Sports Betting Picks Podcast 10/19/21 NBA, MLB NHL Picks, Props, and Parlays - Betting Advice

Sports Betting Picks Podcast 10/19/21 NBA, MLB NHL Picks, Props, and Parlays - Betting Advice

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Mitch (1s):Hi everyone. It's Mitch from picked and it is Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 here with your live show. It is the beginning of the NBA season. We've got two major league baseball, playoff games and a slew up NHL for you today. So hang in there cited to talk sports and sports betting with everyone today.

2 (30s):Oh, for sure. These games have to be high drama.

Brian Bitler (35s):Here we go again. I'm going to go big.

Mitch (44s):Hi everyone. And well here, what? The regular crew, we got Joe Madden, Brian Butler and rods wacky. I got rod and Brian backwards there. We'll have to adjust that on the fly.

1 (59s):I was going to say I've been calling them the wrong names.

Mitch (1m 3s):I've been calling him a lot of names for the last two and a half years, but that's besides the point. Yeah, at last night's game, really, you know, classic NFL matchup. And I was on the wrong side of it happens. I can go back and handicap the game and to show everyone exactly how I got there. So I think as long as you can do that, I can feel good about it. It's not like I gave out the giants or something, you know, dumbfounded when they get blown out of the building, getting a lot of jerk. Ghaffar talk this week with the game in Los Angeles. Never liked that draft pick never liked, but yeah, Brian got one, right?

Mitch (1m 42s):Congratulations on one. You also gave out the giants on Sunday on our live show to 5,000 people, never apologized once for it happens. The sauce also had the Titans said it would give them a shout out. I had the overall, so in the free pig video. So I had a winner as well air, but oh, well, one game we move on. Got plenty action today. A lot of NHL action. We got NBA season starting today. Oh, the date says 10 20 on this. It's cause I'll fix it.

Mitch (2m 24s):Oh, well happens. So what happened was I put 10, 19 on the app state game and the video and it's and the game is 10 20. And then I put 10 20 on this. It's an idea. I don't know what day it is. That's where I'm pretty much at welcome to Mitch world. And you know, it's like, I think a lot of our competitors had a good time. The last couple of months, you know, NFL, not necessarily our strongest thing when it comes to our coverage. I think we do a really good job. I think, you know, we were the first ones to cover it the way that we do. And you know, a lot of our competitors, that's what they put a hundred percent of their effort into. And we're kind of like, we cover everything. We give everything special treatment. So, you know, they get like seven weeks where they kind of, you know, act like, oh my God, you know, and then come back and just slap them around and own them for the next 10 months change.

Mitch (3m 12s):So really excited about it. You could already see it today. You know, it's NBA tip off and then tomorrow only get worse, right? Because it's just every day of the season just becomes their worst nightmare. And then college basketball starts. So she'd get pretty ugly out there. But anyways, you know, we got a ton of NHL today too. And major league baseball boy, the, the red Sox turned that one into a mockery yesterday against the, against the Astros. It's been in the grand slam series for the red Sox, Joe, how you doing today? So I'm sitting here and it feel like no one else has talked to me.

Mitch (3m 53s):How are you doing?

Brian Bitler (3m 56s):We don't want to talk over you. Cause then we'll get yelled at.

Mitch (3m 58s):I, I don't, I never yell at you. Except when you sit here and say it was the proper place, That's what I yell at you. Or when you say the sharp money is there, but the sharp money has already moved the line two days ago. It's not today. You know, it's like, you're when you're following and you can't explain how you got there. Yeah. I, you mentioned that's one thing

Brian Bitler (4m 18s):When you mentioned the giants that I gave out the giants and didn't apologize. I think rod and I think also big out all three of us gave out the giants and neither, nobody apologize for that pick. It was a bad pick, horrible pick. I wouldn't give it out again. If I could go back in time, but at the time I thought it made sense. And it's just,

Mitch (4m 37s):I want to see how you got there. I sit here and show you how I got to the bills. I can show you up and down how I got there, you know, but I can't see how you get to the giants. I can't see it. I can go up and down just like, you know, Indiana was the sharp play on Saturday. I can go up and down and sideways on that game and can't get to Indiana on a straight handicapping basis.

Brian Bitler (4m 57s):I didn't have

Mitch (4m 58s):Indiana. I know, but I'm just saying, you know, almost that was the sharp play of the day, right? I don't think so. Was that's where all the sharps were cross that I missed bent over on Indiana.

Jo Madden (5m 12s):Well, that game last night, I can tell you guys, I have not seen such a great game in forever. I couldn't believe how well the Titans came out. I was on the bills. I'm a hundred percent admitted. I didn't think the Titans were going to show up like that. They've got so many people out or injured right now. And for them to show up, Derek Henry was just unstoppable. Last night. He was a machine running. I haven't seen him play like that in quite a while where no one could even touch him. How far? Like hard and fast he ran. So

Mitch (5m 42s):Just touch on the score. Oh, we've got a cry baby in the chat Zinnia is crying. Right? We need the rod sound effects here for him.

Jo Madden (5m 53s):Need to say don't cry. Be happy now what does that song don't oh, that's worry. Be happy.

Mitch (5m 58s):No crying.

Jo Madden (6m 5s):Oh, it is Tuesday. It is Tuesday. It feels like Wednesday. Makes sense. Why the date? It says the 20th.

Mitch (6m 12s):Yeah. I think, I think, you know, when you have a game like last night and you lose a game like that and it sounded like you got beat by Derrick Henry kids, like

Jo Madden (6m 22s):Yeah.

Mitch (6m 25s):I mean, it's like, you got beat by that. Ah, you know what you lost? It's kinda like if Lamar Jackson makes like some unbelievable tackle, like we talked about halftime. So like Lamar Jackson, you know, are we talking about in our NFL show yesterday? It's like Lamar Jackson escapes like seven tackles and finds the guy wide open. It's like, you can't really handicap that. It's like, there's nothing you can really do about it. And it's like, you know, on paper, the, the bill is clearly where the better team on the field. I think they were the better team too. And I think that, you know, they didn't capitalize on some opportunities early and those early points, it's kind of like in baseball, you know, it's like, but Pete rose always said about baseball. It's the games in April that make the games in September and October count.

Mitch (7m 8s):And it's like, I think it's the same thing for the bells. They didn't get touchdowns on those early drives out, holding, calling Emmanuel Sanders, and then missing them wide open in the end zone, ended up costing them the game. You know, the, if you can look back and it really was that simple, you know, a missed tackle on Derek Henry and he's gone, you know, really a missed assignment there. And he's gone for 78 yards because in the first half, I mean the bells owned them. I mean, Bryan take-away the Julio Jones catch that bounced off a helmet and a, and a tight rope back. I mean, three of 11 for 21 yards outside of that play. And you know, Henry nine carries for 18 yards outside of that one run. So it was, it was domination.

Mitch (7m 49s):And so, I mean, if those games are going to happen, it's like, you know, if he kicks the extra point, if he kicks the field goal, there they go to overtime. Yeah. There's no saying they're going to win. And I think on the road, that is the right play. You know, obviously it's to go for it. When you're on the road at home at home, you kick the field. I believe he kicked the field goal on the road. You go for it. And that's just the way it's always been in college and in pros. That's why I thought the Eagles last week, you know, going for two, didn't make a lot of sense because the general rule of thumb has always been on the road. You go at home, you go for the tie and play for overtime. It was just always the way it's been.

Jo Madden (8m 27s):I was so disappointed to see that touchdown called back because of holding that one off the kickoff, that was an unbelievable run back. I don't know who got that holding call.

Mitch (8m 38s):It was a hole. Sometimes you see penalties that have nothing to do with the play or whatever. I think that one kind of did spread. So even though I had the bills, I would say, eh, you know, it might not have had it, you know, you don't say there's no saying if he would have broke the tack or if he would have signed it. I mean, so fast. I mean,

Jo Madden (8m 57s):Clearly,

Mitch (8m 58s):Clearly some of the superstars of the game, you know, in that one game, I mean, you know, once brown started going, you know, he's impossible to cover and you know, I mean, it's just, it was just, everybody was making plays and you know, I thought the Titans, as much as they struggled to cover the bills, receivers, you know, they, they couldn't cover them. Right. That they, you know, that they, they were able to do it. We talk about what I talk about, at least on the show all the time was get the pressure on Allen to, to force, you know, force him to get rid of the ball where he didn't want to, or, you know, take a sack. And that really was kind of their undoing there in the end, because they could not cover the receivers.

Mitch (9m 39s):We can't hear a word rod, his name, he used his mouth. Then we could just put words in his mouth for him.

Rodd Zawacky (9m 45s):They forced him, they forced the Allen to run the other way. And he wasn't comfortable throwing that way. Great job by the Titans.

Mitch (9m 54s):There's nothing you can say. Right. It's like, it is what it is. It's like, it's a game we move on and you know, it's like I said, it's like on paper, I can certainly justify my pick for the bills. And I think anyone has the Titans can say the same thing. I can justify why I took the time. Right. It's like,

Jo Madden (10m 8s):It's one of those games. Two points special. Yeah.

Mitch (10m 11s):I mean, it's not like Buffalo wasn't, didn't it didn't have the game covered at any point or anything like that. It's it was, it was, you know, far, far from the case, it was amazing that the Titans would stayed within the number as long as they did, you know, to keep it that close. It was an amazing job by them to be able to do that.

Jo Madden (10m 29s):Yeah. I love the game. No one gave up, everyone gave it everything last night.

Mitch (10m 32s):So the games it's like there wasn't a lot of ticky tack calls in the game. There wasn't a ton of pouty, so it was a good amount, but there wasn't like just, oh my God, just stop. Right. Like how a lot of these games have been and you know, it made it, it made it a little bit more watchable. And like I said, I think in the NFL when you have, and this is, you know, my knock on, on coal for the Yankees, it's like when you have the guys that are making the big money, like Aaron Rogers and Derek Henry, and you know, what's his name 14 on the bills, right. The receiver and you know, Josh Allen and these guys, right. I mean, when these are the guys making the big money and the defensive guys, right?

Mitch (11m 12s):I mean, these are the guys that should be making the plays in the big time moments of the big time games. I mean, that is what it's all about. Not, you know, lasting three innings and getting blown out and Fenway, right. It's like for, cause who pays for that, you know, who pays for this? We do the teams don't pay. We do. You have to remember that the fans are the ones paying the bills, not the teams, the teams make the money off of the fans. And that's how they distributed as they wish. But it is the fans. We paid the bill always. So when Cole makes 30, whatever million, that's an extra commercial, we got to suffer through watching the Yankee

Jo Madden (11m 56s):One more commercial,

Mitch (11m 58s):Oh, it's another billboard in the, in the, in the stadium wall, you know, two of them it's like, whatever it takes, right? It's like, but speaking of speaking of a league that knows what they're doing, the NBA back in action tonight, and these guys really know what they're doing. I mean, this is a, this is a league that was dead to rights, you know, 30 years ago, stat in the water, just dead. And you know, they pulled themselves from the ashes and they did it the right way. They made it a fans game. They made it a little expensive to be a vans game, but they made it a fans game, nonetheless. And you know, here we are, you know, opening night of the NBA and it's, I think it's bigger than the NFL these days.

Mitch (12m 46s):I really do

Brian Bitler (12m 47s):It.

Mitch (12m 48s):Oh, it is. It's a lot bigger. I guess it's a personal preference though. No, I blame me. I I'm, I'm not, as, I'm not, I like the NBA. Probably not. I might be a bigger fan of the NBA now than the NFL, but not of college football. I liked the NBA better than the NFL because the NFL is just this crappy product that they have for the bulk of the time where the officiating takes over the game. Well, in the NBA, they let the guys play and the best players, you know, put it together. The thing I don't like about the NBA is the super team, you know? And I think that that's the problem. I think, you know, if, if you can have the teams, the bust up the super teams that beats are beating the super teams.

Mitch (13m 29s):If you start having a new England Patriots, you know, in the, or a Tampa bay, rays, you know, in the NBA, well, that's gonna be the thing that stops the super team, right. Is having just tons and tons of depth spreading that money across. We just haven't really seen it yet. The super teams generally seem to make it deep into the playoffs, but at least they've made it a fans game. They haven't let the refs taken over. They've they've done everything to bring the fans into it and to make it a more exciting product. And you know, when a lot of sports were saying, no, the NBA said go man, during COVID two. And I have to respect that.

Brian Bitler (14m 11s):I think they call too many fouls though. I mean, every tribe to the lane by a superstars, a foul, but I like the old eighties, late eighties where the guys are play, you know, go down the lane, you got smack to the ground. Yeah. I don't know.

Mitch (14m 27s):Maybe I'm just

Brian Bitler (14m 29s):A little bit too much foul call on them to my face

Rodd Zawacky (14m 33s):More three point shots. Definitely.

Mitch (14m 35s):There's definitely a lot more three point shots. Yeah.

Rodd Zawacky (14m 38s):They even said that even this year, these in the preseason is already starting to eclipse numbers that we've seen over the previous seasons. So a bunch for that more three points are being chucked up over the preseason we've seen so far.

Mitch (14m 53s):I move the line back in the answer,

Rodd Zawacky (14m 56s):Right? Make it a 4.4

Mitch (14m 57s):0.9.

Jo Madden (14m 59s):I tell you, I just want to see them get those penalty shots. Cause when they don't get those penalty shots and I can, I can get that penalty shot from standing there. Yes. I know I'm not on the NBA core, but it drives me crazy.

Rodd Zawacky (15m 13s):I presented as easy as you think. When some guys behind you with a couple tubes going to make this come on, it's not as easy to think. Just that

Jo Madden (15m 21s):I know it's not, we're looking for that extra point.

Mitch (15m 26s):I don't really understand the exact motion there. Rocky walked me through that.

Brian Bitler (15m 32s):All right. I'm a big three point shooter.

Jo Madden (15m 37s):I think it's a plastic I kid, but a donkey. I love playing that game.

Brian Bitler (15m 41s):Well at one time, we'll have to play. Let's see if I can beat, you

Jo Madden (15m 46s):Know about that

Mitch (15m 46s):Before HotSauce and your Fresca.

Brian Bitler (15m 53s):I challenged her to one-on-one basketball.

Jo Madden (15m 58s):I'll make sure I trim my nails for that day. Sounds good. I'm in

Mitch (16m 8s):Anyways, we got the box and the nets banner time in Waukee raising the banner first time, since a long time, since Lew Alcindor, grace, the water there and got the nets in town. Of course you gotta remember the nets had the second best record in the NBA in the east last year. And then they got to the playoffs and everybody got injured on their entire team. Right? Nobody played in the last, in the end of the playoffs and Kevin Duran kind of he who hadn't played all season, carried the team on his back. And I think in the fourth quarter of those games took every single shot.

Mitch (16m 51s):I'm pretty sure. I don't think I'm going to guess. He took over 98% of the shots and I'm not like, you know, doing a Mitch where, oh, it's, you know, he's 10 million pounds or anything like that. It's I believe he actually did take 98% of the shots, But yeah. So rod, what do you think of these games

Rodd Zawacky (17m 20s):For me? I'm looking at the, this, the box on the nets. When you look, these are the two top scoring teams in the league last year, both averaging 117 points a game. When you look where this number is, is right on that number of 2 34, I think that's being the first game of the season. I think that number is just a touch too high. I like the under, I know they did average one 17 game last season, no PJ Tucker for the box. He went, he got traded away to the heat. So that's the only real for the box, from their championship team and the wise they're all the same there. So for me, I mean, I didn't take the under, I think that's just too many points to start the season off. I don't see us hitting the two 40.

Rodd Zawacky (18m 3s):Like normally I think they give it a couple of weeks. I think that's where you'd be with these two teams, but I'm going to go with the under, in this one. I mean, it's just a little bit lower,

Mitch (18m 13s):Ryan. How about you?

Brian Bitler (18m 16s):Yeah, I'm going to lean towards the Milwaukee bucks here and the Moneyline normally I steer away from teams when they're raising the banner. Sometimes there's a little bit, they just seem a little flat coming out, but the nets are just one in four last five meetings at box and overall the nets have struggled in Milwaukee. Now those weren't the really great nets teams, but they're 1532 and one last 48 Brooklyn at Milwaukee. I just think this is a statement when national TV box won't come out and get a w solid. I like the price here. I'm going to take them on the money line.

Jo Madden (18m 50s):Yeah. I have to disagree with both of you on both of those. I think we're going to see the nets come out and just slam those one with a high scoring battle. I think they win this one by three. I have the nets and they over in this,

Mitch (19m 3s):I like the nuts as well on this one. I don't love either of these games. I don't have any premium picks on NBA tonight. Tomorrow. I should have a couple, but today I took a pass on both these, I gave out free picks on the videos. I like the nuts. It's a lean up best. I just think that the box do have some players missing and you know, rod points to Tucker is gone, but deep chenzhou is still out. And then you've got Bobby Portis who was instrumental in that championship run. He's out for this one as well. And you know, Yon, this is injured, so he's going to play, but he's, he's banged up. And so, you know, who knows, you know exactly what we're going to see, but I don't think they're gonna, you know, risk the franchise in game one on banner night.

Mitch (19m 49s):I just don't see it happening, you know, for the nets, you know, obviously the Kyrie situation, you know, who knows what's going to happen there, crazy world we're living in,

Jo Madden (20m 4s):But I'm

Mitch (20m 5s):Kinda, I'm kinda, I've kind of gone from Kyrie eight or to Kyree lover. You know, I've kinda changed teams on that. One, got an about face on that. And as thing a guy has the guts to stand up for what he believes in, or, you know, even if he even, even if he doesn't believe, you know, he's just, as I questioned, it's like, he's allowed to have questions, you know? Well, I'll just still have questions. How does I wanted to say that he's not allowed to have questions? It's he went to duke he's he's, he's obviously a lot smarter than most of those people that are you that are questioning him anyways.

Mitch (20m 53s):Lakers in the warriors is the other game here. Clay Thompson, still out for the warriors. I haven't really think when clay gets back, the worst of them be tough customers. Wiseman's out for this one too, for the warriors and Uber of course has gone Lakers. Who's Mcgon. I think that's a lot bigger loss than people realize. I think wizards one that trade trading Russell Westbrook to the Lakers, I would way rather have coups mother and Westbrook at this point. I just think he's a better fit. You know, Russell Westbrook is a great player and I think a good guy off the court. I think the issue there is that same thing. I said when he, when they draft, when he was drafted and I said, well, this guy is really not gonna make it in the NBA.

Mitch (21m 34s):It was really one of my brilliant statements of all time, because he doesn't play any position. Right. And that's what I said, you know, on draft night that he fizzled out really badly. Not, not quite my Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Mitch Trubisky calls on the draft. Right. Skye ended up being pretty good. But, and you know, like I said, it seems like a pretty good guy too, but I think the issue is that, you know, he doesn't really play a position. And I think a guy like that, it's going to drive LeBron knots over time. And you know, the Lakers have the oldest starting lineup in the history of the NBA.

Mitch (22m 16s):So, you know, are how are they going to hold up last year? What we saw from the Lakers over the course of the season, I'll just refresh our memory because I don't have it written down, but I could tell you, I have a memory, like an outfit is that the Lakers, they basically tried to manage LeBron and Ady the bulk of the season manage their minutes. Cause they knew that they needed those guys for the playoffs. And that was the only chance that they had. And then what happened was they both got hurt anyway. And then the Lakers like limped into the playoffs, they actually had to play in that play in games. And

Brian Bitler (22m 52s):Then they got in and then they just couldn't turn it on. They couldn't

Mitch (22m 55s):Turn back on. They got into, they got in through the playoffs, in the play in games. And then what happened is they had to play like jazz or something in the first round, right? Or was the jazz or whoever was the number two. They like it. They didn't get to, normally they're playing them. Normally they're playing the play in team, you know, they're playing the warriors or whoever they played in the play in. Right. It's like the warriors on the other side, remember that game in Toronto rod where they got blown out by like 50 and then they kind of still made the playoffs, right? They still made the play and it kind of played really hard down the end. Curry caught fire is what happened.

Mitch (23m 37s):Uber is gone from this team, but Dre is still there. Wiseman is out for this one. You know, I think when clay Thompson gets back, you know, they won the championship without the rant, you know, with clay Thompson and Kurt Dawson. He's good. We'll see what he's where he's at. When he comes back. It's been two years since we've seen him. It was in the finals. Remember when he got hurt

1 (23m 59s):And he got hurt. Yep.

Mitch (24m 11s):The bulls aren't playing tough to.

Jo Madden (24m 15s):I was asking people who, their favorite NBA team,

Mitch (24m 19s):Your Chicago bulls, Joe, asking you the same question yesterday. I said the same thing. The bowls

Jo Madden (24m 27s):That a lot of those bulls

Brian Bitler (24m 29s):Play off.

Mitch (24m 30s):It's not your business crime. They're not your team.

Brian Bitler (24m 33s):Hey, they can be my team. If I want them to be your six. Now, if you start taking them though, I might be anti-police. If I

Mitch (24m 40s):Start taking them,

Brian Bitler (24m 43s):You take the Lakers.

Mitch (24m 45s):That is my Facebook profile picture. The Michael Jordan handprint from the sports authority forever, the Michael Jordan, the thing we, he put his hand into the wall at Chicago, in downtown Chicago. I used to have that as my Facebook profile for years,

Brian Bitler (25m 4s):Jordan. Yeah. The best

Mitch (25m 8s):Your Chicago bulls is to shoot days with Oakley.

Brian Bitler (25m 17s):That was a real NBA team.

Mitch (25m 22s):Tell you one guy, the crab stable. You don't really want to get into this space as Oakley. It kind of does it the same way. Blocks people out. Kitty. He's so big. It's like he plays, he gets the side, you know, like know the craps table. Like the tr takes the turn and you're right there. Right before it goes to dealers, basically his arms go around the whole thing like that. It's just gigantic the dice. It looked like about this big and his hands shoots dice, like

Jo Madden (25m 58s):Some of the tallest athletes

Mitch (25m 60s):Out there. Oh yeah. And the thing is thing is, is like he shoots dice the waist it's sheets of Redrow he's just dialed in.

Jo Madden (26m 9s):Okay. Do you guys think that Nat should be raised with the height of these guys now, do you think we should have a higher net?

Mitch (26m 15s):12 feet take the Duncan? No, it's 10. It would take the dunk out of the game,

Jo Madden (26m 24s):Which is no fun. Got a love that

Mitch (26m 26s):Slump down. I know, but it's it's, it's almost, yeah.

Brian Bitler (26m 30s):If they raise it up, I won't be able to dunk anymore. So I can't do that.

Jo Madden (26m 39s):I can't dunk it. I can't jump.

Mitch (26m 41s):Well, this should be a good one. I like the warriors tonight. I think they at least cover in this one against the Lakers. If they don't win, they've given the Lakers some trouble, Joe, what do you think?

Jo Madden (26m 53s):Yeah. I agree with you. This is the Lakers team that we just really didn't seek, covering very well last year. So I think the warriors plus the points is a great way to look at this. I'd be looking at the under two. I think both of these teams come out a little slower in this opener

Mitch (27m 10s):Rod.

Rodd Zawacky (27m 12s):Yeah. I like the under this one. That's way too many points for these two teams. We're not getting in a shootout match that's for sure. Well, we're going to see more defense play. That's the way the Lakers play. That's the way LeBron likes to play. So give me the under 2 26 and a half. It was just way too many points in this one. I love the on during that one.

Brian Bitler (27m 36s):No hope for me. All three of us. Agree. I love the under tonight as well. I mean the Lakers are focused on defense warriors. I think we'll have improved defensive play this year and I think it will come out slow being the first game. The unders gone six of the last eight times. These two teams have met up and Lakers under five one in one last seven games. I know they were pre preseason, but to me, I like the underground. I think it's the best free pick of the day.

Mitch (28m 3s):I got a lot of scores here on the warriors this year, Otto Porter Jr. Now on the warriors. He's a guy that can play. He was great at Jordan. It's just, it's hard to he just another guy. He's just hard to find that right fit. It's been on a bunch of different teams at this point. I think it was like fourth overall easier. Brian, what are you selling to me?

Brian Bitler (28m 31s):Nope. I actually got a three place today. I got my MBA executive info play. I got to play in hockey, in a baseball play, trying to hit another baseball play. So he'd get all three of mine for $40. It's my tantalizing. Tuesday. Three-pack get it for $40 that picked or subscribe to the YouTube. VIP. I'm going to give one of those out on there.

Mitch (28m 56s):How about you rod?

Rodd Zawacky (28m 58s):But for me, it's a tackle Tuesday. So it's a tag or Tuesday. Five-pack I got two MBA. I love two and H L I love and one 10 star diamond crusher, five plays that I absolutely love today.

Mitch (29m 11s):Oracle Brian, Tuesday,

Brian Bitler (29m 14s):Tantalizing, Tuesday,

Rodd Zawacky (29m 16s):Tackling override.

Brian Bitler (29m 19s):That was tackle your mom too. We're

Rodd Zawacky (29m 20s):Not allowed to cross the border. Sorry.

Mitch (29m 24s):Tackle the books Tuesday. Roddy's so I just throw in other names besides tackling your third grade teacher to

Rodd Zawacky (29m 39s):It's more fun, the best I can tackle somebody unsuspecting as you're walking down the road and all of a sudden you just run up and you tackle them. And they're like, what the heck was that? That's the best.

Jo Madden (29m 48s):No one has ever done that to me. And I've never done that before rod. I have to say it.

Brian Bitler (29m 55s):Well, you wouldn't give it to a woman. You wouldn't run, run down the street tackle. You would tackle a guy unexpected.

Rodd Zawacky (30m 2s):Yeah, exactly. It kept track your buddy. All of a sudden, he's not like you just like take this

Jo Madden (30m 13s):And you wonder why people cross the street when you're walking down. It they're like, oh God, he might tackle us. Does it out of nowhere.

Rodd Zawacky (30m 24s):That's why everybody's on the other side of the road in town here. That's what it is,

Mitch (30m 30s):Joe. What do you got today? Tackle.

Jo Madden (30m 33s):I have two NHL and one MBA played today. So head on over to pick dogs. You guys

Mitch (30m 40s):All right. This an exciting day for premium picked. Anyways,

Brian Bitler (30m 49s):I was surprised. I thought you'd be on Lakers tonight, Mitch. That was a shocker

Mitch (30m 54s):Because I I'm on them so much.

Brian Bitler (30m 56s):Yup. Oh, that's right. That was out. That's my buddy Al that you got you guys mixed up.

Mitch (31m 8s):Got major league baseball going on. Got the NLCS and the LLCs. Both in action today. I like the Braves today. I think they go up three, nothing on the Dodgers outside. I gave out the braises, my free picked in the video and I got a slew of comments calling me an idiot. And that is normally well it's par for the course, but yeah, got a lot of comments called me an idiot. So I usually think that that's a very good sign. I'm going to take the Braves. Charlie Martin don't need the run in a happy either or the half or whatever. Plus plus plus one and a half or any of that stuff.

Mitch (31m 53s):Like I like the Braves here. Outright verse run line. Roger would be like,

Rodd Zawacky (32m 5s):I'm with you. I like the rice here as well, but no, I'm not going to take the plus one and a half. And this one, I think the Braves do win and I write and go up three, nothing Braves five and oh, and their last five playoff games. They're also 12 and one and 13 years as a team, when a winning record, we, we figured that the injury went down to the braces, our player, and then we're getting, make it a year and look at them, go. They come together as a team and quite happy playing baseball and loving it. So we were the racer. I think they outright him go up three, nothing. Bueller's he's limped into the playoffs and hasn't been playing so well. So I, the Braves get to them here. Crush them.

Mitch (32m 51s):Brian.

Brian Bitler (32m 53s):Yeah. I don't like taking public heavy teams here, but I just don't see how the Dodgers could go down three games to none.

Mitch (33m 0s):One of the YouTube comments. That's that's why I got the Braves on reverse.

Brian Bitler (33m 4s):That is a good sign. The Braves, all those YouTube comments. That is a good sign. But for me, I got to go with one of the best pitchers in baseball Walker, Buehler the Dodgers at home, lay that run and a half. I just, if they lose this game, I don't know what they're going to do in LA B a lot of crime

Mitch (33m 21s):Going on, but they're used to doing in the playoffs. Take

Brian Bitler (33m 23s):The Dodgers minus one. Is this

Mitch (33m 25s):What shape is this rod?

Brian Bitler (33m 29s):Can't see. It's too small.

Rodd Zawacky (33m 32s):Yeah.

Brian Bitler (33m 36s):I don't always, if somebody accused me always taking the dogs, I don't always take the dog. It's

Mitch (33m 42s):90 degree angles.

Brian Bitler (33m 44s):I'm allowed to take a public side once in awhile. I think today's the day to do it. I don't see how the Dodgers could lose three

Mitch (33m 51s):In a row. We're going to get you some Lay

Brian Bitler (34m 0s):The alternate line. I think you lay up the three and a half of the Dodgers.

Rodd Zawacky (34m 5s):Oh, you're now you're on the Kool-Aid. Woo.

Brian Bitler (34m 9s):That's my, my Al special today. Dodgers big. I got my Kershaw Jersey on. I'm ready to come.

Mitch (34m 18s):Good story, Joe. How about you?

Jo Madden (34m 22s):Yeah. This is one that I'm not loving. Either side Dodgers backup backs up against the wall, but to step in front of this Braves team that is just rolling right now is not something I want to do either. I'm liking the under in this one. As we see two fantastic pictures, battle this one out. So I'd take the under seven and a half if I was betting it.

Mitch (34m 43s):All right, we got the Astros and the red Sox got ugly at Fenway in a hurry. Last night, it started off. It was zero, zero when the game started and yeah, I think it was even the first inning. It was zero

Rodd Zawacky (34m 58s):That we didn't get on our feet. Oh yeah. Richie.

Mitch (35m 3s):And it wasn't. It was, it wasn't her fee. I liked the riffy and it wasn't an RFE. It was, I was close second and Boone back with the yanks. It's good for us. We love betting against the Yankees. He always that's the YouTube guy. He always picks the NCI keys. I was like, you guys are gonna love my Michigan Northwestern video this week. The same people that say that it's like, like every YouTube comments is this guy always picks against Michigan. Well, not going to disappoint you here. Who am I to disappoint?

Mitch (35m 44s):But you have a chip

Brian Bitler (35m 45s):On your shoulder against Michigan. Cause you don't like the head coach. So

Mitch (35m 48s):I don't like Michigan in general. Even before this head coach, I didn't like the bet. My best memory of Michigan was when Miami played them four and a half minutes left to go. They act like they won the game down by 16, four and a half minutes left to go. They had the ball, we beat them. Their coach had a heart attack on the sideline. It was one of the greatest games of my life. Both gen biotech, the legend. It was the end of the legend at Michigan Bo Schembechler. And they interviewed him and he was trembling. You know? Cause he had already had the incident. He said his last words. It was none godly set of circumstances. Jimmy Johnson.

Mitch (36m 28s):She's the timeout on defense. It's called timeout. Everyone's act. You know? It's like, they think they got us. It's like that's all the players said. He was saying, he's like, they think they got us right where they want us, like, we got that right where we want whoops, Jerome brown, Danny stubs. They put an end to that one. Hurry, crush their dreams. Great day. And it was Astro's red Sox. Joe, what are you thinking about the game?

Jo Madden (37m 10s):Well, you know, if you want to know what I'm thinking, we're going to have But about this game you guys were seeing like these balls, just a flying. I don't know I'm going with the over. It seems pretty square in this one. I'm not betting this game. I really think the Astros can get this win tonight. I think they have to, I think they're going to be so hungry for it. So I'm leaning on the Astros and the over, but something tells me we got to have an under in one of these games, but these bats have been too powerful lately and they're just flying over, like what was the total last night? It was so high for Yeah, but like what did we hit?

Jo Madden (37m 54s):Well, the 17 points. 16. 15? Yeah. Like it was such a high total. Yeah. It was unbelievable. I think the Astros and the over in this one,

Mitch (38m 13s):Great. Brian is a four. That was my

Brian Bitler (38m 15s):Favorite came yesterday that Boston, Boston beat down,

Mitch (38m 19s):Right?

Rodd Zawacky (38m 21s):Yeah. For me it was, I broke. Don't fix it. I'll just take the over. And they moved it up to 10 and I that's probably still not enough be over six and oh, and the Astros last six, Boston six and over their last six, eight and to Boston is to the, over their last 10 after nine 11 pitchers. Aren't holding these guys down. Give me the,

Mitch (38m 44s):I am seeing the word red sock and lock in the same sentence in the comments, Brian.

Brian Bitler (38m 50s):Yeah, I think that guy's, jenkson the red Sox there, but for me, I think I'm going to take the under 10 runs here. Just seems too easy to take the over 10. You got cranky and pre-vetted two pitchers that were not ACEs. Nobody says by any stretch of the match,

Mitch (39m 5s):It was that crane probably exact Greg. He's a borderline hall of Famer. I mean he's

Brian Bitler (39m 9s):And he's had a tremendous career, but for me, I'm going to take the under 10. I just think one of these games has to go under. So

Mitch (39m 16s):We get borderline, he's got a say young, he's got some world series he's got, you know, kind of that nice smorgasbord of,

Brian Bitler (39m 23s):I think Astros bounce, bounce back with a much better pitching performance overall as a team. So I think the stays under 10,

Mitch (39m 32s):I think grant, you might just be holding on a little too long. I think it's interesting to me about this game. The most interesting thing is, and it goes back to the whole social media and that sort of stuff is in the YouTube comments is that people are, you know, up and down, including Butler. I'm not pointing any fingers, but including him that says, oh, the Dodgers can't lose three in a row. But the Astros can, I don't know, just seems, seems like a lot of losses, especially the mocking of Correo last night, Alex Cora knew that that was a bad idea. Bad, bad idea.

Mitch (40m 14s):It's like, that guy is really good. He was a number one overall pick Korea it's panned out. Yeah. And it was, we'd go to the NHL, just a ton of games. Maybe I'll Mitchie puzzles skate onto the ice here soon. I usually wait. I like to wait at least 10 games. Cause then I have some stuff to work with. But I dunno, the puck dogs are doing those videos. If I'm getting a lot of commentary, a lot of people saying they want more stuffed in the pot, dives. I say, puck, Doug, sell more packages. Then we'll do more free stuff. How about that is already there at the time for free?

Mitch (40m 54s):I think that's fair. I think they'd do a free pig video on every single game. And plus we talk hockey on the shows and plus rods on this show. Chris is on that show and rods on the other show too, including that. And Chris is on this show on the weekends. I think there's a lot of free PACCT dogs. And I think that they're charging 2 39 a month for their monthly absurd under strong protests here.

Brian Bitler (41m 21s):And then I'm not sure about a hundred dollars under the price. Yeah.

Mitch (41m 24s):There are at least a hundred light

Brian Bitler (41m 28s):And there are a number one in hockey right now. Check them out.

Rodd Zawacky (41m 34s):Crushing

Mitch (41m 35s):It. Yeah. I don't, I don't, you know, and that's what I say. Say if people want more puck dogs, it's available for you and it's not like they're not delivering. I mean, there might be a chocolate smudge on it from Rufallo, you know, it's chocolate. I swear

Brian Bitler (41m 54s):The crack and let me down yesterday. I

Mitch (41m 56s):Was, I had cake and ice cream for lunch yesterday. So who the hell am I to say anything? It is my birthday.

Brian Bitler (42m 6s):It's not your birthday yet. The

Mitch (42m 7s):24th of October, Brian, it's been my birthday for a few weeks now and will continue to be my birthday until mid-November and you get

Brian Bitler (42m 14s):24 hours

Mitch (42m 15s):At midnight. Oh no. I

Jo Madden (42m 17s):Is why you're not married. Brian There's birthday months, birthday weeks, birthday month.

Mitch (42m 26s):It's it's kinda, it's kind of like Thanksgiving, you know, it used to just be the day after, but now it's kind of the two weeks before, you know, it's, it, it kind of works like that.

Rodd Zawacky (42m 39s):It takes your age. So like if you're, if you're 48 and you have 48 days prior, right bleeding up. So you had a 48 day celebration before your birthday for your work. Sometimes you get more than a moment. Okay.

Mitch (42m 51s):But my computer doesn't even want to go to the NHL schedule. Got the, we got the sabers against the Canucks, the Canadians against the sharks. That's a good logo. That sharks load. I liked that one. Got the Tampa bay lightening thing, go suck it against the Panthers and the devils against the, you gotta be smoking, cracking, cracking, head, Joe, any of those four, do it for you.

Jo Madden (43m 31s):Yeah. Give me the devil's in this one. I think the crack I can are absolutely exhausted. This will be their fifth straight road game this week. I see a low scoring game as well. We're not seeing the devils put up a ton of points and I don't think the crackin will be able to either. So give me the under and the devils in this whole matchup.

Rodd Zawacky (43m 54s):Yeah, the couple I liked there and I liked it. The under, in the connects in Buffalo, a game going you look surprisingly Buffalo with the number one deal in the league early in the season, they'd given up a goal, a game and then close with a solid for the connect. So I love the under six and that one. And I agree given the devils devils that are going to start the season to minnow, crack cracking, just want this came over with. They want to go home, but rough scheduled it for them to start the season five road games. This is game five on them back to back. And we've seen what Philadelphia did to them on the devils. Do the same thing. Give me the devils.

Mitch (44m 29s):My wife is standing here. So Brian says I only get 24 hours for my birthday. I mean, what world is he living in? In what? I mean 20, maybe 24 hours starting three weeks ahead. And two weeks

Brian Bitler (44m 42s):Charles, you can't celebrate more than 24 hours joke.

Mitch (44m 47s):Joseph. That's why Brian's not married. We're celebrating just for that. I'm having double ice cream and cake for lunch.

Jo Madden (45m 1s):I'm Brian. I always do two big parties cause I was actually born in Australia. So I have like my Australian party then my Canadian party. But I celebrate all month July.

Mitch (45m 11s):Don't you cross time zones there. So really you should have four. Cause it's like, cause it's in different days that you're born in two different dates because you haven't really

Jo Madden (45m 21s):Are. You really are.

Mitch (45m 24s):I mean, cause if you're, if you're born in Australia, but you're in like say, I don't know, like Pennsylvania or something, you would have been born on different days. So you've got to celebrate both. You got to get both of those.

Jo Madden (45m 39s):Absolutely. My mom writes me huge Facebook messages on both days. Like happy Australian birthday. Happy Canadian. You have to celebrate it all. But yes, July is my birthday month. They celebrate the whole time. I'm with you, Mitch. You need a birthday.

Mitch (45m 55s):Yeah. It's like how many cakes do you get for your birthday, Brian? Like how many cakes or pies or pastries or ice cream cake or whatever?

Brian Bitler (46m 5s):Just one, maybe two. If I'm lucky.

Mitch (46m 8s):Yeah. So your, your, your light, your light on that, you got,

Brian Bitler (46m 13s):I was get the birthday cake altogether, but I do it from the kids. She's like,

Mitch (46m 18s):Do you think I got this body with one birthday cake? I think that that's how I got here. You think that's how I put this together?

Brian Bitler (46m 29s):This is this a big birthday. Yeah. This is your turn. The big one. Double zero. Is it this year? This is,

Mitch (46m 36s):This is not a one cake mission right here. This is This, this and this. And we're not even talking about like you ever go to the bakery, like to pick up the cake and it's like, you see the cookies can grab,

Rodd Zawacky (46m 51s):We got getting the cake Along with the cake.

Mitch (46m 60s):Oh, okay. All right. Do you ever go to like a diner? Like, like they have this great bagel place in, in Vegas, like, you know, off the beaten path that I love to go to this bagel place and they have like, you know, you have to go to the counter, you don't have to pay the check, you know, for the breakfast place. And you know, they have the cookies right by the, like the glass cage. It's like, it's totally there. It's like, you know, it's so intentional, you know? It's like,

Rodd Zawacky (47m 25s):Oh, I know.

Mitch (47m 26s):It's like, I come back to the table, you know, I got the box with me, like what that is. It's like, it's like, what are you taking? Did you not finish you taking it to no, this is this the two dozen cookies. Like you were just

Rodd Zawacky (47m 41s):Getting the cake.

Mitch (47m 44s):You need that big box for two dozen cookies. I'm like, well, they're the big cookies. My accountant's like that was some breakfast. It was the sides.

Jo Madden (48m 6s):It's all the

Mitch (48m 6s):Ad-ons besides it's the sides. It's the Wolf of wall street, $24,000 on dinner. It's like spent $24,000 on dinner. The sides.

Jo Madden (48m 24s):You also have to try everything from what I understand.

Mitch (48m 28s):Absolutely. That's like in the ice cream, Baskin-Robbins ask for a taste, 31 flavors. I got time.

Rodd Zawacky (48m 37s):Right? I got one of those. They have one or you know, how about one? She just keep it going.

Mitch (48m 43s):They have a really good ice cream place down the street from me here. And like, they have all the great Hawaiian flavors, you know, like everything's macadamia, not coconut and all these different things. And all the tourists love to taste every single one. And then they end up getting vanilla swims. But that's besides scoop of vanilla. It's like all that. You got a scoop of vanilla. It's like, I just waited 25 minutes. She would say saw this ice cream. Brian would have you liked in these?

Brian Bitler (49m 15s):Yeah. I'm gonna take the Buffalo Sabres zero. I don't know why they're continually disrespected here by lions makers that just won their first two games again. Plus money against the Vancouver team, which I'll take Vancouver in spots, but it's just too much value on the Buffalo sabers. And then I'll take the Montreal Canadians. Oh, and three on the year of desperation must be setting in a big public side here. But I think Canadians finally get a w against the

Mitch (49m 40s):Sharks. What's your ice cream flavor.

Brian Bitler (49m 43s):I like boring chocolate. I like chocolate.

Mitch (49m 47s):You have it. All right. I'm going to take the Sabres here. And I'm going to parlay them up with the Panthers. Got the penguins. And the stars stars changed their logo a few years ago. Got their crap huddles against the avalanche. Got the Chicago Blackhawks up against the Islanders. Islanders. Neither of these teams have won a game. Yet. This season there, you got the red wings up against the blue jackets.

Mitch (50m 27s):Brian, what do you think of these four gems?

Brian Bitler (50m 30s):Yeah. I think the Detroit Redwings are quality play. If I'd add another premium play, it might be the Detroit Redwings here. You rarely see them as the favorite and Columbus is two and now on the year. So even raises even more eyebrows. I just think the red wings get another w here and I'll go to 2 0 1

Mitch (50m 47s):Rod. What's your favorite flavor? Ice cream.

Rodd Zawacky (50m 51s):Yeah. I like Neapolitan three. You guys have

Mitch (50m 53s):Chocolate. Strawberry.

Rodd Zawacky (50m 56s):Yep.

Mitch (50m 58s):You'll have to mix. Are you, can you keep them very separate?

Rodd Zawacky (51m 2s):I, I I'll. I let it mix. I don't mind if they mixed up, which is pretty good. All mixed up together. It's a good mix For me and these ones here you look, McKennan has been cleared to play for Colorado and I everybody's enamored with Colorado now. They're all like, whoa, give me the capitals. Everybody's not going to be enamored with Colorado to win this game. So give me the capitals.

Mitch (51m 37s):I also do my river impersonation when I heard it.

Rodd Zawacky (51m 45s):And then the other one, I liked the Islanders and the Blackhawks. Somebody has got to go. And I think the Blackhawks get the worst, man. I think they, like I said, home here and I get to sing their song at the end of the hockey game. So yeah, there's just like an awful way. They just look to feed it. They just looked like they've been through a war and it was like, it's only game three long season. They go, you're the Blackhawks and that one. And I like the under in the Columbus in Detroit game, Columbus scored equals in their first game. And well, we know why they, I know why they scored equals, but after that kind of bounce back or two goals or not build score, eight goals do the under and that one,

Mitch (52m 31s):Joe, what's your favorite ice cream.

Jo Madden (52m 35s):It would be like a cherry cheesecake or a mango.

Mitch (52m 39s):Yeah, it goes good. But that is that a sorbet though? Yeah. That's not ice cream. What's your favorite ice cream?

Jo Madden (52m 46s):No, it's not. Sorry. It's gotta be charged. She's cage. Like with chunks of like cheesecake chunks of cherry.

Mitch (52m 55s):Yeah. That sounds like a Ben and Jerry's type thing going on.

Jo Madden (52m 59s):Yeah, something that's like chunky and got more than just ice cream in it.

Mitch (53m 3s):Okie doke. Nine months sway. My favorite flavor is cook. My favorite player flavor is cookie dough. And my second favorite flavor is also cookie dough. Third would be pistachio with, with a crunch Oreo crunch on, on top of it.

Jo Madden (53m 29s):Top.

Mitch (53m 32s):Yeah. That's

Jo Madden (53m 33s):Yeah. Alan's saying in the comments, a green mint chocolate chip. And I used to love that when I was a kid, my grandma always had,

Mitch (53m 40s):Yeah. I always had mint job, which I've used to be my favorite until I had cookie dough

Jo Madden (53m 47s):Until yet

Rodd Zawacky (53m 50s):Tigertail is a good one too. But you have to like licorice, right? You're not going to like

Mitch (53m 56s):Cookie dough is good. Like how many pints of ice cream do you have in your freezer right now?

Jo Madden (54m 3s):Me zero, zero

Rodd Zawacky (54m 6s):Pints. There's a four liter bucket in my freezer. And then there's, there's a couple, there's one Ben and Jerry's chocolate covered cherries. And then there's also a Ben and Jerry's happy

Mitch (54m 18s):Chocolate covered cherries. Is that cherry Garcia?

Rodd Zawacky (54m 21s):No, it's Ben

Mitch (54m 22s):And Jerry's Ben Jerry's cherry Garcia. Is there chocolate

Rodd Zawacky (54m 25s):Covered? Is that what it's called? Cherry. Okay. Well I call it chocolate covered cherries. Okay.

Mitch (54m 29s):Familiar. I know about these things

Rodd Zawacky (54m 33s):And then a half baked, which is your cookie though. If I'm not mistaken.

Jo Madden (54m 39s):I think so, but doesn't that have chunks of brownie in it too? Yes.

Rodd Zawacky (54m 43s):Yes. It's so good. Well, it can be Well, all right. It has trumps and brownie and cookie dough makes me happy.

Mitch (54m 53s):We always have nine to 12 pints of cookie dough, ice cream in our freezer at all times.

Jo Madden (54m 59s):And nail. Yes. Blueberry cheesecake is also good.

Mitch (55m 3s):My wife's worried about the supply chain. Cause she knows how it got. It's like we re we ran out of cookie dough. He had to get the off-brand. Yeah. I had like a cha I had this one called candy bar, ice cream. I had to eat for like three hours, Heath bar crunch or something. You guys felt the wrath. You didn't even know what's happening.

Rodd Zawacky (55m 27s):Absolutely. Now we know

Mitch (55m 30s):It's an Australia refused to talk to me. They just refused to talk to me like, like, like there's something wrong with like you got ice cream or something. Yeah. They ran out. Yeah. We'll talk to you this week. It's true. It's true. They said that. Oh, I had it for lunch yesterday. So it was, it was nice catching up a little. It it's nice. It's kind of like, I also, I don't separate the cookie dough. I just, you know, I just eat, I don't pick at it. You know, just straight up dish.

Mitch (56m 15s):It's kind of like chocolate chip taken to the next level. That's really chocolate chip ice cream, which is a classic Cookie monster with chocolate chip. What's that? Wait a minute. Cookie monsters might

Jo Madden (56m 41s):Be life-changing match. Is

Mitch (56m 43s):That cooked cookie dough in the,

Jo Madden (56m 47s):In

Mitch (56m 48s):The ice cream? I like the cookie dough. Whoever came up with that idea is genius. It's like, wouldn't you love to have been at that board meeting. I've got this idea. You take out the cookie dough, you put it hidden ice cream. It makes it worse. So what you're saying is take some ice cream. It's like, I think we're onto something. It's like, oh, what a great idea. That was. They didn't have that when I was a kid didn't have cookies ice cream. Oh no. Oh, they didn't even have ice

Jo Madden (57m 27s):Cream when you were a kid.

Mitch (57m 28s):Right? Well, the guy would come around, you know, come around and turn it, crank it. We had the ice cream man back in the day, you hear them?

Jo Madden (57m 41s):See, I prefer like the icy things, like the Calypsos and stuff like that. Yeah. Like

Mitch (57m 52s):What, what planet are you from? Where did we get this woman who invited her?

Jo Madden (58m 1s):I think, I think my mom likes ice cream a lot. And she told me I was lactose intolerant. And then I found out at 20, I actually wasn't cause she wanted all the ice cream in the house. So I'd only sneak it at my grandma's mint, chocolate chip, but not lactose intolerant. But I, I said the IC things growing up,

Mitch (58m 18s):I like ICS too, but I'm not going to like put those in the same conversation as ice cream. It's an entirely different treat. I like the IC. I like the IC that's in the Slurpee family. And then you have sorbets and then, you know, we can get into gelato, but I thought we'd save that for another day because coconut toasted coconut gelato, if you're going gelato toasted, coconut is really where it begins and ends that conversation. You know, coconut gelato is that, oh, aria in Vegas, they have a great toasted coconut gelato at aria worth the trip. It's one of those things that you get it. And it's like, they could say, you know, that's 47 bucks.

Mitch (59m 0s):I don't care. You know, it's just an effort is giving your credit card is I don't even tell me how much it was because don't ruin it. I can't hear you anyway. I'm too busy. Would you like another scoop with that? Do I look like, do you even have to ask that? It's like, he's like nice to see again. They say that's like one of those ways, like I haven't seen you in awhile. It's like Nashville predators, worst name in hockey, up against worst name in sports, up against the LA Kings.

Mitch (59m 44s):Got the smudges at home or undefeated against the JTS jets, jets jets. And then you got the earliest up against the ducks. Oil is minus 2 79 against the, we stepped on a dock two and one on the season for the ducks public. Just humping up on the Oilers. Brian, you humping up on the Oilers with the public here.

Brian Bitler (1h 0m 10s):Yeah, I think I'm going to lay the pocket half here with Edmonton. They're just a far better team. I was against the ducks yesterday with the Calgary flames that I really took one to the tailpipe there with my favorite.

Mitch (1h 0m 20s):I like the docs on the puck line here, plus the goal and a half.

Brian Bitler (1h 0m 26s):I just think Oilers wind by at least two goals in life. Maybe I'm wrong. But out of that grouping, I'll leave with the Oilers

Mitch (1h 0m 37s):Joe. You're done with your smoothie. Can you give us some commentary on these games?

Jo Madden (1h 0m 42s):Yeah, absolutely. Okay. So Brent, I hear what you're saying with the Oilers, but here's my problem with the Oilers. They play down. Teams are playing. They should definitely come out and win this game tonight against the ducks, but they get in these letdowns spots, Connor Mac, David's off an amazing game hat trick game. I'm not going to bet this one. I'm going to be completely honest with you guys because until the Oilers start proving to me that they're not going to play down, I can't get on them in the situation, which they should win it. They absolutely should. But I think the ducks come out and win this one because the Oilers take that step back.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 1m 20s):No

Mitch (1h 1m 20s):Chance. As long as you're completely honest,

Jo Madden (1h 1m 24s):Honest, I like Sera. We've seen them rot time after time and I love Connor McDavid. He plays,

Rodd Zawacky (1h 1m 32s):I've seen two guys on one line last season for the last time in the years that I've seen this there, this two lines go on here and I'm sorry, that's not a back to back. They're not going to do in Calgary. Didn't choke it away. That's not happening here. The Oilers are out to make a statement. This season there they're going to be deemed, like I said, I have actually put Mike Smith as a, as a future for winning the beds. Plus 6,600 in that he's been the lights out, starting the season. And the doctor going to play is still RS in goal he's at 1, 1, 2 goals against their backup going after playing last night, they battled them. They came back and beat Calgary had no problem doing it too.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 2m 13s):It looks real good doing it. Like I said, Calgary yesterday. They don't have that guy. They need that guy to step up. But was I have that guy. They always actually have two of those guys that will step up and punch you in the mouth. Okay.

Jo Madden (1h 2m 26s):But the lead better this year. Can we get him being more of a

Rodd Zawacky (1h 2m 29s):Leader? I

Jo Madden (1h 2m 32s):Know, but like when they're down,

Mitch (1h 2m 34s):How many goals, how many, how many games are NHL season? How many games does each team play? 82. So three games in. You can say that he's a changed man.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 2m 47s):Oh, easily. Sorry. Rookie season. He's just progressed. Every season he's gotten out. He's whether you scored a point and a half, he first, he wasn't, he wasn't still getting at a point in a whatever, a game. And then he went to 1.3, 1.5 last season was 1.88. This is he's going to get over two points. A game easy is going to be the first NHL player in a long time to be averaging two points, a game, the season that's going to be this season.

Jo Madden (1h 3m 18s):And when he's in that down position to lead his team and pull a team back, cause that's what I'm missing from him. I think he's a phenomenal hockey player. Don't get me wrong. I really like Connor McDavid. But when they get down as a team, I want,

Mitch (1h 3m 32s):I really liked the ducks here. I liked the plus goal and a half Michie pucks. These a lot of angles here that lead to the ducks, at least covering the puck line here, if not winning out, right. I could be BA well, I can't say it on the air because then people bring it up 10 years from now and say that I said something defaming to somebody, but it's not going to say that word, the P word. But I would, I think I T plus the goal and the half, I mean, everything leads to ducks, at least on the pipeline, you know, to cover the pipeline. But I mean, if Edmonton slips up at all here, cause the ducks own Edmonton, I mean freaking out, right?

Mitch (1h 4m 12s):I mean they just, their base. Well, they are 20 and seven in the last 27 in Edmonton, 36 and 16 in the last 52 that is ownership. So over 66% is ownership and that's, that's almost 70% and 20 and seven, 20 and seven is Ownership. Well, you said, how do they own them? I think those are owners.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 4m 40s):You made your point. This is one of those spots that last season, for sure you would've taken them ducks. This season.

Mitch (1h 4m 48s):Well, Michi puck sees here is that the ducks are three and oh, on the puck line, this season, you know, three games in. And it's, I mean, obviously I don't have my data that I need to work with here, but it's like if I was looking at this game and I had, and we were deeper in the season and I saw these kinds of numbers where a team is dominant on the puck line and the other team is kind of, eh, on the puck line. And you have like a team that has been really pretty much pumped up for the last two to three years here in basically you usually what happens. So it was thinking, you know, pops that bubble because, you know, remember when they traded it for all those guys, we were talking about this the other day. Oh, Edmonton's going all the way now. Oh no, they went nowhere.

Mitch (1h 5m 28s):And it's like, this team has done nothing, but let people down since Gretzky last gated there, I mean, really they've done. They've done Squadoosh since well, they won. They went after with messier, but it's been a long,

Rodd Zawacky (1h 5m 43s):I want a cup without Gretzky. They made it sound like

Mitch (1h 5m 46s):Without missing.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 5m 49s):No, they made it to the sound like a final, but year. I want to say, what was that? 90. No, it was actually early 2000, 2003. I think Carolina,

Mitch (1h 6m 2s):Carolina. No one remembers that Carolina is that even a real team. Oh, real hockey town there. Charlotte

Rodd Zawacky (1h 6m 14s):And Carolina assets. When their team headed towards the,

Mitch (1h 6m 20s):From Charlotte, how many players in the NHL, how many players in the NFL from Charlotte?

Rodd Zawacky (1h 6m 28s):I'm going to

Mitch (1h 6m 29s):Guess the I'm going to guess the bagel

Rodd Zawacky (1h 6m 33s):And there's all this team has majority of the Canadian players. There are a majority main of Canadian players, easy, 80%

Jo Madden (1h 6m 41s):Interesting to see how many Canadian players play for American teams. Like what the percentage is

Rodd Zawacky (1h 6m 47s):Huge. It's massive. Yeah. Massive amount. There's always at least four or five Canadians on every American Stanley cup winning team, because I think they want it. Or the Canadian team hasn't won one. This was one night, a long time, long time. But a Calgary had that chance to, to, to put the ducks away and they just didn't do it. They didn't have that guy. They had 10 minutes in the third period and I watched the game and they, I, I figured they were going to do it and then get that three, one goal.

Mitch (1h 7m 21s):So they 1.2 in the shootout and then they would five to against Calgary, Edmonton, dead. And then the docs, they beat Calgary in the shootout. They played back to back. They lost to the smudges, but two to one. And then they beat Winnipeg. So basically they've been at two, one gold games already. So this is a team that plays in low scoring, tight games. I like the under and the docks on the puck line. It's gotta be gift. Right. And I'm just throwing it out there, just looking at the numbers. So fricking obvious.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 7m 54s):That's what I'm thinking there. When I was on the inside, because there was to get up, I wanted them. They will, they have the killer instinct this season to get out by two and put them away.

Mitch (1h 8m 2s):They found it. Where, where did they find this killer instinct watching timeless or something? I'll watch Ted lasso together.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 8m 10s):You can make a trade. You pick up another guy. You pick up a guy who was a, the assistant leader who assisted Matthews with his,

Mitch (1h 8m 19s):I'm not eating something, Joe Madden's on mango sorbet. They're in the locker room over net.

Jo Madden (1h 8m 25s):Well, if they are, they're going to do better. So I do like Mike Smith and gold for Edmonton. He has a great goalie. So he did come from Calgary

Rodd Zawacky (1h 8m 33s):And he's out to prove a point. This season

Mitch (1h 8m 35s):Three, two against Vancouver, there were minus two 10 in that game. I'm not convinced I'm taking the docs here plus the goal in half. And I'm also going to take them on the regular and the under. I just think there's an opportunity there.

Jo Madden (1h 8m 59s):And I do too, until Edmonton proves to me, they won't play down to their competition, which they do. Yeah, they do.

Mitch (1h 9m 6s):Just because they were in the Stanley cup final 18 years ago against a made up team. Doesn't really instilled confidence in me that I need to put my hard earned money anywhere near them at minus two 80.

Jo Madden (1h 9m 16s):Absolutely. Cause this is a team. You put them against the best team in the league. They come out and they somehow win it. They do everything. They just play their heart out. But then you put them against like we saw them last year. What they lost. I'm sure they lost the same response

Rodd Zawacky (1h 9m 29s):You can say last year.

Jo Madden (1h 9m 31s):I know, but this is a team that just play down, Rob. I, I hope they prove you completely wrong. This season.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 9m 37s):You are going to be completely

Jo Madden (1h 9m 38s):Wrong. I hope so. I really do. I want a Canadian team to go really far the season.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 9m 44s):So the flight,

Mitch (1h 9m 48s):Where's the comments. Everybody stop picking on Joe. Where's the comments. It was me and Brian it's like the van, but it's

Rodd Zawacky (1h 9m 57s):But each other we're just having a heated debate. That's all orders are going to spank the ducks tonight. That's the bottom line.

Mitch (1h 10m 5s):It's Joe and I

Jo Madden (1h 10m 7s):Hello, Calgary and Edmonton. That's the whole thing it comes down to

Rodd Zawacky (1h 10m 11s):And everything washed out. They were like, ah, cadre, choke. Watch us. We're going to kick their butts tonight. He wants this. We'll show him what's your house done? Five to one. And I can see Smith with a shadow. I can see, I can see Smith with a shout out Smith at the shout out.

Jo Madden (1h 10m 35s):If it's a shout out, it's a one to zero game. No low scoring. A shout out.

Mitch (1h 10m 45s):Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 10m 59s):Right? Okay.

Jo Madden (1h 11m 2s):It'd be quite interesting. Just send a camera crew.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 11m 13s):Hit play four more times this season. So

Mitch (1h 11m 21s):Five battles on burning. Alright, good show. Today. Got any parlays. I like the ducks on the puck line with the Panthers and the Braves on the reverse run line. Ryan, how about you? I'm going to go with this

Brian Bitler (1h 11m 36s):Per square, special parlay of the day. It's going to be the Los Angeles Dodgers. Maya's one and a half. And that was Edmonton Oilers. Minus the buck and a half my super square park.

Mitch (1h 11m 45s):The two biggest favorites on the board. That's better for you rod. Got it. Can you find any better value than that?

Rodd Zawacky (1h 11m 54s):Yep. I've got to find a, I'm going to take the capitals on the Moneyline over the avalanche. I'm going to take the a box game under the total and we're going to take the under in Buffalo in the Canucks,

Mitch (1h 12m 11s):Joe,

Jo Madden (1h 12m 13s):And then take the capitals, the New Jersey devils and the sabers all on the Moneyline.

Mitch (1h 12m 18s):All right. Well, thanks everyone for joining us. That was fun. I actually enjoyed the hockey segment today. It's rare, but it happened, but we appreciate each and every one we've got 11 NBA games tomorrow. So plenty to talk about. We've got college football tomorrow, which I thought was today, but it's actually tomorrow. Yup. And got, should have a baseball game tomorrow to raves and Dodgers. So we will see you tomorrow. Of course, we'll do a premium show. And then the VIP show at its regular time. This is Mitch for Joe Rodan.

Mitch (1h 12m 58s):Brian, thanks for joining us. Have a winning day. I'm going to try and act more professional tomorrow.

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