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Mitch (1s):this is Mitch we're here every day at 11:00 AM. Eastern standard time doing free Picks. Of course our best bets are in the premium area at Pick Dawgz dot com. Of course, we have tons of videos here on YouTube. We encourage you to smash the like button and subscribe to our channel as well. We appreciate it, Joe. And I do shows as well at about four o'clock in the afternoon. It's supposed to be three 30, but I'd say we might as well just make it four o'clock because it's really bad sometime we go. So of course we have our premium YouTube as well, and our VIP YouTube as well. We're just talking about the Eagles and the, and the box game.

Mitch (43s):How Brian, it made sense for him, but the rest of us that had the Eagles. Well, you know, it had no bearing on our bets only, only on, on Brian. The, the great is bright as Abacus is going to explain to us why, you know why Don Shula, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, and other hall of fame, head coaches kick the extra point in that situation. And Brian Hitler goes for two.

Brian (1m 8s):makes sense to go to there. The data bears about it. You look up the scientific

Mitch (1m 14s):And why does it say and do it? Why doesn't bill Belicheck do it? Why? Because you're a better coach than them. How,

Brian (1m 20s):How often is bill Belichick or Nick Saban down 14 points in the fourth quarter. They're not usually down by that. A team down by 14.

Mitch (1m 30s):Go for two 20. Not down by 14. They're down by they're down by eight,

Brian (1m 36s):But you need this. If the first touchdown is when you go.

Mitch (1m 39s):No, no, no, no. They're down by eight. They're not down by 14. They're down by eight Is which they could be down by seven. As opposed to being down by eight.

Rodd (1m 54s):We don't make that you're not buy it. And now you have to get attached to the ads, the people in conversion next year,

Brian (1m 58s):If you get one, two point conversion out of two, two touchdowns, and why

Rodd (2m 2s):Can't you just get two touchdowns? You got to

Mitch (2m 3s):Overtime like everybody else does.

Rodd (2m 6s):Yeah. It's just like the brain, like I told you, the

Mitch (2m 13s):Version 2.0 version is actually not, not that ancient in the NFL and back 2.0 version. And the NFL only started. Let's see, when did the NFL add two point conversion? Because College has always had it, but the NFL has not NFL added the two point conversion in 1994. So about 25 years ago, right? Maybe so they didn't always have it, you know, in defense of Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, Don Shula, and the other hall of fame, head coaches of that era, Paul Brown and you know, all these other guys and their defense over, you know, the great biller, but it's, Doesn't add up

Rodd (3m 6s):How many times, how many times since 94 have they actually came down 14 or they went for two first time last night,

Brian (3m 15s):I highly danced the first

Rodd (3m 16s):Time. First time went for two of them.

Mitch (3m 18s):The first, the first two point conversion was the first time the team got a 2.0 version was Tom Tupa. He was the Ohio state quarterback that played punter. Remember he played punter in the NFL and he was punted at Ohio state and they ran the fake field. They ran the fake one point conversion and threw it in for two Did not know that did not know it.

Rodd (3m 46s):The worst would have been if you had Brady's rushing yards, he was at three and then he was kneel down, went minus one, minus one and zero on his three deals down. And it puts you, if you have the over, it helped you because he lost the yard loss to your heart. And he went to minus one or he went to a plus one. So he gave guard and the over was one and with a couple of kneel downs, it's like, oh, I gotta go back at yard. Okay. Kneel down. It's like, Hmm,

Mitch (4m 16s):I'm less concerned. And I had a big, I had a lot to gain on the giants winning. And I'm less concerned about that. Check's swing. They lost, they did not lose the game on the check's wing. They lost the game on the top of the night when the guy hit, you know, Ballenger hit the single and you know, scored the runner from second that's when they lost that game, not on a check swing with two strikes in the night. Then I had two outs, no way I'm not giving, I'm not giving the giants that out. They lost that game on that, on the top of the night. And it was

Rodd (4m 49s):Oh, in 17 lifetime, you got Scherzer. So it's not like

Mitch (4m 52s):You

Rodd (4m 55s):Do right. Is that right? Those are, they'll say

Mitch (4m 58s):Former Flores had kind of a turnaround career. I mean, yes, but it, I don't think it may. I won the bet. It doesn't make any sense to go for two of them. It doesn't make any sense.

Brian (5m 15s):Not according to sabermetrics metrics with us.

Mitch (5m 19s):Okay. Brian, maybe you have a future head coach, Doug Peterson, maybe you can emerge New Mexico with him.

Brian (5m 28s):You see teams all over the NFL going for two on like the oddest times. Like maybe after their first touchdown, they're gone for two. We saw the Steelers do it. Buffalo bills

Mitch (5m 36s):Go for two team, also them in the Eagles. And that's why, you know, that's why there, what two,

Brian (5m 40s):I think did it last week. I think they did come on. Maybe. I don't know.

Mitch (5m 47s):Anyway, speaking of baseball, we've got baseball tonight. Got the Rast rose up against the red Sox, Chris sail and the unusual spite of being a prohibitive dog care. Plus one 30 on the open he's in a plus 1 25 range though, depending on where you bet. Plus 1 24, 1 27, we know the Astros man. They, they can certainly hit the ball. Meanwhile, the red Sox they're on a heater, you know, an Alex Cora starting to get into that discussion. I mean, he's not quite the manager that Brian Butler is, but he, you know, it's definitely turning into one of the better managers in all of baseball, right?

Mitch (6m 32s):I mean, look at his statistics. You look at what the red Sox, where they were, where they were picked to be fourth in the majors he's missing. I mean, he did look at his pitching staff that he, that he got there with Eduardo Rodriguez. He's had everybody in there. He did it. What's the guy that the leftover guy, oh, Richard's Garrett Richards pitched, you know, three quarters of the season's starting rotation he had, oh yeah. I mean, was his best guy that even had, and he didn't even play all the time. He had, we really nothing. Right. Tanner Houck at the end of the season. Oh man.

Mitch (7m 11s):Martin Perez. These are the, this is like the Bitler all-star team we're talking about here. These are Brian's guys, but they were picked forth in their division and here they are four wins away from the world series. This guy is one of the greatest managers in the history of the game. I mean, look at his overall record and where he's been, you know, every year managing the team he's in that discussion. And the fact that he's an ex Miami hurricane, well, just the cherry on top. Right? And it was Brian. What do you think that this game for Amber

Brian (7m 49s):I'm leaning on the over eight and a half year, Valdez had a little trouble get touched up last time out. And Chris sail didn't get out of the first inning. Boston's bats are pretty hot. Houston bats, pretty hot. So it might be a public play. But I liked the over here over right now. I don't think sale goes deep. Either

Mitch (8m 12s):Rodd really think

Rodd (8m 14s):For me, I'm going to take Boston here. I think they, they just keep their heater going eight to their last 10. They're also tending to their last 12 play off games as an underdog. And also for and in the last, the last four LLCs are yeah, a L CS championship games. So give me the red Sox here. I think they, from the Astros at all

Mitch (8m 48s):Joke,

Jo (8m 50s):I'm going to have to agree with Rodd. I think the red Sox get this done today. There are so powerful. And I really like Chris sales. I put mountain. So I think the Astros get a loss at home, which is not normal for them. There's 13 in that. Well, in their last 13 games, they're nine and four over the red Sox. But I think this is red Sox day to get the win.

Mitch (9m 13s):I like the over in this one. I think both these teams hammer these pitchers yesterday. I'm not getting a lot of credit here, especially from our, our team. But I have to say, man, they're actually the way better baths in this one, the red Sox. And I mean, it's not really even close. And Chris sail has been definitely hittable he's you know, and he was with the white Sox at the, the, the thing was on him was that, that first half of the season, he was always starting pitcher the all-star game, the second half of the season. Well, it was just a straight regression. And it's because he has that slight frame and that awkward throwing motion this year, he missed most of the season.

Mitch (9m 53s):So he should be in that top of the season for him. But he's not, he just doesn't seem the same. Just, I don't know what it is. It's like, he kind of, he's always sideways when he throws and it's like, he weighs like, I don't know, 140 pounds or something. So it's like, it's just this weird snapping thing. And it's like, when it's on, it's on. Right. Cause he could throw it a million miles an hour. But I don't know. It just hasn't seemed to be the same. It seems to be that hitters are picking up the ball a lot better than they have in the past. I think he gets hit extremely hard in this game, by these Astros bats because they don't even need, he doesn't even need to be telegraphing the pitches cause they already know what's coming. Right. Cause they already have, they have special powers, check these things out.

Mitch (10m 41s):So I expect to see a high score in game. I think the Astros pound them tough. Underrated. Brian, what are you selling today?

Brian (11m 0s):Well, it's a big day for me. I'm going to try to get another winning day going on, but I got my mountain west conference total a year tonight. I also got a college football Friday. No limit bet. So get all three of them in my Friday. No limit three Peck for $40 at Pick Dawgz dot

Mitch (11m 14s):total of the year, mountain west

Brian (11m 17s):Massive wild west conference.

Mitch (11m 20s):That's mine. That's my October 15 total of the year.

Brian (11m 25s):Head for the last five. So

Mitch (11m 27s):Mountain West totals of the year.

Brian (11m 28s):No, no, no. Overall totals for the year. Not now.

Mitch (11m 34s):I've never had

Brian (11m 34s):It. I don't think I've ever had a mountain west. Totally. Oh, today's the day. I'd have to go back and look asterix.

Mitch (11m 49s):Right? What do you think about opponents hitting 2 57 against the red Sox this season 26th in baseball,

Rodd (11m 57s):Right?

Mitch (11m 60s):Yeah. NUMBER the number one hitting team in baseball, 2 68 team average, second and runs scored second and ops least toughest team to strike out in the majors. Oh, it says not a good place to be for a road team tonight. Not good. No bueno

Rodd (12m 29s):For me. It's you know, I stayed Friday. Executive info triple, you got my three best bets. Two college football, one MLB Jo billboard stick bratty executive in bold, triple, or you can get my NHL. I tend to start slapshot by itself. We have four planets. I just couldn't find a fifth. So when I was like, I don't want to push anything. So I was taking Friday executive info triple, or you can get my NHL slapshot by itself or join the VIP, hit the link below and you'll get my NHL slapshot and probably another one of those pigs in there as well. But usually I throw one or two

Brian (13m 7s):About the cracking. I

Mitch (13m 19s):Don't know. Did they win?

Brian (13m 21s):Yep. Got their first win

Jo (13m 24s):As an underdog day yesterday

Mitch (13m 26s):And they haven't Jody, you got,

Jo (13m 29s):I have two college football plays today as well as two NHL hockey plays today. So you guys head on over to Pick Dawgz. I will be giving away at least one of those in our VIP show, maybe a couple more

Brian (13m 45s):Chose. Number two, ranked the college football overall for the season. So she's been knocking out of the park. Is it

Mitch (13m 51s):Shouldn't be Brian. She doesn't need your help.

Brian (13m 54s):Just letting everybody know she's number two right there.

Mitch (13m 57s):Don't don't get your stench all over this happy situation. All right. And it was All right. We move on college football And we have four games tonight. We've got Syracuse and Clemson and north, Texas and Marshall, both at 7:00 PM. Joe Madden. What do you think of these two gems?

Jo (14m 35s):Yeah. Looking at this Marshall north, Texas, I think we're gonna see a higher scoring game out of both of these teams. We look at both of them that can really move the ball up the field. When we look at the over its foreign one for the last five for, and it's five and two for the last seven for north Texas, I'm leaning heavy on this over tonight. I think both these teams are doing really well. This year. North Texas is bad though against a run defense. So I'm looking for Marshall to have a great day. I'm moving that ball easily against that defense that way. So take the over 66 and a half in this one.

Rodd (15m 20s):I have to agree with you. The both, both teams run defenses is sieve. Like so definitely take the over. I love the over Marshall in north Texas. We see plenty of points to get us over the total on that one. So give me the over and the other game plan, send us here. Or here's the points that are going to be definitely tough to come by. We've seen climate's Clemson's offense and they're just awful. I put in points up Syracuse. Definitely not much better at putting points up. These teams are known for defense. We're definitely going to have a defensive battle honor has an island. I like the under plenums in the Syracuse. So give me 101 over,

Mitch (15m 58s):Right?

Brian (16m 0s):Yeah. I agree with Rodd there Syracuse, the 217th passing attack here. Clemson rated what to 10th overall and total offense. Clemson really struggles with points to the board. I think, I think this is under, I'm not going to say easy, but I like it a lot and I'm gonna take the under here and this one

Mitch (16m 21s):I can go to Texas plus the points against Marshall. I just don't think Marshall's defense is good enough to beat anybody by 11 points at this. I think north Texas probably I'll probably put some on the money line on this thing as well or not. I think they have puncher's chance here. There's a lot of green on a green are showing

Rodd (16m 43s):Green with lots of clearing,

Mitch (16m 45s):But this is probably what this is like one of those games that you watch and it's like, you know, it's like eight people at the game. It looks like the COVID, you know, games. It's like UAB games, you know? And they show those at nights for people, their

Brian (17m 3s):Party atmosphere.

Mitch (17m 5s):It is a party atmosphere

Brian (17m 7s):Friday. Night's a college football game. It's on TV. Your where your green, you drink your beer. I think it'd be fun.

Mitch (17m 11s):Well, I'll tell you where it's a party atmosphere, outs and stadium in Oregon. I place this is, and it's 60,000, I guess the whole entire building, but it is one of the loudest little stadiums you've ever been to, man. Oh, earth will move. I know it's just cow, but I'm just telling you, man, that is going to be a rowdy crowd and that one. And then we got San Diego state against San Jose state who really, after last year's big season has not really been able to follow it up. Starrco has been hurt most of the season, but I believe he's back tonight. So it'll be interesting to see if that adds some something there.

Mitch (17m 54s):Of course, a San Diego state, undefeated and untied. Ryan, what do you think of these two beauties 10:30 PM. Start. We know you'll be Tuckers by then.

Brian (18m 11s):I know it's unfortunate. I have two premium Picks at 10 30 at nights and nights. So it's going to be a long night for me, but, and this one, you know, I see that lines down to 13, Oregon and cow and some spots. But for me, I'm going to lean in the under 54 net game. I think you're gonna see a little bit of a hangover from there. A tough loss against Stanford. Let the air out of their balloon and Cal struggles to put up points. It seems like all the time, it just I'd see a defensive game. I don't like this under as much as the Clemson under, but I leaned to the under here and this one

Rodd (18m 54s):Right. But for me out of those ones, I like, I like how plus the points. I think it backs with my, you look how perfectly two and O on the road cover. The number

Mitch (19m 10s):Is frozen, Joe.

Jo (19m 12s):Yeah. I'm with Rodd, California. Plus the points in this one. We look at this team and they are covering, they are 11 and one against the spread in their last 12 games as an underdog against a Duck's team that is not covering as a home favorite there. Oh and four against the spread in their last game. As at home favorite, they're also one in five against a spread in their last six conference games. So give me California plus the points tonight.

Mitch (19m 38s):Well, the thing is, is that Oregon has only covered the only game they covered this season was as an underdog. It was the win at Ohio state. It's the only game we've covered all season, but cows absolutely hideous at Oregon. I mean, it was just one of those things where they go to Oregon, they get absolutely fricking slaughter every single time. And it's just, you know, this, just one of those weird things in college football, I can never get away from that. I have 15. Maybe it could have talked to me into cow at 13 and a half. I'm all over the ducks because they just get the intelligent Cal goes into Oregon. They just get run over by a fricking truck, you know? And it's like, I can see that happen again here.

Mitch (20m 18s):And let's see what is there. It's gotta be a stat on this cows, cows, cows 11, and one in their last 12 is a dog, but they are, let me see at Oregon, they are one in five and ounce and they get slaughtered there. It's where the, it's what it's kind of like the drawing, driving the cows, you know, to the building. It's like this ain't gone be good.

Jo (20m 45s):Are you worried at all about a CJ Russia or sorry there Russia or CJ?

Mitch (20m 51s):Nope. Nope. Oregon's stacked

Rodd (20m 55s):Cows ate. And she was an underdog. This going back to the 2019 in two covers this year.

Mitch (21m 1s):Oh no, there are 11 and one in their last 12 or this is a dunk. I know that as a road job, as a road dog, there are 11 and one,

Rodd (21m 10s):They beat Oregon outright last year.

Mitch (21m 12s):Yeah. So the payback time at Alison

Rodd (21m 15s):Is a little revenge game too. Yep. Oh yeah.

Mitch (21m 19s):They gave them that Oregon. The games at Oregon are always a route in Oregon. Always wins by a lot. They're always around and Morgan always wins.

Brian (21m 28s):So there's no deflated feeling for Oregon after having their national title hopes.

Mitch (21m 33s):Yeah. They'll just pack it in for the season. Crystal balls. That kind of coach.

Brian (21m 38s):I'm just saying that

Mitch (21m 41s):It was easy week of practice after that one. I mean, yeah, it doesn't, it doesn't even make sense. It's like, eh, fuck.

Brian (21m 53s):It's just

Mitch (21m 53s):Back in. It looks like, I mean,

Brian (21m 56s):That's a rough one losing on Stanford,

Mitch (21m 60s):College football. You think? How do you think Alabama feels about, you know, losing texts and I'm Nick Saban got them packing it in and Tuscaloosa to

Brian (22m 7s):Thank you Bet, Alabama this week. That's for sure. But I don't, I haven't even,

Mitch (22m 11s):She just packed it in. Right? They lost. No,

Brian (22m 14s):No. I mean, if they run the table, I'm sure they have a good shot.

Mitch (22m 17s):That would mean there would be Georgia. And the championship game of Georgia beats, Georgia would have to beat Florida first.

Brian (22m 24s):I'd love to see Georgia knockoff, Alabama. That'd be awesome.

Mitch (22m 30s):It's odd because Saban does have a bunch of one loss teams, but it does not have a lot of two loss teams. Alec, Alabama. Now I agree with you guys. I think Oregon just stops me.

Brian (22m 53s):I didn't give out an official Pick. I just asked you if you were

Mitch (22m 55s):Worried about you like Oregon though, Brian, you're always humping up on the ducks.

Brian (22m 59s):I love the docs. Ducks are not a good cover team this year.

Mitch (23m 5s):So you say ducks. He comes running. It's like,

Brian (23m 9s):I like eating ducks. Ducks are good Friday night. That's a good order when you're out on a date and nice duck.

Mitch (23m 16s):That was the order. Brian, what are you going? Let's take a little bit better than reps. Let's dig a little deeper here into the, into the doctors. It was just like a P king dock at a Chinese restaurant. You're ordering

Brian (23m 28s):The blue, the blue moon and Delaware. It's a restaurant that has a really good doc. And I forget exactly what it's called, but I always order it when I'm out there. So

Mitch (23m 38s):Do you get the turducken as well? Like if it's close to Rodd is the turducken

Jo (23m 50s):Very fancy at Mesa grill. They rich. It's super rich.

Mitch (23m 56s):It's super rich. You know, it's good with barbecue sauce, duck comfy In a taco

Jo (24m 4s):At taco. I like chocolates. I've never had a dog tackle.

Mitch (24m 13s):That's why your bad mouth and ducks over here.

Jo (24m 18s):I really liked

Mitch (24m 20s):Ducky for me.

Jo (24m 22s):That's where my Justin Herbert came from. I've always liked the Oregon ducks.

Brian (24m 27s):It's a, it's a duck duck breast with blooper

Mitch (24m 31s):San Diego charter came from Oregon.

Jo (24m 33s):Yeah. I'm drawing a blank on his name right now. Yeah. All right. The two best quarterbacks to come out of there.

Mitch (24m 43s):Probably Brian was big on Joey Harrington back in the day.

Brian (24m 51s):I wouldn't say that.

Jo (24m 53s):Where did he go

Mitch (24m 56s):Play for the lions.

Jo (24m 58s):Oh, okay. Yeah. I was trying to think where he went after

Mitch (25m 1s):Oregon. Oh yeah. Detroit lions.

Jo (25m 3s):Yeah. That's why

Mitch (25m 6s):That story never ends. Well, there's only two players in this story and did well in Detroit, Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders. And that's it.

Jo (25m 14s):Absolutely.

Mitch (25m 18s):Both of them left, like still able to play that's how much they hated playing for the lions, Oregon. 48 cow, negative six.

Brian (25m 35s):Hmm.

Mitch (25m 40s):I just love that. Watching games, outs and stadium. I love the S I also love the civil war game, Oregon. It's the only of the rivalry games like that, that they just want to stop. They just don't want to play anymore. It's like, it's like, it always starts with a fight. There's always like 10 fights in the game. And then it ends with a big fight. It's like, we should just not play this game anymore. Oregon, Oregon state. Why are the Eagles giving away players? I don't know. Brian. Why did the Eagles giving away players? Would they

Brian (26m 14s):Give away? Zachary

Mitch (26m 15s):Hurts.

Brian (26m 17s):Zachary. It's a gave away. I didn't even know they gave him away. I thought he still played last night. Didn't he scored a touchdown.

Mitch (26m 23s):I believe the rumors. The Cardinals.

Brian (26m 26s):Oh, wow.

Mitch (26m 29s):It's the trade deadline.

Jo (26m 31s):Yeah.

Brian (26m 32s):Oh, I would have liked to seen Deshaun Watson go somewhere, but

Mitch (26m 36s):We got gallon and a fifth rounder take cornerback, take gallon and a fifth round draft.

Brian (26m 44s):Our earth is at the end of his career.

Mitch (26m 46s):He's rubbing a contract here,

Brian (26m 53s):Eagles. Aren't going anywhere.

Mitch (26m 56s):Not if they're going for two down by site found by

Brian (27m 1s):That's. Hey, he's a young coach. Young coaches have their way. They have these metricized sabermetrics and all his ways looking at when to go for, to,

Rodd (27m 11s):Hey,

Brian (27m 12s):Hey, it has nothing to do with the lie

Rodd (27m 14s):And we'll give it to you. Don't worry. That that way we all call their bench to that. We called them up. They'll get you the easy to go for too.

Mitch (27m 20s):It's like he's got the headset on. Yeah. All of

Rodd (27m 23s):A sudden thing

Brian (27m 26s):I need to, to, to, I would've been happy with though

Mitch (27m 31s):And Arion, same thing, because do nothing played? The run

Rodd (27m 39s):Hurts.

Mitch (27m 40s):Run. Pretend like you've got, like, you got sucked in on a Hertz draw. Exactly. How about the same day go state against, against, against San Jose state? You guys all passed on this game?

Rodd (27m 57s):Hold on. No, I frozen. Remember. I was like, yeah. So for me, I'm going to take a San Jose state. I think that's too many points. Like I said, I think your quarterback comes back and I think they get all excited. And I just hate to score enough points to cover up the 10 point. What is it? Nine and a half. I think it's moved up to 10 as spots.

Mitch (28m 18s):San Diego state has never been like a big bust up a team score. Even when they've had all those great running backs. I mean, they've had great running backs, right? They still never run it up. I was at the game where the great running back got three yards, Marshall Faulk, three yards against Miami. It was a big day. Oh yeah. This guy, Marshall Faulk three yards. I was not as exciting as they built.

Jo (28m 59s):Yeah. I'm leaning on the under, in this one. We look at both these teams, they trend to this under it's a low total, but it's scary to bet it, but I would take the under, if you want to bet a total of in this one, I have a premium on the side.

Mitch (29m 13s):I think that was the thing I was like about San Jose state. Is that it, they, it, it always looks like a high school stadium, you know? And they're shameless about that. They're okay with it. You know, it's not like they don't try and dress it up or, you know, do anything like it.

Jo (29m 27s):But the high school stadiums in the states are better than our professional stadiums up here. Just saying

Mitch (29m 34s):Just like the chocolate, you know, it's just some things we just, some things we just got

Jo (29m 39s):Some things you guys do better for sure. Yeah.

Mitch (29m 42s):Chocolate and stadiums. So someone sent me a video of the Tottenham Hotspur stadium and how they move the grass around. It was way cool. That would be cool to see really cool. And like comes apart in pieces. And it is just, it takes twenty-five minutes. It becomes a pit from a soccer pitch to a NFL field. And it's like, it's two totally separate pieces of grass. Two totally different things to graph.

Brian (30m 9s):But doesn't Arizona's field move. Not

Mitch (30m 11s):Like this, not like this. This is this. I've never seen anything. I guess, same thing with Vegas, the field goes outside and then it goes outside, but this is something totally different. I don't think it made sense for the bucks to go for it on fourth and three from their side. That's arrogance. That's the arrogance of, of that was just pure arrogance. That's how

Brian (30m 42s):They pinned them deep. Well,

Mitch (30m 45s):We S we see this now. All we're seeing this all the time. We saw Kyle Shanahan, one of the worst coaches, right? I mean, dumb ass, you know, on fourth, down fourth and two up by, down by three with seven and a half minutes left to go on the game, go for it and get stuffed with the first-time starter. Rookie QB, just fricking, I mean, it's, it's the arrogance of that organization, John Lynch. I mean that whole tray lands, draft picture shows that, you know, this is, this is truly an organization headed. Nowhere. Speaking of headed nowhere, let's go to the NHL and see exactly what

Brian (31m 24s):He's not out on Trey lands yet, though.

Mitch (31m 26s):Yeah, it is. We've made our decision.

Brian (31m 29s):You made your decision. I haven't yet. I think he's, he's a good athlete. Okay.

Mitch (31m 38s):Sounds like a little bit of a man. Crush. Sounds like you got a thing for him.

Brian (31m 45s):I picked him up on my fantasy team. Casey started to take off. She really looked like crap last week. So

Mitch (31m 50s):Who was the last guy that I told you to take on your fantasy team?

Brian (31m 55s):Boy

Mitch (31m 56s):Sleeper. I've only made one to pick for you ever.

Brian (32m 1s):I forget.

Jo (32m 3s):I got Josh Jacobs and his rookie year for the Raiders. He gave me some great points and fantasy.

Mitch (32m 8s):The guy that I told Brian to take when he was drafted, that would be an NFL legitimate point score. And fantasy was Daryl Henderson had a memo.

Brian (32m 19s):Yeah. I thought you meant this there. Henderson. Yeah. Yeah. It was drafted by the

Mitch (32m 22s):Rams and I took it fourth. The fifth round.

Brian (32m 26s):Yep. I'll tell you, he met this season. He's

Mitch (32m 28s):Still viable NFL player.

Brian (32m 30s):Oh yeah.

Mitch (32m 31s):This year when he plays he's he's, he's a home run hitter and my guy, this is Michael Carter. He's gone to be good. I mean, he's already, he's got the starting job now for the jets, which can get it for better or worse. Speak to the jets. We've got the New Jersey devils against the Blackhawks flurry, not covering that puck line the other day that are not winning the other day. Then we've got the Canucks against the flyers. I even, this is my NHL guy that I know price in golf for the flyers. I don't know if he is or not.

Mitch (33m 11s):I just like saying, isn't it price for the flyers? No, it's hard. Hard. That's it? Heart knew it was on his prices on the, on the

Rodd (33m 22s):Montreal Canadians. Yes,

Mitch (33m 25s):Exactly. But heart is the goalie for the flyers. This guy, when he's cold, he's great to watch. He gets lit up. I'm eating this guy. I don't even watch it. I just get to hear about it on the show, but it's like, oh, he's just dreadful. And he stinks. He steaks. It's like, he's one of those guys, but he's bad. He's really bad.

Rodd (33m 54s):No

Mitch (33m 54s):Poker face. Then the ESPN game is the smudges in the ducks. Saw the Matt have the big smudge across the screen. It was like, Hey, is there something on the TV? Go clean it off. Rodd. What do you think about these three gems?

Rodd (34m 14s):Well, for me, these are the ones I like the over in the Blackhawks in Jersey game. Well, I think we see a whole pile of goals and now one don't matter. Who's in net Blackhawks. We've seen flourish in that and he gave him a four goals. He did not look good at all. Well, I like the over and now one. And I think the conducts got a first win here. And I just, like I said, heart's going to be in gold. And I think he gets peppered. The commercial is pretty good against the others. They went down to nothing and came back, tied it up, lost in overtime. But damn pole doesn't look like the dumpster fire that he was last season. He actually played pretty solid in that, keeping his team in the game. So give me the Canucks and I won and I liked the under Indiana and the smudges and ducks lower scoring game.

Rodd (34m 58s):There's no chance that that's got two power play goals. They scored three power plays goals all of last season. Then they sort of two in the last game, like sort of three power play goals. All of last season has worked T last game. Maybe they've used up their power play goals, meeting the Jess last game, given the under five and a half goals, smudges guts. But I don't have to go. Who next,

Mitch (35m 29s):Brian?

Brian (35m 31s):Yeah, I agree with Rodd air. I think we're going to see a lot of conduct dances going on in Vancouver. Fliers, I think are overpriced. I think they're going to have a rough season overall. So I'm going to take the Vancouver connects plus money, but the wild here, I'm going to lay this juicy minus 1 65 here. I think the ducks we cashed with them game one. I'm going to fade them here. I think the wild they're going to be much better than the road this season. So I'm going to lay this heavy public play here. Take Minnesota

Mitch (35m 58s):Six personal fouls, a lot in college basketball this year. I don't like it.

Rodd (36m 3s):I don't like it either. So

Mitch (36m 5s):They at 40 minute game

Rodd (36m 7s):Six. That's

Mitch (36m 7s):Ridiculous. It's only a 40 minute game.

Rodd (36m 10s):That's the only NBA,

Mitch (36m 13s):But they don't call any Alright. Good story, Joe, who do you like the niece?

Jo (36m 30s):I'm going to have to go against you guys. I like the fliers tonight. This Vancouver Canucks team struggles offensively last season. I don't see them pulling it together enough to get past these flyers today. Also be looking at a high total. This one probably goes to overtime with these two tied up and then looking at that wild game. I agree with you Rodd. I think it's going to be an under a game. And I agree with, and I disagree with you, Brian. I think the docs actually get this one tonight. I'm looking at them to come out and keep momentum. After winning that game against the jets. I think their goalie is great. He only allowed one goal in that last one. Not John Gibbons ease. He's going to do fantastic in this one.

Jo (37m 11s):I think the wild have too many changes on the defensive side of the puck. And they're going to have a hard one today getting that rhythm together.

Mitch (37m 21s):Better goalie

Rodd (37m 22s):Powerplay,

Mitch (37m 25s):Better goalie, Carter, heart or Bret, the Hitman Hart breath

Jo (37m 31s):All day.

Rodd (37m 31s):Red

Jo (37m 36s):Cotter. Heart really needs to step it up this season. And I do see them doing that. Is he doesn't he's he's not going to be around next.

Mitch (37m 43s):I'm all over the ducks. They got the one game under their belt to

Rodd (37m 52s):You give him the power play you're in trouble. Cause that power play like Beasley. It's like unreal. I was like, wow, the ducks, the power play

Mitch (37m 60s):And beaten at home this year. I'm laying in there. Also. I like the ducks here. I think you could possibly go reverse puck line.

Brian (38m 8s):Like you're

Mitch (38m 9s):What?

Brian (38m 10s):Nothing. I was going to say you're dreaming. But I told myself I was going to behave like

Mitch (38m 14s):That's okay. You can tell me. I'm trying to now Brian's always picking on me.

Jo (38m 21s):No, the ducks with that plus money is beautiful. Mitch. I think

Brian (38m 25s):I liked the ducks. I had the ducks said the other side game. I had the ducks. Now I'm fading it though.

Mitch (38m 33s):I'm double duck, parlaying it here. Double doc block or get ducks. Ducks, duck. You Brian, I'm gone double ducks.

Jo (38m 45s):You guys also look at like the wild when they came out of that last playoff game with the Knights and how like softer, they look from some of those games. Th they were eliminated by I'm I'm all over ducks tonight.

Mitch (38m 58s):No, my wife just asked me what the hell is wrong with me.

Jo (39m 4s):Did you ask her to get a note?

Mitch (39m 7s):How much time you got Carrie?

Jo (39m 11s):It's normally my response. When I get asked that the hell

Mitch (39m 15s):How much time he got

Jo (39m 18s):My therapist has a list. It's very long.

Mitch (39m 24s):It's like, it's like the it's like the judge, when he saw my driving record, it was one of these he's like, it was like, he takes out the paperwork. That's true story. It takes out the paperwork. I was like, oh, this like, does it, it lifts it up. He's like this. And it's like, he's like,

Jo (39m 60s):And, and how did she keep a straight face?

Mitch (40m 4s):Oh man. Anyways, I like the ducks. Just a lot of value there. Antisemite gem on those that go to the NBA. Redwings did me dirty last night. Oh, that

Jo (40m 25s):Was ugly, man.

Brian (40m 30s):Yeah, it did suck. Oh,

Mitch (40m 35s):Miami heat against the Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers taken on the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Detroit pistons against the Philadelphia 76 ERs and the New York Knickerbockers taking on the Washington wizards. I'll tell you what. Kyle Cozmo looks very much at home on the wizards. I liked the way the wizards look this year. We're going to get a lot of value on this team.

Brian (40m 59s):How much did the LeBron play last night? Remember we argued about the Lakers and Sacramento. We

Mitch (41m 4s):Argued, we

Brian (41m 6s):Argued about it and you're telling me that they were going to get that team in order because the season's just around the corner. You expect the Lakers to play well.

Mitch (41m 14s):So you won one. I

Brian (41m 16s):Didn't even know that I was score honest to God. I didn't look at

Mitch (41m 19s):I'm sure you had the Timberwolves against the nets too. I mean,

Brian (41m 24s):I don't think I did, but I had one game yesterday. It was the Sacramento Kings, I believe.

Mitch (41m 31s):I don't think so. I don't recall.

Brian (41m 37s):Anyway, we're onto today, right?

Mitch (41m 40s):Good

Brian (41m 42s):For me. I'll take the Detroit pistons here. I, it gets to 76 or so. I just think that line looks a little bit funny, but lay in one and a half, two points with the pistols, It looks like they really want you on the Sixers today. And the Sixers have lots of team issues and

Mitch (41m 60s):The same people that called that two point conversion last night. Are they the people that,

Brian (42m 3s):Which was the right decision, but in the MBA here, it's just preseason just the lane. I'm going to take the pistons for 55 bucks tonight or the Sixers?

Mitch (42m 12s):The whole 55, the whole

Brian (42m 14s):55. Well, you can't go crazy and NBA

Mitch (42m 16s):Preseason to hedge out. Nope. Okay. How about you Rodd? See thing on those four basketball games.

Rodd (42m 35s):Nope. For me, I'm going to ask you to take a straight group along those four basketballs. And they look on a straight roof though. I don't like any of those for basketball.

Mitch (42m 43s):Little lean on the Celtics, maybe there plus the seven and a half eight,

Rodd (42m 48s):Joe. No, there it look like you're now you're I'm in gimme, gimme. Yeah. Turned me onto the heat. Why they Boston? I was eight and a half. Yeah, Pick it up

Mitch (43m 5s):Tonight. And then the lines dropping on the other way.

Rodd (43m 11s):I'm saying everybody's popping up on the Boston Celtics public favor. They're like eight boys.

Mitch (43m 19s):I'm on the cell. You don't see me doing that.

Brian (43m 26s):Miami twice

Rodd (43m 29s):Miami point. He was just talking. I wasn't good. I was going to pull up that and then it was like, no, wait, that's it. I don't eat it. If

Jo (43m 40s):I'm going to take the under in the Boston Celtics Miami heat game, I think we're seeing a lower scoring match up between these two. We saw the heat only score. What? 92 points yesterday. I think both defenses play a hard game offenses. Don't get many points. So give me the under two, 14 and a half.

Mitch (43m 58s):Well the Celtics here, Easy money lay up Boston, lay up. I also like the wizards. I love the way they're playing with Kyle Kuzma plays well with Beale. They're going to be the surprise team this year. You know, they've just missed the playoffs. The last couple of years they've been in the discussion. Like, you know, just miss. I think they actually made it didn't they make it last year to that 10th. I think they did. I like, I remember I liked the buzzards here.

Rodd (44m 39s):Yeah. The wizards were in that, in that weird playoff.

Mitch (44m 43s):They, they made their way in and now they got charisma. They're going to be good. Going to be a very nice team. They used to be the bullets, got the Grizzlies, the Grizzlies up against the Chicago balls, the Milwaukee bucks against the Dallas Mavericks golden state warriors up against Portland and the spurs against the rockets. Brian, what do you think of these things?

Brian (45m 18s):Slight, slight, slight lean to the Chicago bulls here at home. I think they want to be playing good going into their regular season. They're at home.

Mitch (45m 25s):I like every line move. We've seen that. That looks like this one. The other team has won into a whole NBA. Pretty

Brian (45m 32s):Bold statement.

Mitch (45m 33s):It's the truth. It's every single I've said it the other day. And it happened and it happened. It will happen again, just like that. Celtics heat, just like all these ones. I'm telling you every time we've seen a weird line movement like this, it's gone the other way. Every single one and NBA preseason, but bowls are just the way it's all you're looking at.

Brian (45m 52s):The polls are a team that I'm going to be now I have, and I want them to set your own. Timberwolves are laying up point. I believe I forget who they are playing.

Mitch (46m 1s):Never, never, never win

Brian (46m 4s):This game. And I lean

Mitch (46m 5s):Towards the poles. It's like my YouTube comments never win. This sky never wins. Just like my terrible Pick the guy. So the guy that actually I see, I had a real productive YouTube conversation yesterday. Someone wrote, I gave out the, under a, my YouTube on the Eagles box game and the guy, his comment was terrible Pick. Right. Which seems a little condescending and maybe, you know, argumentative or whatever, you know? So I said, you know, said, well, the idea is that, you know, I say in the videos, I have a thing and says, you know, enter your Pick. You know, it doesn't mean tear me down on mine.

Mitch (46m 45s):It's kinda like, that's what you need to do to make yourself feel better. And he's like, no, I actually subscribed to the channel I watched every day and all that other than, so I said was, you know, your wording, you know, it doesn't come across like that. But you know, we saw what happened there, but yeah, it was actually productive and he understood where I was coming from, you know, kind of like we did kind of like a virtual bro hug thing. Oh good. I'm happy to hear that. It was nice. You know, we're probably going to grab a cup of coffee if he's in town, you know, maybe shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot it. You know what we do?

Mitch (47m 26s):Good times. We're growing. It's growth. Right.

Rodd (47m 39s):Then these ones, the one I like here is a, I have to agree. Give you the bowls. I think they easily went by double digits and I was

Mitch (47m 52s):Sucking up the Brian don't yet

Brian (47m 55s):Not an obvious player. That time period got to pick something.

Rodd (47m 59s):And I also liked Portland. Give me a Portland. Well in important too. I like, but I really love the heat. I think that's the best. That's the best

Brian (48m 18s):Easy winner. Take it to the bank. Cash. The check. Now

Mitch (48m 23s):Someone asked this question, someone asked this question in the YouTube comments, Mitch, I'm curious, what does black Sabbath mean?

Rodd (48m 34s):Oh wow.

Brian (48m 37s):I think it's a, it's like a, it's like a, isn't it like a devil worshiping a Ty Sunday thing. I don't know. Black Sabbath. I think of the Sabbath is a Sunday.

Mitch (49m 1s):Okay. Good joke, Brian,

Brian (49m 6s):What does it mean? I don't even know why no black Sabbath.

Rodd (49m 12s):And I think that's exactly what they do that asking me questions, going with black Sabbath. I don't think they knew

Mitch (49m 26s):The worst comments on YouTube are this didn't age. Well, that's kind of like the, after the fact, it's like, if you put that in the comments on our YouTube, I block you immediately. It's like, we don't want your comments. Like if it's like, this is it's pathetic. It's like, if you have time to go around in the YouTube comments and just leave the comment, this didn't age wealth, it's like say basically watching the video, reading other people's comments and then just putting them down for a prediction that they made that you didn't have the sack to do. Yeah. You're really not what we're looking for in our community. We don't need your subscribe. Subscribe, which my bank doesn't take.

Mitch (50m 25s):No. Anyways, Joe, what do you think of these games?

Jo (50m 38s):I like the Dallas Mavericks plus the points tonight. I think 10 and a half is way too many. So take him plus

Mitch (50m 48s):I like the Grizzlies and I like the warriors and the rockets And the Celtics and the ducks. Both of them,

Jo (51m 14s):All the dots, all the ducks on the board today.

Mitch (51m 17s):See if we did see any more good comments. We had a good show yesterday, reading through the comments and discussion. I was funny. Excuse me. Tough to top that one at the edit out half the show people were like, what happened half the job? It was that kind of show when, when the 49 is when, when the super bowl this year, people now wake up early just to see Joe Madden now best morning show ever for Picks. Yeah, we will do a new 15 minute preview for the show for premium and VIP members only. It would be Joe Madden drinking her first cup of coffee.

Jo (51m 59s):Oh, that's scary. And that would be the scary preview. No one wants to see that. Maybe park obviously.

Mitch (52m 6s):Oh, this would be fun. This will be fun. She wouldn't have to read her personal email, but just answering her personal email and opening up a regular snail mail and like a bills and stuff. Just like personal communication from, I dunno lawyers and you know the

Jo (52m 23s):Other,

Mitch (52m 25s):That'd be great as you're drinking your first cup of coffee, that's like me. It'd be like the Mitch aunts, Mitch, Mitch, like doing the customer service without having to read the actual things. Just me

Jo (52m 41s):So bad. So bad.

Mitch (52m 45s):I had been online two months when someone told me, yeah, you got a customer service person. It's like so bad. Oh man. And Rodd, you got a Parlays for these nice people.

Rodd (53m 3s):Yeah. When I said we can hit on another, another one, Joe had ours yesterday. So let's go for another one. We're going to take the connects on the Moneyline. We're going to take the Clemson game under the total where they north, Texas over the total. And I threw in the heat minus the points, parlay those four up today,

Brian (53m 25s):Simple two gay Parlays, Clemson under the total and that Miami heat minus the points. Easiest better than day.

Mitch (53m 33s):Joe

Jo (53m 36s):Let's do the Oregon ducks on the money line. The San Diego. Yeah. They'll stay on the money line. And the Ana ducks,

Mitch (53m 49s):Oregon, Oregon with the Oregon Anaheim in the Celtics for me, ducks, ducks, Celtics going to cook. Brian's goose with that one. Anyways. Have a great day. Everyone. We appreciate each. And every one of you be sure to smash the like button, subscribe to channel. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors. Of course, tomorrow we got the really big show. It's our college football Saturday show. And he, anyone nailed down for this one joke. That's definitely coming.

Jo (54m 15s):We've got Joe D'Amico Dion. We've got big out. I'm like Marty, of course, Brian and Rodd. You and I there's a lot of others coming. I just haven't. I believe he is. Yeah. We're going to have a fun lineup tomorrow.

Mitch (54m 29s):Ron Romanelli. I believe

Jo (54m 31s):So. 90, 97. Yeah. I'm pretty sure like most of our Saturday guys

Mitch (54m 37s):Are all going to be that Tony brown.

Jo (54m 40s):I need to nail him down. I'm going to find him on Instagram.

Mitch (54m 46s):We'll call him tomorrow. We'll call him. So we're all waiting for you.

Jo (54m 52s):He's great. I love his take on games, so I hope we get them on. Yeah.

Mitch (54m 57s):Alright. Well, thanks everyone for joining us. We appreciate each and every one of you have a winning day and I'm gonna try and act more professional tomorrow, even though today. I really, I think I nailed it. I did. I, you know, I rarely pat myself on the back and say, but I think I really held it together today.

Jo (55m 17s):I think everyone needs to give a thumbs up for you holding it

Mitch (55m 19s):Together to get really held it guide. I don't think I insulted anybody. I think I was kind of nice to Brian most of the time and you

Jo (55m 26s):Know, wow. It's a gold star day.

Mitch (55m 29s):Yeah. I think, you know, I mean, sure. I even nominated him for head coach of the year. You know, all that kind of good stuff happened. It's still not my favorite capper. I have a great day. Everyone. We'll see you tomorrow.

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