they have a Buffalo that runs onto the field. I'm like, yeah, imagine this. You got six cow leather strap, buffaloed. Charge it down the field. This is a good idea.

Mitch Wilson (47m 7s):I got an idea.

Jo Madden (47m 10s):It's one of those you see the news coverage is who's thought this was a good idea.

Mitch Wilson (47m 16s):And then it's under the clip of where the bull dog bit, the opera player

Brian Bitler (47m 22s):App coastal down to four and a half currently. So it's moving the opposite direction.

Mitch Wilson (47m 27s):Which one?

Brian Bitler (47m 28s):Added coastal to four and a half. Now in some spots

Mitch Wilson (47m 31s):There you have it. Take a look at

Brian Bitler (47m 34s):That. I'll bet you the sixth. No, No, I'm just teasing. But I thought that that's set up some alarm bells with me.

Jo Madden (47m 51s):I'm excited for today. We're going to have a fantastic day. You guys. And I thank everyone for joining us here too. We got so many people watching right now.

Mitch Wilson (48m 0s):Yeah, it's weird. I see four and a half a fando by himself seeing the six of provide. I see four and a half pinnacle fives,

Brian Bitler (48m 7s):But it is a little lower than it was.

Mitch Wilson (48m 10s):It's a little lower. Definitely, definitely lower.

Brian Bitler (48m 19s):I would be expecting it to go to the six because of the heavy action. But we'll see how it goes.

Mitch Wilson (48m 25s):We'll see how it goes. So I guess it's partly time. Rob, do you want to get us started?

Rodd Zawacky (48m 44s):Sure. I'm going to take a suffix on the money line, the rockets plus the points and the under in the Kings and blazers game.

Mitch Wilson (48m 55s):Nobody stomach's growling. It's cause I've been eating ice cream and cake for lunch every day.

Brian Bitler (49m 1s):That's not a good time for you.

Mitch Wilson (49m 3s):I know it's my birthday though. Saying should be.

Brian Bitler (49m 6s):It's not the 24th

Jo Madden (49m 10s):Brian. We discussed this yesterday.

Mitch Wilson (49m 13s):I remember this is why you don't have a girlfriend. I don't

Brian Bitler (49m 16s):Recognize your birthday.

Mitch Wilson (49m 18s):This is why you're single.

Jo Madden (49m 21s):I'm Brian, you got to remember this stuff.

Brian Bitler (49m 25s):If it was Joe's birthday, I'd celebrate all month. But

Jo Madden (49m 31s):Come on, you gotta celebrate

Rodd Zawacky (49m 33s):The vacuum cleaner and be like, here you go. Happy

Brian Bitler (49m 35s):Birthday. It was like a $400.

Mitch Wilson (49m 40s):My sister, like when I was like 12 years old told me like reverse girlfriend or like real girlfriend. Wasn't like my five-year-old old girlfriend don't ever buy a woman. Something that plugs in as a gift.

Jo Madden (49m 59s):The great rule or tackle chips and cheese. Add that to your list.

Mitch Wilson (50m 3s):Yup. What's up? Why not? Why not taco chips? What's what's wrong with it. You don't need them.

Jo Madden (50m 14s):I don't like tackle chips. So if someone buys me tackle chips and like that, not true.

Mitch Wilson (50m 18s):It's a flavor that you don't like or you just don't like the actual chip

Jo Madden (50m 22s):Itself. I don't like the actual tackled

Mitch Wilson (50m 24s):Chip. Really? So not like Doritos, Fritos, any kind of corn chip? Nope. So you like flour tortillas on your tacos then? Yes.

Jo Madden (50m 37s):Yes. So I like to like a pita chip pita chip and

Mitch Wilson (50m 40s):I liked Peter chips, but I liked Fritos and I liked

Brian Bitler (50m 47s):Chili cheese Fritos.

Mitch Wilson (50m 49s):Yeah, those are good. I like the chili cheese, cheese. I like chili cheese Fritos because they're way too fricking salty. Right? It's like you take a bite of something. That's on, got a little aggressive here with the salt and it's like, I need another one.

Jo Madden (51m 7s):Yeah. There's just so many GMOs and all those tackle chips. So I'll do like a

Mitch Wilson (51m 12s):Oh yeah. Oh there's GMOs. Hi. Yeah, I'll do any mat

Brian Bitler (51m 16s):Nacho cheese and eat them to the chili cheese Fritos. You dip them in the Nazi.

Mitch Wilson (51m 21s):You would love the Maui. Costco. They really pushed the non GMO. All organic. They're big on it. Everywhere here. All organic. No need to panic.

Jo Madden (51m 31s):Well, yeah, the organic taco chips. If you give someone organic tackled chips, that's a different,

Mitch Wilson (51m 35s):It's like the two big things that are the two things are big and why all organic or spam potted meat. Pardon me? I didn't read or all organic it's oh, that's safe way. Right? The grocery store. And I see this fruit there and I'm like, what is that? Cause like, sometimes the fruit there sits for a while. Cause so fricking expensive, you know? It's like, I mean, it's a dollar, it's a dollar 89 per pound of bananas. Right. So if you buy like, you know, a regular thing of bananas, it's 14 bucks, right? So it's, this is why you grow your own. Right. So it's I looking at the thing and I'm like, what is that?

Mitch Wilson (52m 17s):And so I asked like, I'm looking at this one, one conservation site, it's blood orange don't they have those on the mainland. And I said, well, I don't know if they have them or not. I live down this tree, but I've never seen that thing. It's a blood orange. It's Delicious. Oh, I know they are. But it's like Kerry, it's a blood orange. She was there. We were all quiet. Or did you burst out laughing?

Mitch Wilson (53m 0s):She was like, she's like, don't they have those on the main hand? Well, I don't know if they do or not. I live right down the street, tell him warrants shoes. And about three years you get to kind of tell the people that live here. Cause it's like, you know, it's like, we've given up on life. You it's like you dress like you're homeless, Moses, true story. I worked at the soup kitchen in Chicago and there was some new woman there and she said to me, if you want soup, you got to go sit at the table.

Mitch Wilson (53m 47s):We'll bring it to you. Like I'm so maybe I need to step up my game or you know, maybe, or maybe she was saying, you never know, you know who you could happen to anybody. Right? Oh, absolutely. Double double there. But yeah, rod, what do you got for your parlay today?

Rodd Zawacky (54m 16s):So thanks rockets, Kings and blazers under the total

Mitch Wilson (54m 26s):Brian

Brian Bitler (54m 28s):Braves plus one and a half the pistons plus the points and the calves. Plus the points

Mitch Wilson (54m 34s):With pistons,

Brian Bitler (54m 36s):Pistons, Cavaliers and the Braves plus one and a half

Mitch Wilson (54m 42s):Cavalier suppose

Brian Bitler (54m 44s):Cavaliers are getting seven and a half. The pistons are getting five, I believe. And a braise or one and a half.

Mitch Wilson (54m 52s):Okay. Joe,

Jo Madden (54m 55s):I'll take the trailblazers, the jazz, the bulls and the Vegas Knights night.

Mitch Wilson (55m 3s):I'll take the, I'll take the, the Braves on the reverse run line with the 76 years and the Jess. Alright, good show. I job guys. Thanks everyone for joining us. Have a great day. I'm gonna try and act more professional tomorrow. Oh, we got the new website is coming out tonight. So be on the lookout. Maybe I'll come on and do a live show and kind of show you guys around.

Mitch Wilson (55m 45s):Super, super, super cool. I promise you. You have never seen anything like this on any other site. They're all going to be freaking out. Did you camp by this one? Can't copy me this time. I have a great day. Everyone. I'm going to try and act more professional tomorrow.

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