Sports Betting Picks Podcast 10/18/21 NFL, MLB, NHL Picks,Props, and Parlays - Betting Advice

Sports Betting Picks Podcast 10/18/21 NFL, MLB, NHL Picks,Props, and Parlays - Betting Advice

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Mitch (1s):Hi everyone. It's Mitch. And it is Monday, October 18th, 2021. Here with your live show or live seven days a week, 365 days a year. We've got NBA basketball. We've oh, tomorrow we've got, I got ahead of myself, got NFL. Monday Night Football. We've got major league baseball. We've got NHL. And of course, a whole lot of banter that some people are gonna love and well, others are going to complain about it. See, in just a second with the gang Hi, everyone.

Mitch (48s):Welcome to the show. I don't know. I think I messed that up. I think I've had Brian in the corner somehow in the pictures, but oh, well, we'll get it right. But that's our intro that we're working on. It's work in progress. I like it anyways.

Jo Madden (1m 6s):I like what I'm seeing so far, Mitch of that intro. I was watching late on YouTube there. So

Mitch (1m 10s):I think I got Brian in the corner somehow. I got to figure out how to get there.

Jo Madden (1m 16s):Well, I love How Brian says we're gonna go Big. Yeah, that sounds awesome. Yeah.

Brian Bitler (1m 23s):We're going big. Yeah.

Mitch (1m 25s):So it's never going Big. So you said, you say it probably was the Timberwolves or something.

Brian Bitler (1m 36s):We did call me and you, me and rod cash. The Timberwolves the other night when they were laying all point at home. And that was an easy

Mitch (1m 42s):One. When was this?

Brian Bitler (1m 44s):That was a few days, maybe a week or two ago.

Mitch (1m 47s):That's like a new jeopardy category. I cashed three weeks ago for 200 fleas cash. Last Thursday on the Eagles. I

Brian Bitler (1m 59s):Remember all my winners

Mitch (2m 2s):Asked you that you only judge me on my losers because I have so few Wolf of wall street. I don't assess them. The top two winners. I asked you to judge me on my losers because I have, so

Jo Madden (2m 19s):Those are the ones I remember when I lose this with

Mitch (2m 23s):Every single life showed that CD lamb touchdown, about 700 tasks.

Brian Bitler (2m 31s):I broke my spirit. Yes, that was the final nail in the coffin.

Mitch (2m 36s):It was definitely not a good one

Brian Bitler (2m 40s):Because once you got the overtime and they won the coin flip, it was a pretty good mathematical probability

Mitch (2m 45s):That they would at least kick a field goal. Yeah, it's got to feel good. That's all. That's all we needed was for him to get a field. That was all, we need

Brian Bitler (2m 54s):A stupid play call on third down. I throw it deep and eat. Anyway. As one game,

Mitch (2m 60s):It is what it is. It happens. It's the NFL we move on. And the beauty of the NFL is it's only week six, you know? So we still have 12 weeks of NFL left to go. It's only one third of the way through the regular season. And it's not even, we had a game tonight.

Jo Madden (3m 23s):You can say that and it's going to go in a blank. Oh yeah. Already one third. I can't believe we're here.

Mitch (3m 29s):Well, it's like, you know, college football season is halfway through and you know, the NBA starts tomorrow. I'm super excited about that. So who was the worst? Who was the biggest disappointment yesterday? I'd have to say the Cleveland Browns, just not showing up at all against the Cardinals at home with the Cardinals, you know, is it that the Cardinals are this good? Are the Browns. They're just the three and three teeth. And you know, you have to take pretty much, except that it's going to be the Ravens and the Steelers again. I mean, this, that we're right here.

Jo Madden (4m 8s):I think the Browns are out of their league. I think we expect them to be a lot better. They're a lot better on paper, but they're not coming out and they're not playing like they should. I don't think it was Arizona yesterday. I think this Brown's team is beat up and they're just not getting the job done.

Mitch (4m 22s):So Stephen A. Smith is, you know, everybody on that, that I watched when I was working out this morning, they, they were just crushing baker Mayfield. They were just absolutely all over him. They been all over him for a couple of weeks now. And Stephen A. Smith is like trade Odell, Beckham to green bay. And everyone's like, they're going to the illegal veto, that thing so fast. And I, I, I think it would be interesting to see if I think that I think I, I do think you put Odell back on the Packers. They go to the soup. I do believe that, but I don't know.

Mitch (5m 4s):Aaron Rogers taunting the Chicago fans. That was, that was kind of fun.

Jo Madden (5m 12s):I love Rogers. Come on, Brian.

Brian Bitler (5m 16s):I hate that guy.

Jo Madden (5m 18s):No, he completely owns though

Mitch (5m 20s):His record against them. Yeah.

Jo Madden (5m 22s):He destroys them every time.

Mitch (5m 25s):So let's look at some of these guys. Is it the guy or is it the situation? Okay. Jared Goff. Brian, do you think it's it's him or do you think it's his situation

Brian Bitler (5m 37s):Combination?

Mitch (5m 38s):How about you Rodd? What do you think

Rodd Zawacky (5m 41s):Combination of

Mitch (5m 44s):Joe is coach, coach, coach, coach rent them.

Brian Bitler (5m 49s):I think he could put golf on like a super defensive team, like the old Baltimore

Mitch (5m 52s):Ravens and maybe on a super defensive team.

Brian Bitler (5m 55s):Well then they were tenant sick. You know, they were,

Mitch (5m 59s):They went to the super bowl and they couldn't complete a pass. He couldn't come to at a pound, but he couldn't complete a pass when he got there.

Rodd Zawacky (6m 7s):Well, we know how we got there, so I don't think he would have got there. Anyways.

Mitch (6m 11s):How about Daniel Jones? Daniel Jones. Is it him or is it the giants? Joe? I know

Jo Madden (6m 17s):The giants a hundred percent Daniel Jones. Yeah. His coach has offensive line. This kid has no protection whatsoever.

Mitch (6m 26s):How much would you have paid to seen a video? Like when the giants were driving down the field on that opening drive of like Brian and Rod's living room, like after giving out the giants on shows up,

Jo Madden (6m 35s):I would've loved to seen it loved to seen it.

Brian Bitler (6m 40s):No, I was just thinking now I gotta hear it for Mitch. And that's the only thing I was thinking about.

Mitch (6m 45s):I don't really care. I cashed a giant Tekken on that thing. I was, that was my biggest bet of the year

Brian Bitler (6m 51s):You go.

Mitch (6m 52s):I got, but I got the right one. That's the thing it's like, maybe I got one and maybe I'm not even having a good NFL year, but you know what, if you pick your spots, you hit your right once. That's really what it matters. It's like, I, you never hear me about like saying I'm going to go smaller, whatever. It's like, oh, the safe bet. I mean, just like the Braves yesterday, I mean, you, you got even money. And I got plus 1 65, but it's true.

Brian Bitler (7m 15s):They were down four to two at one point

Mitch (7m 18s):The game, the game doesn't end it at down four to two. At some point they, the thing is if, if you lose, you actually lose more than I do. If you win, if you win, if you win, you win a lot less than I do

Brian Bitler (7m 33s):15 cents more than you did. Right.

Mitch (7m 35s):But that's 15%. That's 15%. It's not 15 cents. It's 15% of the Bet. And then if on the, on the upside, you lost 65%. So it's like, it's just, I don't understand the strategy, but that's,

Brian Bitler (7m 53s):I take the money because I felt like it was a one run game. Either way. We already went through this yesterday, one runner game either way. And I felt safer with the one and a half. I thought that was the better bet. But you won and you doubled your, I wouldn't say it wasn't a double, but it wasn't a double

Mitch (8m 9s):Nice, nice payout. It wasn't double, but it was one 50 years better than better than even money or, you know, whatever what's through.

Rodd Zawacky (8m 16s):I still, I went, I waited as a winner though. I still, I think a plus one and a half, two, and I would take it again in that same spot. I would take it again, just because I knew the game was coming down. It was going to be a one run game. So I'd make sure that I was a winner and a,

Mitch (8m 31s):I just don't believe that's a viable Sports Betting strategy. Like over the long-term is to play it safe and to play,

Brian Bitler (8m 38s):Take the money.

Mitch (8m 39s):I don't the house doesn't play that way. And it's like, the house generally generally wins and that's the house is super aggressive and it's like, you need to be super aggressive. The house is super aggressive. They're taking the other side. They're taking the other side. When people go up there and say, I want Alabama on the Moneyline at minus 3,800, the house has taken the other side of that action. They'll say, I'll take it. Yeah. Okay. You want to do it? I'll take it. And it's like, they own, the house always wins. Right. It's when did you hear about a book going under, you know, you don't and it's like, so they're on the other side of that. It's like any time you go off, it's kind of like, you know, at the casino games, you know, the further you get away from the meat, you know, it's like the, the, the potential of winning is, is slimmer and slimmer.

Mitch (9m 29s):So the more aggressive you need to beat in your bets. So basically that's like playing, that's like playing one token in a three token slot machine, three token max slot machine. That's what that is doing. Well, I want to limit my liability, but yeah, if you hit the, if you hit the, the mega bucks, instead of getting 28 million, you get 5,000 bucks, you know, and that's, that's the, that's the rub

Brian Bitler (9m 58s):Personally. I believe that what keeps books, you know, making money is the greed of people and the aggressiveness, because they can have a huge day like Sunday, but then instead of their normal Bet, maybe they'll go all in tonight on tonight's game and then lose it all. You know, it just takes one win from that.

Mitch (10m 14s):I think so. I think there's, I think there's, there's way more to it than that.

Brian Bitler (10m 18s):I get greedy myself, you know, I start winning and then I had my bed start going up.

Mitch (10m 22s):Yeah. You can't bank on public mentality, you know, on that. They have a tried and true system and it is taking that edge. And they, the odds are basically in their favor when the game starts, they have an edge on every single game. And it's like, your only chance is to be aggressive and to go for plus money. And that, that is what the house is doing. It's just like playing the don't come, you know, imagine if they imagine, if they'd let you become the bank and pie gal, but they don't let you become the bank in blackjack. That's for damn sure. Right. And craps, they let you, they let you play the don't, but they charge you to do so.

Mitch (11m 5s):Right. For that privilege to play the don't, they, they charge, they pay you way. You have to pay way up for that. So it's like, basically when you look at the mathematics of the, Of, of the, of the, of the gambling over time, Moneyline Dawgz is the way to go big ones. You know, imagine if you had, imagine, you know, imagine if you had Louisiana Monroe on the money line on Saturday, you know, imagine what the house

Brian Bitler (11m 35s):Position are. You scared me off of that game. So

Mitch (11m 38s):I scared you off since

Brian Bitler (11m 41s):I would've taken the, I would've taken the points, but

Mitch (11m 43s):Since when have I ever scared you off a Bet? I

Brian Bitler (11m 46s):Didn't feel like being ridiculed by saying, oh, I like Louisiana.

Mitch (11m 49s):I wouldn't have read it. I have ridicule you anyway, man. It's like, we were on the same side of ridiculing you now. I mean, this is what I do. This is everyone knows that

Brian Bitler (11m 60s):I would never think that Liberty would lose that came out. Right? Not in a million years.

Mitch (12m 4s):No, of course not. But, but the house had a position, you know, where I'm sure there was a better out there that had Louisiana Monroe on the Moneyline. I'm sure there was, but I'm sure it was a very small cause what Russell, we would have read it.

Brian Bitler (12m 16s):Oh. How many people tossed into money? Line of Liberty on all their stupid Parlays for no reason. Zero

Mitch (12m 22s):Oh Liberty. Yeah. The house that was the house. His position was them. You know, they want on that because we know, we know you do that.

Brian Bitler (12m 31s):No, I've never, I don't think I've ever done that. You just take

Mitch (12m 34s):The plus one and a half.

Brian Bitler (12m 35s):I can't say ever, because you know, over a decade is a long time, but I don't remember ever doing

Mitch (12m 41s):Okay, Brian, we're not, we're not here to judge set point. We're judging you.

Brian Bitler (12m 47s):No,

Jo Madden (12m 47s):I'm going to say hi to everyone watching and thanks for joining us this morning.

Rodd Zawacky (12m 51s):Both tickets cash is the bottom line. Your cat, your ticket cash. A little bigger than Brian's ticket on the Braves game. That's all it is both on.

Brian Bitler (12m 59s):Imagine if they would've just scored one running at bottom of the eighth.

Mitch (13m 3s):I'm just saying over the, over the long-term strategy. That, that, that, that, that differential in caching is six bets in going 500. If you go 500 bingo, if you go 500, if you go 500 that all the time. But if you go 500, you go six and six. You go six and six. Even Brian, Brian has lost. Brian has lost 60%.

Rodd Zawacky (13m 29s):I bet Byron hasn't made six of those plus one and a half bats all season long.

Mitch (13m 34s):Yeah. I don't think we can go back and watch the tape. He absolutely more than six, One and a half. Oh, mayor. McKee's over here. Oh, you can't take

Brian Bitler (13m 46s):Ask. I don't take one an ass when you're like laying minus one 40 or minus one 50. What opens up my eyes is when, when it's around minus one, 10 or so. And I know that there's heavy minus one and a half faction.

Mitch (13m 59s):Did you like tartar sauce on that fish sandwich or

Brian Bitler (14m 2s):Tartar sauce? Because it has it's, there's something in there that gives my mouth ulcers is too acidic for me. So I'm not a big charter. So I was trying

Mitch (14m 12s):To filet of fish.

Brian Bitler (14m 13s):Sorry. Tartar sauce is made with mayonnaise. It's red sauce, whatever the red. Oh yeah. What is that red seat? So

Rodd Zawacky (14m 22s):That's cool. Let's catch up on horseradish. A little bit of lemon juice. It's called

Mitch (14m 25s):Cocktail

Brian Bitler (14m 27s):Cocktail sauce. That's what I can't have. I can have a tartar sauce. That's just Mayo,

Mitch (14m 32s):Horseradish and tolerant.

Brian Bitler (14m 37s):I can't eat anything spicy. So I couldn't go out with Joe in order. Anything like

Mitch (14m 42s):The pepper, Joe drinks, hot day in my house, Joe drinks, hot sauce out of the bottle.

Jo Madden (14m 49s):Basically. Do you know the, like the bottle of sauce that lasts a week in my

Mitch (14m 53s):House? Joe's like, Joe's like the woman at Costco. You see what the shopping cart with the two giant things, a hot sauce. And they're like, oh crap.

Jo Madden (15m 1s):And I'm back next week. They're like, man, my kids love it. You know, we love spicy curries, vindaloos, everything,

Brian Bitler (15m 10s):Nothing spicy

Mitch (15m 12s):There. You have it. Anyways. You've got Monday Night Football tonight. We've got the bills and the Titans, these teams know each other extremely well. The Titans have been Jekyll and Hyde. This season, Julio Jones looks to be back for this Antonio brown he's questionable or whatever, or not Antonio brown, but brown questionable for this one. But I'm going to guess, he's going to play

Brian Bitler (15m 36s):Says he has an illness though. So

Mitch (15m 40s):If it's illness and they're not playing OSIS illness out is the, is the key word there. So I'm going to guess he's gonna play, but the line moving higher here, definitely people pounding the bills, the bills, you know, just have been. So purlative outside. One half of football against the Steelers. Bells have just been, absolutely have looked like the best team in the NFL. You hear all these discussions of, you know, who's the best and you know, with all this other. So who's the best in the NFC and who's the best and whatever, but it's been the Buffalo bills that have clearly been the best team in the NFL this season. It really hasn't been close outside of that. You know, 30 minutes of football against the Steelers at home, it has been pure domination.

Mitch (16m 24s):And it's been not even, not against really the bad teams either or in favorable spots, went into Miami, shut out the dolphins, beat up on the Kansas city chiefs. On Monday night on the road. I was there Sunday night on the road. I don't know. Number one, defense, number one against the run. Number one against the past. Number one against whatever everybody plays the same teams, Bryan. I mean, they had a weaker

Brian Bitler (16m 52s):Schedule. So obviously

Mitch (16m 53s):You have the Titans here up.

Brian Bitler (16m 55s):I'm not arguing the fact that I think Arizona might be having a better season so far, but the Buffalo bills,

Mitch (17m 2s):It's not there.

Brian Bitler (17m 3s):The chiefs are in it down here.

Mitch (17m 5s):Well, the loser of the Superbowl doesn't usually go to the playoffs the next year. But the thing is, is that when you look at the bells and you look at the statistics and you look at the numbers, it's tough to argue where they sit statistically here, which is number one in total defense, 250 yards per game. It's like Georgia's rushing defense allowing just 78 yards a game up here against Derek Henry. Now the thing is that the Titans, while they, while, while they can run the football, they don't have a balanced attack. Their 27th in passing the football while the bells are, you know, first they're second in every single defensive category. The only one that they're actually number two is in takeaways, IL 13 takeaways and five games for the bell.

Mitch (17m 52s):So far this season up against Ryan Tannehill, who let's just not, let's just call him what he is, right. He sucks. He's terrible. He's a good runner.

Rodd Zawacky (18m 2s):He beat the

Mitch (18m 2s):Jaguars. He did beat the Jags. He is super good runner. He was a super good runner, but I mean, we saw him in Miami, right? I mean, anytime there's ever any pressure in this guy and anytime he's ever in a big game against a good team, he's never gotten it done ever. Right? So, you know, here it is a big spot. And you know, for the bills, you know, obviously a lot to prove this season, you know, losing last year in the championship game. Number one in, in an offense as well, 34.4 points per game. So the number one, offense, number one defense in the NFL, statistically, there's really not a lot of arguing here. You can do Brian, as far as I haven't seen looking at your numbers, but these numbers, I'm just reading them.

Brian Bitler (18m 41s):You say Tannahill doesn't have any big winds. I mean, he did knock off the Ravens in that playoff game. Ravens came in, I believe is the number one seed. And they were not number one, but Titans are a wild card team. They went into didn't they beat the Patriots and then beat the Raven. So he has had some big wins.

Mitch (18m 56s):Yup. It was three years ago.

Brian Bitler (18m 58s):Two years ago, right? Three years.

Mitch (19m 1s):So yeah, three years ago, they'd be, he'd beat the Ravens once. Okay. Give it to you. I don't know. Obviously you, you like the Titans here. Brian, tell everyone why

Brian Bitler (19m 13s):No. Have for me in this game, as far as the total goes and there's no real obvious over under, as far as like people are all over the over or the under, this one is pretty much 50 50, but for me, I'm going to go with the under here because you got two teams that like to run the football. Even the bills do like to run the football. They're the fifth best rushing attack. And the NFL Titans, I believe are number one, no number two. And running the football. I believe the Titans want to keep this game close and compete. They're going to have to control the, the pace of the game and to do that. They need to run the football. So I think this game goes under the total here. I think we see a lot of, I think this game clock is gonna move fast tonight.

Brian Bitler (19m 54s):So I'm going to take the under 53 and a half

Mitch (20m 0s):Rodd. Last year we saw these two teams play Tennessee 42 Buffalo 16 Tennessee was a three point home dog in that game or six point home dog tonight. It was all Tennessee then around it's about a year ago. You know that this game happens October 13th of last year. Of course no fans in the stands. I don't know a little bit of revenge factor here for the bills. Maybe, maybe it's full circle on the calendar for this one.

Rodd Zawacky (20m 32s):Well, I'm sure that's what they had, but there is a tough spot here as well. And there's two road games against two top teams. This could be a lifetime spot for the bills as well. They just beat the chiefs. She was there. You know, that was their top of the morning to come back

Mitch (20m 48s):Is let down 42 to 16. It's probably the worst loss in the last five years

Rodd Zawacky (20m 56s):For me. I, I like the Over and this one because just like I said, 40 to 60 Titans are going to put up points, build shot. I can guarantee you are going to score more than 16 points in this one, for sure that as it is for more than 35 points in the last, what, four straight games. So that offense is taken right along. And I think Tennessee, you can put some into give me the over 54 and this one, I think we see a lots of points. And I think of no wonder

Mitch (21m 23s):The revenge tour for the bills chiefs in sight is the two teams that got them here, Joe. Okay.

Jo Madden (21m 30s):Yeah. This is an interesting one. I think people are looking too much at this underdog stat that the underdog is six and oh against the spread in the last six meetings because you look at this and the underdog has been Buffalo. When we look at the last four games, Buffalo is the underdog. Three of those games. Tennessee was the underdog in their last game where they did win this 1 42 to 16. That total went over 52. The other three games hit that under I'm with Brian. I think this is going to be an undermatch up the under. I'm hitting three of these last four. And I'm seeing the money all on this over. I don't think we get there. I'd be looking at the Titans or the Buffalo's team total over there as, but I don't see the Titans getting the points tonight.

Mitch (22m 19s):All right. I like the over in this one, both just carving up like a Turkey. I think that we don't really have a vendor mine. We're going to see him roll it up on him. Kind of like we see, do

Rodd Zawacky (22m 30s):I think he's had three previous under his we're all Mariota at quarterback as well. And that was awful. Is he? Now

Brian Bitler (22m 37s):He's a backup quarterback for the race

Rodd Zawacky (22m 40s):Right

Brian Bitler (22m 41s):Now. He's back. He was healthy.

Mitch (22m 42s):Let's look at Ryan tan Hill's career numbers. Let's take a look at him versus Mariota a goat. You ain't going to be pretty outside of that much, much. We know Brian, you took the giant industry too. Oh my God.

Brian Bitler (22m 59s):That's the Mitch puts words in my mouth and tells me everybody up on the Titans, but it's obvious he likes the bills tonight. So yeah, we'll see.

Mitch (23m 7s):I just, I just, I just, you know, I, I know you don't watch the game, so it's like, I don't see like just what a mismatch. This is

Brian Bitler (23m 15s):Couch from one o'clock until 7 45 or eight o'clock. I dunno. When the Patriots game was over watching the red zone channel, I watched every single game, all in the red zone on. So I saw every game yesterday. I didn't watch much of this, something 19.

Jo Madden (23m 32s):I just can't get behind this Titans team. You know, they beat the, the jets, beat them. They beat the Jaguars, like, wow, they beat the Jaguars, like serious. Like how are they going to score any points against this defense of the bills? They're not going to score anything tonight.

Brian Bitler (23m 48s):We look at the Buffalo bills, upcoming schedule after this game. There's absolutely no pressure on Buffalo to win this game. They had that, I think the crap of the league, they got the Miami dolphins coming up. They got, I believe another loss,

Mitch (24m 0s):42 to 16. And last for the last time they played, they played them last year. They lost 42 to 16. You don't think they care. Do you, have you ever met a professional athlete? Have you ever met one day? And they have

Brian Bitler (24m 15s):Cupcakes. Let's call

Mitch (24m 17s):One in a row. Joe knows tons. Joe. Let's call one and ask if they care.

Jo Madden (24m 22s):Okay. Actually we probably could. I'm sure all of them would answer the phone right now at this time.

Mitch (24m 27s):I'm sure they would. Let's call them and let's ask them if they would care. If they care that someone beat them 42 to 16, the last time they played ask them if they care or they can trust me. I know, I know a bunch of myself, trust me on this. They absolutely care. They absolutely 100% care.

Brian Bitler (24m 47s):Buffalo bills have a bi-week next week. Then they play a dolphins, Jags and jets and Colts all bottom feeders. There's no pressure on Buffalo to win this game. If they lose it, no big deal. They got four winds on deck. This is a must win game for, for the types of that home national TV. So

Mitch (25m 4s):Yeah, I see it. And the other end, the other side, maybe the Titans just have their number, right? I mean, they beat them like that last year, maybe they had them, just certain teams that just have their number, right? Like the Rams have the giants number, right? Just

Brian Bitler (25m 14s):And all this winning by mall flows and nothing inflated The NUMBER way it's inflated by at least two points here tonight. So four straight wins. All the bandwagon jumpers are, it's an obvious call tonight. You got me going. I couldn't help it.

Jo Madden (25m 42s):We'll see who answers back the fastest. I'll give you your answer in a text. A couple here.

Brian Bitler (25m 51s):I'm glad we have Joe here to keep us for control.

Jo Madden (25m 55s):Keep you under control that what I do.

Mitch (26m 4s):All right.

Jo Madden (26m 7s):I will let you know when I get announcer.

Mitch (26m 10s):I don't think Brian likes all underdogs.

Brian Bitler (26m 14s):No, I liked the Colts yesterday. They weren't

Mitch (26m 17s):Favorites. Sorry,

Brian Bitler (26m 21s):Minnesota Vikings. That was fair.

Jo Madden (26m 25s):Mike Gallo, X pitcher, the Houston Astros wrote back and he said, hell yes, we do not forget. When we lost to a team the previous year,

Mitch (26m 34s):Believe me. They care very, very much care. He was on the Astros team. That was to the white Sox world series.

Brian Bitler (26m 44s):I never said that they didn't care that

Mitch (26m 47s):You said they don't care. Let's go back. Let's roll the tape.

Brian Bitler (26m 52s):I said, it's not a must win game for Buffalo. Cause they got a bunch of cupcakes on deck after their bi-week. So you said they could care

Mitch (26m 58s):Less.

Brian Bitler (26m 59s):They could care. Less city went to the Titans. They need to show up. There are three and two and who is Buffalo? They'd be one good team. The chiefs. And even the chiefs are questionable in my eyes Titans. They beat the techs, the dolphins, two of the worst teams in the NFL.

Mitch (27m 18s):And they beat, they lost to the jets. They beat the Colts. They beat the Seahawks. They lost the Arizona. 38, 13. They were undressed in that game. 27, 24 in overtime against the jets.

Brian Bitler (27m 39s):Yeah, that one leaves a mark, but jets are better than a dolphin. So that's not

Mitch (27m 44s):Too much. We're going to find out cause they play each other twice. Right? So you don't have to worry about the argument.

Jo Madden (27m 57s):Now you got Mike Gallo going off about how much he hated the Dodgers. Winning that world series. Season his paragraphs after paragraphs and the battles with the Cardinals in oh four and oh five. They're still fresh in his mind.

Brian Bitler (28m 12s):Yeah.

Mitch (28m 13s):16 years later, he's still mad. He's

Jo Madden (28m 17s):Still mad.

Mitch (28m 19s):These guys think they forgot about the game. Last year, these, these guys, these guys think they forgot about the game last year.

Brian Bitler (28m 26s):I think on Tuesday morning, tomorrow morning, you're going to hear a lot of crying about the game being fixed. And the referees being in the pockets of this

Mitch (28m 34s):I've been in Denver yesterday, Denver yesterday was a game fix. There was the game fixed in Denver yesterday. Cause I think number 11 just caught another ADR bomb. Cause he was wide open all fricking day.

Brian Bitler (28m 48s):This is Monday Night

Mitch (28m 49s):Football. Watch that game. Joe, you think number 11 is still open for the Raiders. You think anyone do you think they maybe decided to put someone on them

Brian Bitler (28m 59s):Mondays last week of the Sports Betting week?

Mitch (29m 3s):This is what the Broncos, this is their defense for number 11, right? It's like, how about if he catches the ball? Like an eight, another 80 yarder. And we just, we throw the challenge flag this time. Okay. It lands in his hands. He catches it. And then he happens to trip over his own two feet because there's not a defender within 50 yards of a guy. And then someone runs over and taps him. And how, how about if we just challenge it didn't mean maybe that'll stop them. I don't know because whatever we're doing, we're just going to let them run free all day long and see, see how that works. And then what we'll do is instead of doing that, when they hand the ball to the other guy, the, the bigger of back's 28 is it we'll just let him run right up the middle on us, you know, just pound us.

Mitch (29m 47s):And I know what this hurts. I don't even want to touch him. It's like, I mean, basically that's what happened. Right? And I came out,

Jo Madden (29m 56s):I just, I got a message also back from a coach saying that we have those games circled where we lost it severely and we should've won it.

Mitch (30m 6s):This is payback time.

Jo Madden (30m 10s):Absolutely. And we got Mike Gallo still texting. Just text it a hundred percent where lights out in those games.

Mitch (30m 21s):Yeah. I'd expect to see the sub purlative effort from the Bills tonight. Textbook surgery.

Brian Bitler (30m 28s):That's your prediction. My prediction on Tuesday, there'll be a lot of crying about the refereeing and the game was fixed or

Mitch (30m 35s):The hearing is the squares. God squares, God.

Brian Bitler (30m 39s):It's a different animal. Monday Night Football is the different animals. The way this weekend square, especially the way Sunday one. So we'll see how it goes. That's my prediction. There'll be a lot of crime on

Mitch (30m 50s):Squares. God. I mean this week.

Brian Bitler (30m 54s):Oh the penalty rough in the quarterback. There'll be a lot of fandom calls. But as long as they go, the way that tightens up, you have

Mitch (31m 1s):Josh Allen is not really a rough in the quarterback type of quarterback. Is he? He's. He delivers the blow. He's not a rough in the court. Roughing the passer type.

Brian Bitler (31m 13s):I might dislike them after tonight. We'll see.

Jo Madden (31m 17s):Marvin Powell said, make sure you look at the college ones. Two huge, huge games that are circled off losses like that.

Brian Bitler (31m 25s):Well, we saw the hurricanes this weekend get a little bit of revenge.

Mitch (31m 29s):Revenge.

Brian Bitler (31m 30s):Hey, they covered the spread.

Mitch (31m 31s):No one cares. Trust me. No one cares. They

Brian Bitler (31m 35s):Were, they could have won that game.

Mitch (31m 37s):They should've won. The guy threw the interception. Of course they did. And they, they had a chance to get the revenge. They didn't get it. It didn't get lost. Yup. I agree with you. I agree with that one in the comments. I think that one of the quarterbacks to get the first touchdown is, is definitely not, not a reach at all. And I also like digs.

Jo Madden (32m 6s):Oh for sure.

Brian Bitler (32m 8s):Soft

Mitch (32m 9s):Titans. That soft Titans, secondary. You should carve them up. I think digs can have like one of the greatest Monday Night performances I ever saw was James Lofton. One time, one night had I think 280 receiving arts. I think that record could go tonight. He was also in the bills.

Brian Bitler (32m 27s):And you remember what college? He went to? James

Mitch (32m 29s):Lofton.

Brian Bitler (32m 31s):Oh, I'm sorry. Andre Reed. That's what I was thinking of. Nevermind.

Mitch (32m 41s):He had James Lofton Monday Night Football for the bells. You had one game that was DEC Dulles. It was, I dunno what, it was So many stat things out here.

Mitch (33m 21s):Most receiving ARDS in a game football wonder, I think this record can go tonight. Monday Night Football. What'd he sell them tonight while I'm Googling this stuff? Brian,

Brian Bitler (33m 47s):I got my Monday Night money shot a three pack today. Or you can, it's a play one in the NFL, one in major league baseball and one in the NHL. So my best bet's my NFL. Monday Night money shop. I guess everybody gets that one. So maybe you want to pick up, maybe you want to pick out my NHL president's choice where I start in the NHL. We're going to try to keep it rolling in my, I think it's the best value on the ice or pick up the YouTube VIP premium, definitely given out one of these pictures.

Mitch (34m 19s):So the game that I was thinking about was against James Lofton, Buffalo against Cincinnati, very similar spot to this one. He had 220 yards on eight receptions with two touchdowns, but actually one of the, one of the receivers for the Titans had a bigger Night on Monday night football, Julio Jones against the Packers 259 yards, 11 receptions, just one touchdown, 17 targets. The all-time leader is the all time leader. That's Jerry Rice, 289 yards, 14 catches three touchdowns. It's like, it's always like for Jerry Rice, all the Jerry Rice records are always like, you know, he's way ahead everywhere.

Mitch (35m 4s):And it's like the big drop.

Rodd Zawacky (35m 7s):It's not even close to Monday Night, right? It's on Monday night, everybody else was always like that.

Mitch (35m 16s):He played a ton on Monday night. But the thing is that John Taylor, who was his other receiver has the second most, you know, 22, 86. But it's rare that you have the three touchdowns on, on Monday night, Gary Clark. He was one of the Smurfs 11 catches for 241 yards west Chandler all ma'am was he good charger? He played on the other side of John Jefferson. Who's Jordan Jefferson's father. Right? And John Doris amazing. He was in that air. Corey alfalfa offense, 10 catches 260 yards, two touchdowns.

Mitch (35m 57s):That was the 82 chargers. Same ones that beat the dolphins in the Kellen Winslow game. That was a hell hell of a team. Then Don Beebe, when he was on the Packers did it 11 catches 220 yards. And I spent some big Monday Night games. Don Maynard still hangs in there from 1969 from the jets. There's always, there's always on these lists. There's always like the outlier names that you just don't think are going to be there. And it's drew Bennett for the Titans.

Mitch (36m 37s):12 catches three touchdowns, 220 yards in 2004. Racial Lido is a good after the game better. He's given out Raiders Moneyline for yesterday. Today. Graduations. I think I like your chances on that one. Rod Rooney sewn. Any hockey?

Rodd Zawacky (37m 9s):Yeah, for me, it's a, I got a monumental Monday. Triple a nice winning weekends. I got three best bets and Monday's action. One NHL, one NFL and one MLB. And then when I can start grid out and crusher my NFL NHL roof job and my MLB diamond pressure drama board, whose triples get a perfect way to start your weekend. Nice winner to come aboard

Mitch (37m 35s):James Lofton here with two different teams also on here with the Packers. Some guys just do it on Monday nights, right? Oh, does Taylor man remember him? Hamlet's he could. And can 71 with the chiefs against the Steelers, 190 yards on six catches. That's a game right there. That's a men and boys 31.7 yards per catch two touchdowns Otis Taylor was the king of the one hander. He's the be able to stick the one arm up and traffic and bring him down. He was good on chiefs.

Mitch (38m 15s):Len Dawson was his quarterback And I, I date myself.

Brian Bitler (38m 23s):Let's say you were probably watching that in college there on Monday night football.

Mitch (38m 27s):I getting, I was watching it. The bar is like, you know, I was like in my mid, mid thirties, Stefan page, the chiefs Hundred 87

5 (38m 45s):Record for rushing touchdowns on Monday Night

Mitch (38m 47s):Football. Here's your Eagle. Fred Barnett rushing touchdowns. Gotta be Earl Campbell gotta be Earl or Tony Dorsett.

5 (38m 59s):Maybe Derek Henry will break that record in life. Never know that happens. You're under.

Mitch (39m 11s):Yeah, because, because so, oh, it's Bo 221 yards in that Bosworth game they gave me ran over Bosworth 18 carries for 221 yards. Number two, Ricky Williams dolphins against the bears. Two 16 on 31 carries. They just gave it to him. Every single play Thurman Thomas is three levion bell against the Titans. 204 yards, Sean Alexander, 201 for the CX and then Earl Campbell that game against Miami. The one where they show all the highlights where his shirt's coming off and everything he had in that game.

Mitch (39m 55s):And that was a monster playoff implication game that won 199 yards on 28 carries four touchdowns. That was just, I mean, one of the most epic performances ever see the Tyler Rose Earl Campbell man is one of the best. One of my favorite running backs. Barry Sanders is on the list. Oh, Jay's on this list. Julius Jones, the Cowboys 198 yards on 30 carries Any other names, Barry Sanders. Ahman green on this list. The Angela Williams, the Sean McCoy, Justin for set Joe Morris for the giants, 181 yards, Bryce brown.

Mitch (40m 44s):He goes here, Brian Nijay Davenport, but it's been a while since we've seen anybody hit any of these lists, mostly list nothing recent OJ Simpson hundred 97 yards on 17 carries the juice was loose. Outline the juice. The juice was loose. Nijay dabbing port for the Packers that Earl Campbell, a Garrison Hearst is on this list. He was another good Georgia back. Half the facts went to Georgia and Oklahoma state to Thurman Thomas and, and Barry Sanders.

Mitch (41m 32s):Pretty good. Pretty good. That was where all under the Jimmy Johnson review had Oklahoma state budge Davis, Jimmy Johnson. You got baseball tonight. What are you selling tonight? Joe? You got anything for sale? You're killing it. Nana fell. Did you go, did you go and beat yesterday? And I felt,

Jo Madden (41m 52s):Yeah, I did went three and oh yesterday finally had a sweep on NFL. Yeah. I've got four plays today. I've got a total in the NHL, an underdog in the NHL MLB and my NFL best.

Mitch (42m 8s):So what do you think? Like the Brian calls you a square, like, cause you hit one, three and oh yesterday as you take it personally. Are you good with that?

Brian Bitler (42m 17s):When did I say that? There were some good places I

Mitch (42m 20s):Set it for you. Cause I saw the look on your face. When I said she had three And

Brian Bitler (42m 25s):I

Jo Madden (42m 28s):Peacemaker

Mitch (42m 29s):Hair. Did you see the little smirk that primate? That when I said Joe went three,

Brian Bitler (42m 35s):I don't think

Mitch (42m 36s):Dead did. Thank you dead. It was kind of pissy.

Brian Bitler (42m 39s):There was one person that made me smile on his list, but it wasn't her little

Jo Madden (42m 44s):Bitch. I didn't make you smile. Oh

Brian Bitler (42m 46s):Man. Well, no. Not because. Not because of your pigs.

Mitch (42m 52s):Wow.

Brian Bitler (42m 54s):Yesterday it wasn't. The day I always remember is in 2008, it was called Sunday. Bloody Sunday is the day when every public side hit in the NFL. It was one of my worst betting days of my life. 13 years ago.

Jo Madden (43m 12s):I definitely wasn't on the public side, taking the Raiders plus the points yesterday, everyone and their dog thought the Raiders were going to get blown out yesterday though.

Brian Bitler (43m 23s):There were some gems in there.

Jo Madden (43m 32s):I really am looking for the Raiders to come together more as a cohesive team. Now I think they will do it. So look for them to have a good week again.

Brian Bitler (43m 44s):Yeah. They didn't like to coach no chance.

Jo Madden (43m 49s):And you know what? They're making a lot of the storyline, that car has gone to see Gruden and car has gone to do this. I really didn't like what the announcers were doing that with that yesterday. I thought that was, I don't know. Are they trying to railroad car out of the NFL? I don't know.

Brian Bitler (44m 5s):I just found a lot of players that I've stuck up for Gruden, you know, I've come out. So

Mitch (44m 9s):I would like to see all of the emails. I think if you're going to take, once I, all I'm saying is I don't defend what John Gruen side, what he did. I don't defend any, I don't even know. I haven't seen any of it. Right. But I think you can't take a subset of one coach's emails. You gotta look at all the coaches emails. Okay.

Brian Bitler (44m 26s):Well imagine if every single player in the league and every single coach and every single GM address the email,

Mitch (44m 32s):Imagine this, imagine this scenario. Okay. There was a football coach. That's a prick. Okay. Imagine this. Okay. It was a name color. Okay. I mean, I knew it was Football. There was a football coach that like thinks his players are soft. Right? Imagine there's a football coach that has an opinion. It's, you know, imagine there's a football coach. That's a hard ass. I mean, you know, this is, this is basically the world that we live in. This is the world we live in the participation trophy era, you know? And, and that's what's going on here. I'm not saying anything that he, I don't know what he said. Right. I don't know what he said. Cause I didn't read the emails. Right. If he said anything, racist, whatever. Well, that's unacceptable. You know, you call some guy on a wimp.

Mitch (45m 15s):It's kind of, you kind of get that. I think when you go to pick up your uniform, you know, and you, you joined the team. I think they say that before he even, you know, right. It's kind of part of being on the football team. I don't know. I don't know anyone that's ever played on a football team that hasn't been named called. It's the basketball guys that are sensitive

Brian Bitler (45m 42s):And they don't baby. You and football.

Mitch (45m 44s):Speaking about babies. Let's get some major league baseball, got the red Sox taken on the Astros Rodd. What do you think of this one? Fenway park

Rodd Zawacky (45m 55s):For me, I think we're going to see a whole lot of runs. We normally do these two teams. Definitely gonna hit the ball. First of all. And I think we get an over game and this one, whole pile runs. I think you can get extended it's at nine. I don't even think that's enough on him. Close. You'd go up to like, I think we see a dozen or more runs in his name. I don't trust or quity and, or Eduardo Rodriguez. I think both offense tee off on, in this game. So give me the over. What I like in this one, Astros born to the, over the last 10, Boston. Seven to three to the over there last time. So yeah.

Rodd Zawacky (46m 35s):Give me the over

Mitch (46m 37s):Joe, what do you think

Jo Madden (46m 39s):I'm leaning on the Astros. I love them with this plus money. I think they're the best defensive team and four and O in their last four games following a loss. So I think they come into this one and they get this win in Boston.

Mitch (46m 54s):Right? How about you? All right. How Brian? How about you?

Brian Bitler (46m 59s):Yeah, I'm going to go. I'm gonna agree with Rodd here. I'm going to go super square here. Take the over nine runs. It's just a, they over 10, 101 last 12 LLCs games. The over between these two teams is hit work time straight. You got your acuity on the mound and Eduardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez has pitched well, if you can keep his ending still about five, a stark, but I just think both teams bats are red hot. No reason not to take the Over here and overthink it. So I'm gonna take the over.

Mitch (47m 31s):I liked the overall. So I also liked the first five innings over,

Rodd Zawacky (47m 36s):Double it up. I like

Mitch (47m 37s):That. I don't like, I like the runs first inning. I don't know what they call it. The rest of your feet. Not the Nerf runs first. Anything. I like all those things

Rodd Zawacky (47m 52s):Definitely over. Or if you order in first, yes. Horrific is a repeat run in

Mitch (48m 1s):Person.

Rodd Zawacky (48m 4s):It's giving us a red flag,

Mitch (48m 8s):Ken riffy all right. In this timeframe, each show almost have enough data that I could actually make Picks quite yet getting there. And he said, I need about 10 games, maybe about 10 games.

Rodd Zawacky (48m 24s):Probably you'll be good to go. Yep.

Mitch (48m 26s):I'm starting to see some trends. Maple Leafs, Rangers, flyers, fracking, Joe, what do you think? The skates for this one?

Jo Madden (48m 39s):Yeah. I'm, I'm excited for both these games. I think we're gonna see both of these games hitting that over. We got a number of six and both pucks are going to be flying. Both. All four of these teams can find the back of the net. So the slider is when we look at that game against the Seattle crack and Carhartt, he didn't show great improvement. Last hint in his last game, you know, he allowed four of 39 shots on him. He really needs to step up for the flier. So I think that game is gonna hit that over. And when we look at the maple Leafs and the Rangers, this is one, the, the stats point towards the offender, but I'm not seeing it get there.

Jo Madden (49m 19s):I think Toronto's just going to light up the back of the net and the Rangers can too. And when we look at New York, there are two and seven in their last nine against I believe it's against the Leafs. I didn't finish my sentence when I wrote my notes here, but I really do see both of these ones going to that over easily. Do they over, we look at the Rangers in the Leafs, in their last couple of games. They're not averaging higher goals, but the Rangers allows those four goals as well. So I think both these teams will be led by their offenses tonight and their defenses we'll need to step up in the future, but they don't get it done tonight.

Mitch (49m 59s):Yeah. I agree with Joe. I think there's definitely going to be a defensive touchdown and tonight's football game Rodd. What do you think

Rodd Zawacky (50m 7s):I'm going to go with? I agree. The Rangers and leaves. We're going to see a whole pile of goals. Austin. Matthew gets his first, started the season for the Leafs and he's excited to be in there. So when I think we're going to see some goals from the leaves and the Rangers as well. Cause the range was there was this game for, for them. So yeah. Any and You look Elaine, you seen their first few games. Both of these teams I've been in, I've been under reliefs for three and over to the under the Rangers are two, all in one to the under. I think we get some goals. We've got a breakout game and that's when we may be over six and a in the cracking and the Phillies and the flyers. I don't trust the flyers.

Rodd Zawacky (50m 48s):Forget it. Give me the cracking. I'll take the underdog and that one all day, twice on Monday. So give me Seattle over the muffler.

Mitch (50m 57s):Brian, Jerry used to record SAF SAC plus 1 72. Yes. Or minus two 20. No. No. All right. I love the, I love the S and that one anyways, what do you think of these two games?

Brian Bitler (51m 11s):But as far as those groupings, the two games go home, I'm going to take, I'm going to lean towards the New York Rangers ear. I'm expecting a big improvement from the ranger zero and the maple Leafs. They are one of the better teams. That's for sure. But I just think this price is just tap it high. So I'll take the plus 1 65 Rangers for an upset.

Mitch (51m 31s):I do like Greg Russo to get a sack as well as plus one 16. That one should be a SAC fast because

Brian Bitler (51m 39s):Well, now I know what to send you for your birthday. A bunch of Buffalo bills gear. Cause I think you're getting on their bandwagon.

Mitch (51m 44s):I'm surprised Rod's not wearing his Cardinal's hat today. It's saying It'll have the over-under on the week of the season. That rod sport and the Cardinals or Ravens hat

Jo Madden (51m 58s):I

Mitch (51m 59s):Thought I thought for sure, he'd have the preseason Ravens hat. Cause they been unbeaten for so long. And the preseason, you know, it's like Ravens

Rodd Zawacky (52m 7s):Depends how fast the Canadian mail is here. So I don't know we've done it. It might be sooner than we've known.

Jo Madden (52m 14s):It's already in the mail. There you go guys. So under nine weeks, there we go.

Mitch (52m 25s):Let's see, we got here. Definitely crack it on the puck line. There's your plus one and a half. It's that one? That's that's the one that you take, Brian. That's the, that's the layout

Brian Bitler (52m 36s):Hot diggity

Mitch (52m 37s):Dog. Yup. That is my hot diggity too. Good to be true. So when you touch the next ones, ducks and flames and Arizona St. Louis, Joe, what do you think?

Jo Madden (52m 57s):Give me the under, in the St. Louis and coyotes game. I S I see this one being controlled totally by the defenses of both these teams, not a high scoring battle. Both offenses have really strong gold. I'm a sample. I don't see either team putting up the big points here. So give me the under five and a half. And then as for the flames, my are going to win this one. If the winded on the pipeline, I don't know you guys. I wouldn't, I wouldn't take them at minus 180 5 at all. That's way too much juice, but I want to take them on the pod, Glen against his ducks team.

Jo Madden (53m 39s):I think anything can happen in these games. And it's just not worth taking aside in this one for me.

Mitch (53m 45s):Well, we don't take sides. We just, we just, we just point fingers and assign blame. Brian what'd he got here.

Brian Bitler (53m 55s):Yeah. I'm going to give out the ducks and flames on the drive-through. Tonight's a check it out. And the other game I liked to coyotes here, I'm going to put, I'm going to bet a hundred bucks on both the coyotes and Rangers and night coyotes. I think it's their home opener. They are one of the worst teams in hockey, but I think this blues team, the price, it's just a little bit too high for them on the road. So I'm going to ride their zona coyote.

Mitch (54m 17s):I'm canceling the afternoon nap. He's not gonna be able to sleep on pins and needles waiting for that Butler drive through appearance on that Doug's flames game Rodd. What do you think of these last two? Really? What really was a, a, a, a cliffhanger, right? You kind of wonder who Brian's got. Social media is a buzz.

Brian Bitler (54m 44s):Well, I do like both the ducks.

Mitch (54m 46s):We know, we know, you know, it's, it's this,

Rodd Zawacky (54m 54s):Hold on. Let me look at that news. Let me see. Okay. I think I know who you got for me in these ones. I'm going to go with, I agree to give you the under in the St. Louis and Arizona game goals are definitely going to be tough to come by because the air they're awful. They're awful. They, they, they, like I said, last time they sold everything off. Even the hotdogs stand is gone. There's not much left of this Arizona coyotes deep. So goals. Yeah. Very low scoring in this one. Blues did score five in their first game, nothing against the house, but that was a higher fees game. This one slows right down.

Rodd Zawacky (55m 35s):Give me the under five and a half of nine one. And we all know that I'm not a Calgary guy. So I'm definitely on the ducks. The ducks,

Mitch (55m 46s):My dog ripping your hand, would it lasts?

Rodd Zawacky (55m 51s):I've got Calgary on full feed, full regression. Calgary does not make the playoffs this season. They, they, they make a little bit long. They, they, they played well, they got lots of shots against the orders, but they just don't have that one guy to stand up. And until they get that one guy, the team that gets all your other guys going, they don't have that. They lost that. They lost that. Lost that player that somebody on this Calgary team could stand up and go, Hey, I'm the guy. Let's go, boys. I'm going to take the docs because guests life has done that for the ducks. In the first two games, the doctors are too and all in the pipeline and they've been one goal games. And they had battled. And I, and this was the team that I thought was going to be awful.

Rodd Zawacky (56m 31s):This doctor not bad that he got on the power-play you give him the power play and you're in trouble. So I think with ducks in that one, and he gets to Calgary, it's just what I see. I

Jo Madden (56m 45s):See it. We do have, we do have Johnny Goudreau though

Mitch (56m 48s):At home opener here for Calgary and the Duck's first road game.

Rodd Zawacky (56m 52s):It is hormonal burn. It needs to step up.

Jo Madden (56m 55s):I have so many friends going. I'm so jealous. Should've gone to this one tonight. We're going

Mitch (56m 59s):To be doing beer at the Calgary flames game.

Jo Madden (57m 3s):I don't know. It's some sort of draft and it's, you know, it's flat by the time you get up to your seat. Yeah. It's like $9 and yeah, it's crap. It's

Rodd Zawacky (57m 16s):You drink, you drink it. And you, and you get all buzz and happy. And as soon as you get the outdoor air, you're sober. It's like, I don't know what this is in this beard, but it stopped running on fumes because he could do it at the others games, probably whatever they put more oxygen in there. So you're all like, I don't know that this $9 beers are you. As soon as you leave there, you know, you're like, oh, I hit the fresh air outs. All right. What the hell? If I had 10 of those things.

Jo Madden (57m 41s):Yeah. But then they give you those 30 cents pretzels that are like hard as a rock. And the cheese is so salty that you're going back and you're getting like six more of those bears.

Rodd Zawacky (57m 50s):So

Jo Madden (57m 53s):Just to wash one down. Nice.

Mitch (57m 59s):I spent 400, I spent $420 on beer.

Rodd Zawacky (58m 4s):It's probably more. I said it might be even cheaper than Molson.

Jo Madden (58m 10s):Kokanee

Rodd Zawacky (58m 12s):Oh, that's too expensive. Now come on. This is probably, it's probably like no name

Mitch (58m 18s):When I drank by Canadian beer with Slomin's.

Rodd Zawacky (58m 21s):No, I asked for the bottle, so good.

Jo Madden (58m 26s):Well, I like to get the spicy Caesars there, but they won't give you a lid for the spicy Caesars. So then it's always a nightmare trying to carry that through.

Rodd Zawacky (58m 37s):If you got some food going with you, you're like, oh my goodness, this doesn't work.

Jo Madden (58m 41s):I always got food. And I've always got two drinks in my hand and trying to balance everything in my heels and get upstairs.

Mitch (58m 48s):One thing that they have at the Calgary snack bar like that you wouldn't find like at a us snack bar, like, you know, you know,

Jo Madden (58m 56s):No, to be honest with you, maybe the mini donuts, so many donuts are everywhere. Are they down there? No.

Mitch (59m 2s):And then other games, freshman he dots. Yeah. Oh, what's the line like for something like that?

Jo Madden (59m 9s):There's not really, really. Oh my God. I always get freshmen

Mitch (59m 15s):Just for them. I would just go for that.

Jo Madden (59m 19s):There you go. Well, come to Calgary flames skin. Yeah. A lot of fun. We'll do an Oilers one, right?

Mitch (59m 27s):We'll go on tour. We'll go. All the risks, all of them. How many teams are there? 30 would take us half the season. Take us. We'd probably do it in a month and a half.

Jo Madden (59m 42s):That could be a lot of fun. It would be

Mitch (59m 45s):I'm in. Maybe it will. Maybe it will be in the great my love for the game.

Jo Madden (59m 51s):I think it will. You can seem the good old hockey game. I love when they start playing that song.

Mitch (59m 56s):I like my favorite hockey songs. Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 0m 9s):Yeah. That at baseball games too.

Mitch (1h 0m 12s):It's not the same as that hot. I went to a hockey school. I had never seen hockey until I went to college and went to a hockey school, tastes great. Less filling tastes great. It's awesome.

Jo Madden (1h 0m 25s):I have to say, I do love watching hockey at the Canadian brew house up here, where they have all the lights and the bells and everything that go. When the goals get scored so much fun just to do the goals.

Mitch (1h 0m 36s):Goalie save chant was always a big one. BU goalie Civ,

Rodd Zawacky (1h 0m 44s):Katie brew house.

Mitch (1h 0m 46s):Who's your father referees on. Do you guys do that one? Oh God. That was a BU the whole stadium would shake when they would sing the who's your father referee song. Who's your father. Who's your father. Who's your <inaudible>. The referee got one. Having got one. You're a bast referee. The whole place would be you're shaking, man. There'd be every woman singing it, like at the top of their lungs. And then that would lead into the tastes. Great, less filling and you know, bad luck.

Jo Madden (1h 1m 23s):And we, we wonder why refs were so hard on everyone, just in a bad mood.

Mitch (1h 1m 28s):The goalie would, the goalie would skate onto the ice and the whole place would just be screaming. Sieve, you know, pointing. It was tough building.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 1m 40s):You can get into the Gallagher game tonight for 14 bucks, but you're standing.

Jo Madden (1h 1m 44s):You can get them for $14.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 1m 47s):Yeah. You're standing on the press level though. You're way up there, but you're, you're standing and you're watching the game 14 bucks.

Jo Madden (1h 1m 54s):Well, that's pretty cheap to get in Then I'd miss

Rodd Zawacky (1h 2m 1s):And I miss seeds for 38 bucks. Todd GP, did you get into Calgary at all? Sorry.

Jo Madden (1h 2m 11s):My, my problem is all my friends are going to be in boxes. So that's where I want to be tonight. If I'm going to be in

Rodd Zawacky (1h 2m 18s):The boxes, no. Having to worry about carrying your teaser up the stairs. He in high heels.

Mitch (1h 2m 25s):Definitely not. If you're in a box, I don't want to be in a suite. This is the way Miami hurricanes games worked in the old orange bowl. Two binocular cases, one with the Narcos, the other with about four joints of Jamaican sense of man and a big bottle. 1 51 rum, then you're ready to go to the game. Toronto's cheerleaders try the cheapest seat. Tonight is one 50 to 200 for nosebleeds.

Jo Madden (1h 2m 57s):Oh wow.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 2m 59s):Oh yeah. Massive hockey.

Mitch (1h 3m 2s):Hockey is one of the sports that's way. Better life I used to the best was when I lived in Boston and there'd be like the giant snow storm. And then you could go watch the Bruins play at the old Boston garden. And it would be like, nobody there. It was the best nobody would be there.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 3m 22s):That's crazy. You can get tickets right behind the Calgary bench for like 71 bucks.

Jo Madden (1h 3m 26s):Oh wow. It's super cheap tonight. I don't think has been that cheap and forever.

Rodd Zawacky (1h 3m 33s):That's crazy. Yeah,

Mitch (1h 3m 35s):That was Ruffolo dome with those outros Rodan, the hockey videos

Rodd Zawacky (1h 3m 40s):Getting better. All.

Mitch (1h 3m 41s):Alright, it's got to shorten it down. I'm going to really shorten my intros and outros for the college basket for college football and for a college hoops NBA. I'm going to do the full month. I don't care. All right. Well, that's pretty much covers it. Anyone got a Parlays for today? Not a lot of action here. We got, we spoke for over an hour and 10 minutes of about nothing. No,

Rodd Zawacky (1h 4m 8s):No Parlays for me, I'm going to go a ducks Seattle and over in the Monday Night or

Mitch (1h 4m 18s):We're going to, oh, we're going to do premium premium. VIP is going to be combo today. Monday combo. I think this will be the last combo because well, tomorrow probably be a combo, but probably going forward most should have a full schedule again. And it was go ahead, Joe. Sorry for cutting you off.

Jo Madden (1h 4m 38s):That's okay. Let's just do the totals in a parlay. We'll do the Over for the fliers, cracking over for the Rangers and leaves and under for the St. Louis blues and a Arizona coyotes.

Mitch (1h 4m 52s):Mike Tomlin's mad at the referees. Imagine that

Jo Madden (1h 4m 56s):Isn't everyone mad at the referees and the kickers. Like all of them are on my hit list.

Mitch (1h 5m 3s):They're all on my hit list. Yeah. Next Monday in the NBA. There's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 games. Next Monday in the NBA. Emma is going full tilt. Boston, Charlotte, Indiana, Atlanta, Detroit, Washington, Brooklyn. I know Brian's got the wizards in that one. Miami and Orlando, Toronto, Chicago, new Orleans, Minnesota. He's got the timber Walton home in that thing against Brian, like the Timberwolves against the pelicans. Next Monday,

Brian Bitler (1h 5m 35s):There'll be a team that I probably am on a lot

Mitch (1h 5m 37s):For season. They played well in the second half last year, they were on our list. I

Brian Bitler (1h 5m 41s):Gotta all the Sacramento Kings.

Mitch (1h 5m 45s):How about Cleveland? No,

Brian Bitler (1h 5m 48s):Not as I'm talking now. I don't see myself. Cleveland's just different levels.

Mitch (1h 5m 52s):What's your mom Murray status for Denver. She back.

Brian Bitler (1h 5m 58s):No cool.

Mitch (1h 5m 60s):Kind of important clay Thompson looking like Christmas or the warriors, but they say that he should be cleared to practice in about a month. Imagine with him, they're going to be like

Brian Bitler (1h 6m 14s):The bowls. That's team. My radar,

Mitch (1h 6m 17s):Your

Brian Bitler (1h 6m 20s):Orlando magic. Portland trailblazers,

Mitch (1h 6m 26s):Dun dun dun dun dun dun

Brian Bitler (1h 6m 31s):<inaudible> Toronto Raptors.

Mitch (1h 6m 40s):Everyone for joining us have an awesome day. Let's make it a winning day. We appreciate each and every one of you see you tomorrow. I'm going to try and act more professional tomorrow.

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