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Mitch (1s):Hi, it's Mitch from Pick Dawgz dot com and it is Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 here with your live show real life, seven days a week, 365 days a year, Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM. Eastern standard time ish and on the weekends at 10:00 AM Eastern standard time. Well, but different format. And then Joe, Matt and I have been going live around three 30, closer to 4:00 PM. Eastern time. Every single day, we have variety of different chosen. Today is our office pull show be announcing our week five winner as well as kicking off week six, which is our first week of bi-week games, which makes it a little bit tougher.

Mitch (44s):If you're in one of those pools where you have to just select the limited amount of games, but probably makes it easier for the office pool. So that's where that goes. Yeah, these light sports days, I'm just not used to it. I've been going full tilt for about over a year now with the COVID the way that they did, you know, the games and the seasons and everything. This is the first time since that COVID stoppage, that seasons are kind of starting at their right time. Right. Everything was kind of pushed together and, you know, seasons were just ending. It feels like hockey just ended. Right. And just, and NBA just ended and they're getting started again. But it's like, this was the first real pause that we've had where there's only been like a game, you know, here and there.

Mitch (1m 24s):And it's nice. I went outside yesterday, went to the farmer's market and there was some people, this woman, she has this black lab puppy, you know? Oh, you know, we got Sam and they're like, oh, this is Brooklyn, Brooklyn. So smart. You know, and all that stuff, everyone thinks their dog is so smart. It's like, oh yeah, well, here's a video of my dog eating a cookie. Okay. How's that though? It's like my dog, maybe junior college on a good day. You know, not, not the smartest dog in the world, but he's, he's a good dog though. Makes up for it in another, in other areas. Cute. Sweet. So we'll take it.

Jo (2m 2s):My dog who is extremely smart, but loves to play dumb. So we have a struggle with that. He knows the, when we're walking crosswalks, if he sits and I'm trying to go straight, that out of the cars will stop. And so then I have to cross the road. Cause I look like the idiot led by her dog. So he sits all the cars stopped. Then I guess we're crossing

Rodd (2m 28s):Benny, Benny plays. He really plays dumb. He pretends, he pretends like he he's got the beaten syndrome when he's out and about. And people are like, oh, you're you're. You're like, Hey, you can't do that type thing. Well, he lies down in pretends. Like he's been, he's getting beat and he's, I'm a beaten dog and he lies down. He just haves it right up to him. It's like, really? You don't want any air spoiled rotten dog. You're on there. You're just playing it up. He definitely loves to play it up. His favorite thing to do is dive on people. He, he, he, you, cause people, they get that sense of like, oh, that's a big dog. Right. And as soon as he gets that sense that you can have that little bit of fear him.

Rodd (3m 10s):He's like, yeah, he puts his back burner up and he runs right at you, but he doesn't go at it. Like he veers off the last second. He gets that fair and look in people's faces. And then he's like, Hey. And he goes, I was like, Hey, you got to stop that buddy.

Mitch (3m 29s):Yeah. Sam was pretty pretty. I dunno. He's, he's suck up. You know, he's just a major suck up. So he he'll run up to somebody, but then he'll just lay down, roll over on his back. And you know, immediately he point, this is where the belly is. Start rubbing big guy. It's like nice, nice comments lady. Now I start rubbing my belly.

Rodd (3m 58s):What's in the word right away.

Mitch (4m 2s):This is move. People said, oh, he's so cute. How old is he? Oh, we got his hockey today. We got NBA preseason basketball. My cracking Bet sat there, my account and then lost. And then my penguins Bet at least covered that. And then some, it was actually the, they were actually the bigger dog. I love betting against Tampa bay. Lightning can suck it.

Jo (4m 36s):Yeah. Great column that Mitch, just so I know all of us were with you on that one.

Mitch (4m 42s):Yep. Everyone was with us. This is a team team. Teamwork makes the dream work against you.

Jo (4m 49s):Congratulations

Mitch (4m 50s):Carson Wentz. But we all agree

Jo (4m 52s):That getting it done with Sidney Crosby too gone,

Mitch (4m 54s):We all agree that Carson went sucks though.

Brian (4m 56s):No, he doesn't suck. It was a day of up and down emotions for me yesterday. As far as sports go,

Mitch (5m 3s):I slept right through. Most of it start off the

Brian (5m 5s):Day, started up off the day with the Chicago white Sox with a gutless performance, lost that game as a premium. Then I had a Tampa bay lightning decide to pull goaltender, had six minutes to go.

Mitch (5m 18s):They had lost that game. They were dead in the water.

Brian (5m 21s):Obviously,

Mitch (5m 22s):Even when it was zero, zero in the first period, Pittsburgh dominated. I mean they dominated from start to finish. It was men against boys.

Brian (5m 31s):It was the last of the third period. And it's you have four goals to give you usually. All right.

Mitch (5m 35s):Well you can get my please. My monthly is 3 29 99, Brian. So you get the Michi pucks books in there,

Brian (5m 41s):But I did finish it out with a win with UL. L is they absolutely steamrolled upstate. So one and two isn't a bragging day for me, but you know, it could have been worse.

Mitch (5m 52s):I slept through the entire thing. Missed the most of them. Anyways happens. How's everyone else doing today?

Jo (6m 9s):Well, it's Wednesday, never a bad day on Wednesday.

Mitch (6m 15s):We're now on the odd day seat pod cast network. I don't even know how to pronounce it correctly. Odyssey Odyssey, a D C a D a C Y we're on that podcast network. Now

Brian (6m 29s):Pick this up baseball game tomorrow. 

Mitch (6m 32s):They trusted us.

Brian (6m 37s):Yeah, Brewer's choked again. I almost put my, I thought the giants Dodgers was at the day and I was putting my pick in for the giants and I was like, shit, that's not til tomorrow. So I'm, I think I'm going to be on the giants. I'm gonna try to put the final whammy on them and I'm going to go big and we'll see what happens. I'm thinking like a thousand giants tomorrow.

Jo (6m 59s):I liked the giants over the Dodgers. I hope they do it

Brian (7m 2s):That way. I win. And if I win, I win. If I lose, I still win.

Mitch (7m 7s):I haven't even looked. I have, I have my future Bet stolen giants. So, so I've

Brian (7m 14s):Should be a pitcher's duel, but

Mitch (7m 17s):I should bet the Dodgers. I mean, I have, I have a hundred to one on the giant, so it's when the world series. So I have pretty much hedged on the other side, a hundred dollars pays 10,000. So I got a little bit of wiggle room.

Brian (7m 43s):I wonder what the prop better will be to go to extra innings tomorrow because I could see an extra inning game. Hi drama.

Jo (7m 54s):Oh, for sure. These games have to be high drama. The MLB also has to keep their fan base alive. Right? Because we look at the fan base for MLB and it's getting older and older. We're not getting the younger, younger fans interested in MLB anymore. So I think we're going to see a high drama one.

Mitch (8m 14s):Yeah. The younger fans are not interested in MLB because well, because everyone hates baseball players. I mean, that's really part of the problem they have. No, yes. I know about it. They do. Cause like I work in a business where we face the public every day and they let us know by their actions. You know what they think about each particular sport and judging by that, the only time baseball is any kind of popularity is when it's played during the day in the middle of the week. Other than that, people would prefer to watch anything over it.

Mitch (8m 54s):Anything at all? Yeah.

Jo (8m 57s):I thought it's the oldest fan base is MLB and there is concerns that, you know, it won't be around in 10 years because the fan base won't be there.

Mitch (9m 6s):Well, this the PR they have fundamental issues here. You have what you have is a non-salary cap sport and in a non-salary cap sport, you know, you look at the teams that, that advance, you know, in the playoffs every single year. And they're the 10 largest TV markets. It's the way that it works every single year. Once in a while, there'll be a Tampa bay in there once in a while. There'll be another team like that. But every single year, it's the top TV markets, every single year it's it's, it's played, you know, Yankees, Dodgers, it's like yuck giants, same thing. You know, the giants, you know, for some reason gets seen as a small market.

Mitch (9m 51s):They're the fourth largest market in, in, in the world. It's like, you know, some kind of like, you know, poverty team, Chicago, white Sox, you know, seen as like, you know, the second team in their city. Yeah. It's the third largest TV market in the country. You know, it's, it's not a surprise that these are the teams that are there. They might not be signing Bryce Harper, you know, like the idiot Phillies do, but it's like, they're outside, they're out paying big bucks on everybody else across the board. They're overpaying, you know, on a regular basis, you know, the Boston red Sox, you know, they're still paying David Price. They can afford to take chances like that.

Mitch (10m 31s):They're paying 15 million to a guy who's not even on the team. You know, it's like, you can, you can do those things when you're in the big TV markets and you know, a year after a year after a year, you know, who's going to win the Atlanta versus walkie series. Well, Atlanta is a bigger TV market. They're probably going to win. I mean, the site, you do baseball, right? It's like you have the Dodgers and the giants, the number two versus number four TV markets in the country. You have the, you know, the Braves are up there top 10, then on the other side of Boston and then Euston is, is fairly large as well.

Mitch (11m 11s):I think number seven, but you don't see Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Minnesota, right? It's not a coincidence. It's not like just that those teams are good every year it's on of those things. It's because there's no salary cap. So those teams have a lot more money to work with. And it's unfair. It's an unfair advantage. And it creates a competitive imbalance and the competitive imbalance makes it a lousy sport. When you look at the NFL who has the cap, right? Carolina Panthers go to the super bowl every once in a while. Yeah. It happens to new Orleans.

Mitch (11m 51s):Saints happens, right? Colts won the Superbowl Vegas

Rodd (11m 56s):Nights and they make it to the Stanley cup. Final

Mitch (11m 59s):Like Vegas is actually probably one of the more faster growing TV markets is my guess.

Rodd (12m 6s):It's probably out there, but also cost more to go to the baseball game. And it's an average, you're looking at a couple hundred bucks to take your family to the baseball game. It's not cheap anymore. And especially if they want to on a double hair, they wanted to charge you twice. Yeah. That's not cool.

Brian (12m 21s):But if you can bear baseball to the price of NBA, basketball tickets or hockey tickets, I mean, it's cheaper to go to a baseball game.

Mitch (12m 28s):There's 162 games.

Brian (12m 31s):Yeah, it does. Yeah. If you go to every game by just, if you select one sport to go take your son to the baseball games, cheaper than go onto a hockey or NBA MBA tickets for like $300 a piece almost.

Rodd (12m 43s):But what is your kid more excited to go see NBA? Right.

Mitch (12m 48s):All right. Well here here's, here's, here's the top 10 TV markets in the U S and he told me how these teams did this year in the major league, baseball playoffs, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Euston, Boston, Atlanta. You see any of these teams in the playoffs or win the world series in recent years? How about all of them? Every world series winner comes from this group of cities. Number 12 is Tampa 11 is Phoenix. I mean, that's where he, that's where it starts to happen. You know? So Vegas is probably further as further down this list, Cincinnati 37, Milwaukee, 35, Kansas city, 32, San Diego, 29, Baltimore, 26, Pittsburgh, 24 St.

Mitch (13m 45s):Louis, the aberration on the list, 23. They're just a really good organization. Charlotte, Denver, Cleveland, Orlando, as you start to move up, you know, as you start to move the other direction, Las Vegas, 39th, Oklahoma city, 43, Memphis Buffalo. So you just don't see 'em Honolulu a 66. It's no coincidence in baseball because there's no salary cap.

Brian (14m 21s):It's not

Mitch (14m 22s):Salary. It's not even ground.

Brian (14m 25s):The players association will never let that happen.

Mitch (14m 29s):Well, the, the, the fans have to make it happen is the way that it works. The fans call the shots. And when the fans take back the game, because they won't be able to afford to pay these players, the teams won't go belly up,

Rodd (14m 42s):Go belly

Mitch (14m 43s):Up. And that's what happens. They go belly up. You haven't seen it in a while, but they used to teams used to go belly up in hockey, especially they go belly up,

Rodd (14m 52s):Oh, hockey,

Mitch (14m 55s):And then Thrashers the Miami breakers. They never even made it to the ice belly up. They had the California seals belly up, I think even the menthol medicine, right.

Rodd (15m 12s):For whalers. So they went belly

Mitch (15m 16s):Hockey teams. I missed the whalers anyways. Yeah. That's the problem. I mean, that is the problem with baseball. It is, is the problem Is I

Jo (15m 42s):Hope they change it around. I love going to ball games saying, take me out to the ball game.

Mitch (15m 46s):But I wrote, so David Sanders is saying why it seem like the Marlins will never win a championship, but actually the Marlins have won the championship twice more recently than the Mets hap

Rodd (15m 56s):And the baths

Mitch (15m 57s):And the Dodgers. I believe too. I did have one in there since the Marlins are one too. If you have a really good organization and a really good management, then you can do like a Tampa bay, rays, Oakland A's thing. If you have a really, really good management, it takes and St. Louis Cardinals, it really takes something like that to get it done. And the Marlins have had that in the past. They did one time. The first time they did it with free agents, they just went out and they said, you know what? We're just going to go all in one year, we're going to sign these guys to a one year deal. So that's all we can afford. We'll get all the big names that we could possibly get for our one year. And we'll just go all in on it.

Mitch (16m 38s):And they did, and they won the world series. And then the next year they got rid of everybody and they took those guys and they traded them and raided everybody's farm system. And then a few years later, when the world series again with the guys, they traded those guys for wow. Yeah. Josh Beckett. They had that. They had a pitching staff that was like the Montreal expos pitching staff. Dontrelle Willis, Dontrelle Willis, AIJ Burnett. They had other guys that were like other big namers too, on that Marlin's pitching staff, the whole team they'd Cobra, Miguel Cabrera. They had a lot of guys,

Jo (17m 20s):Has there been any more talks of Vegas getting a ball team?

Mitch (17m 24s):It's the A's right? They are for sure. Not for sure.

Rodd (17m 29s):No, but they're talking about it. And they want a ball team. Whether they get one,

Jo (17m 35s):Just wondering,

Rodd (17m 37s):Also declining is because MLB that they don't, they don't promote their stars as much as they do in the NBA. If you look at NBA players, also, they go on Twitter and they talk to fans and then they do that kind of thing. Do a little more promotion, younger generations. They're all on a piece of electronic device. And if you're an MLB player, it's not like the old days where you were signing balls and gloves and do an apricots. If you're charging kids on spring training now to come watch a spring training grapefruit game, come on, you want, you want to keep the kids and the younger generation growing up to be happy and excited to watch you guys play. And if you don't do that well, then you're not.

Rodd (18m 17s):That's why the demographic of baseball you look, it says it's like 70% male, 80, 88% old male guy.

Jo (18m 27s):Oh, absolutely. That's that's the exact as baseball.

Mitch (18m 35s):It's the Marlins team. The Marlin's team had Derek Lee, Mike law, Alex Gonzalez, Lisa steel. They had Maggie, Jeff Conein, Juan Pierre, all guys that they got trading. Those other guys. They got Josh Beckett. Carl pavano AIG Burnett Dontrelle Willis. They were pretty loaded in hindsight. Anyways,

Jo (19m 3s):Do you guys think Vegas will get a basketball team before baseball team? That's where I'm thinking basketball, thirst. Who could they

Mitch (19m 11s):Get?

Jo (19m 13s):I don't know. They ha they have the facilities there to have a basketball team with a baseball. They don't have the facilities. And I don't think the community will support the city, spending the money again on a baseball team.

Rodd (19m 31s):I think their chances of getting the baseball team are better than getting an NBA team. Who's who's who's leaving. Are they going to have an expansion draft?

Jo (19m 42s):I could see them having expansion draft for sure.

Mitch (19m 45s):Basketball. Yeah. Oh, no way. No way. No way those players. There's no way they're splitting up money with one up. One more percent. Anybody. They got to move somebody and it's probably let me see. Who's a good candidate to move. Cause there's no Vancouver or anything. So let's see

Rodd (20m 7s):Here.

Mitch (20m 11s):Who's a good candidate to move on. Let's see the pelicans have move. The new Orleans has moved before Charlotte has moved before. So

Jo (20m 23s):I could see it happening because Vegas is becoming a sports team hub. Right. They've got an amazing, is it lacrosse? A ring at team that's just

Mitch (20m 32s):Expanded their Portland.

Rodd (20m 36s):Portland.

Mitch (20m 38s):Yeah. I could see it. It's always a city like that. Yeah. Like loyal diehard fans, you know, rich. It's like, oh, it's just got these people over 35 bucks, extra per ticket. They do Sell popcorn for a dollar 25. Here. We could sell it for a dollar here. Let's move. The fricking table.

Brian (21m 6s):Popcorn is like $15 a bag in those stadiums.

Jo (21m 10s):A hundred bucks in Vegas

Mitch (21m 13s):For a bag of popcorn. I haven't been eating there.

Jo (21m 18s):It'd be a great place for a basketball team though. I hope they do

Rodd (21m 23s):Any sporting event are always through the roof. It's like, holy man. Talk about markup

Mitch (21m 31s):Sacramento and OKC. I would say Portland is up there. I don't know.

Brian (21m 41s):No. I think they moved the Kings before the blazers, but,

Mitch (21m 44s):Well, it's not, it's not the league that moves the team. It's the owners that decided to take the offer. So it's, it's a matter of, like I said, where they can get a dollar more for parking spot, or if they're going to give them a piece of the parking concession at all, see that's all the factor. That's the bigger factor. They don't care. The ticket price is one thing, but it's like that chicken nugget, you know, that $19 chicken nugget

Rodd (22m 12s):Price. I attended it off of off of every order of fries that goes up for the,

Mitch (22m 24s):And it was, we got games today. Sue got on the card. This

Brian (22m 30s):Was one of the toughest cards of the

Mitch (22m 32s):Year. I have no Picks and it's a straight roof loaded. I know big album Morty, also a straight roof roof loaded. So if you have weekly or monthly package, a lot of people do email me, Mitch at Pick Dawgz dot com and I'll extend you out a day. He asked me to do that. Cause he's taken, he's taken the straight roof a little on this thing.

Brian (22m 56s):Tough card today.

Mitch (22m 58s):Well, it's, it's it's for me, it's an it's, it's better able, but it's not like I can't give out a premium pick on teams that haven't played a game. I need, I need data for the Michi pucks picks. Otherwise I just take all the Dawgz. Oh,

Brian (23m 11s):Yesterday you said take the dogs and you were

Mitch (23m 14s):Profitable. I say it every day.

Brian (23m 17s):I think. Yeah.

Mitch (23m 19s):I mean, I do that, but when I have the data to work with and it's that it's a lot easier. I mean, we were able to pick up, pick those things apart, you know, in the late season, just looking at the numbers. I still, I watched some of those games last night. I still couldn't tell you the name one player on either team.

Jo (23m 36s):Could

Mitch (23m 36s):You follow the puck though? Not one bed. I was half asleep on the couch and then I got up and made dinner and then I went back to sleep. I was watching Muhammad Ali documentary on PBS.

Jo (23m 50s):It

Mitch (23m 52s):Got the maple Leafs against the Canadians. That's one's easy mantra all day long plus whatever. Then you gotta

Brian (24m 3s):Be quiet.

Mitch (24m 4s):Crap. It also against the Rangers. Easy to you got the docs against J E T S jets, jets, jets. Got all right. Who do you like the most three? Brian.

Brian (24m 21s):Oh, geez. You're really skipping around here. Montreal and Toronto. I'm going to take under the six goals. Montreal has had trouble in net closing out the pre-season, but I think, let me see Campbell on Toronto, standing on his head. I think we see good. Goaltending I think Montreal set the pace and this game. So I think it goes under six I'm a little bit soured on NHL totals after last night, but I think this is a lower score in game.

Mitch (24m 46s):It was a total, his fault, not yours totals. Right? How about you? What do you think of these three?

Rodd (24m 53s):For me and these three? I like the over in the Leafs and Montreal game. They tend to play to the over lots of goals. Last season opener. Cause these teams always play season opener, Toronto majol it was five. Four was the vinyl that line opened at five and a half. It's up to six for good reason. Give me the over in Montreal and Toronto, we see a whole pile of goals in that one. And the other one I liked the under in the Rangers in Washington. When I think he got a lower scoring, hard hitting, no Ovechkin playing no Backstrom in there for Washington. And I think goes a little harder to come by on that one. Given the under, in that one,

Mitch (25m 37s):Joe.

Jo (25m 38s):Yeah, I'm loving the team total over for the Toronto maple Leafs. We see 'em for the Montreal Canadians. Carrie price is on an absence right now. We have Jake Allen in for the Montreal Canadians. I think it's going to take him a little time to be able to gel with his team. So give me the Toronto maple Leafs to add up those points. This five and a half. I would be leaning on that over as well, like Rodd, but I love the team total more.

Mitch (26m 8s):I'm going to take Montreal all day, twice on Wednesdays. Does the easiest plan. The board

Brian (26m 17s):Is the tall down to five and a half.

Mitch (26m 18s):I don't even know. I couldn't even tell you a play at one player on one team. So here you have a team five and a half, or you have one team here. You have one team that's like always seems to be the underdog and always has their back SWAT and always comes through and they have another team that's always overblown and always jokes. So what better place to choke in front of your home crowd than the home opener? I mean, I think, I think the Leafs fans going in, it's got, gotta be expecting a loss going into this thing at all. They got to expect to leave disappointed because they're just so used to it. Yeah. I could see the coach being fired in Toronto by the sixth game of the season.

Mitch (26m 60s):And this is what they do there. I don't even follow hockey. And I know that

Brian (27m 3s):Baseball team is similar to the Toronto maple Leafs.

Mitch (27m 7s):The Mets, the Mets, the Mets, the Mets are no, no, it's the Mets. It's not the Cubs because the maple leaves actually have good players. I couldn't tell you one of them, but I know they at least have

Brian (27m 19s):Not this year, but the Cubs have good

Mitch (27m 21s):Players this year. Not like now, but the Cubs or the lovable losers, the Mets are like the high spending big city, like Toronto is kind of like the Juul of the NHL. Right? It's kind of like, that's the team. If Canada could hat pick their team. That is the thing. Toronto is their most popular biggest city, right? So it's like, that's the one you want like New York from the mats. Right? Same thing. It's like, and then what do they do? They underachieve fall flat on their face, lose the winnable games time after time after time. And then they fire the manager. It's the same crap, man. It's like, this is what they do.

Rodd (27m 57s):And then

Mitch (27m 58s):They the worst. And then the worst thing, then the worst thing that could possibly happen, happens to them. They fire the manager, they bring in the new guy. Then they win a couple of games, which is the worst thing that can happen. And now they're stuck to this guy.

Jo (28m 12s):So Mitch, I have a player for you. So you can remember his name from the Toronto maple Leafs. It's easy. It's Mitch Marner. He's just one of their top scores. Same first name as you I've already

Mitch (28m 22s):Forgotten

Jo (28m 27s):The prices out tonight. And this is my concern with the Montreal Canadians. They could come out on one.

Mitch (28m 31s):That's what he said last night about my penguins. That's what you guys were

Brian (28m 36s):Down there. A bunch of guys. Yeah.

Mitch (28m 39s):They don't

Jo (28m 39s):Care. Price is a difference maker in that

Mitch (28m 42s):Goal. Maybe the guy that comes up, maybe he becomes the difference maker. Maybe this was the up and comer. You know, nobody saw maybe this guy sees it. Like, you know, a lot of these NHL guys, especially the NHL, this is their chance. You know, your only chance that you have is it was when you get your number gets called, right? So it's like, are you going to be, you know, blue Garrett, are you going to be Wally PIPP? You know, it's a, you got to make your call here. It's like, you know, maybe this is the next Lou Gehrig. You never know

Rodd (29m 12s):Take, Alan's played eight seasons in the NHL. And every season in the NHL, he's finished with my goals against average of less than three. He's always in the two range last season, he played 29 games for Montreal. And then he went 11, 12 with a 2.6,

Mitch (29m 27s):Eight goals. What team is he on? I got no idea.

Rodd (29m 32s):Oh, Montreal. He's a bunch of was goalie. Before that he played with the blues. He was the backup for the blues for a long

Mitch (29m 39s):Time. These teams play the playoffs last year and it was all Montreal. They smoked them.

Jo (29m 44s):Oh yeah. Montrell was incredible. Last

Mitch (29m 46s):Smoked them weep. That was my pick to win the Stanley cup. Last year, the leaves choked

Rodd (29m 50s):That it was Montreal, shucked it away and lost the last

Mitch (29m 53s):Three. I said about Montreal last year. I said Montreal last year. I'm like, you let these guys in the door. I don't even have to know about hockey. I know this is that team. You let them in the door to the party. Oh man, you made a big mistake.

Jo (30m 8s):Has anyone heard how long carry prices on leave for

Mitch (30m 13s):Where's he at?

Jo (30m 15s):He's he's joined the N H LP players association, layers assistance program.

Mitch (30m 25s):Sounds like an extended Vegas road swing to make,

Jo (30m 29s):Well, he had knee surgery, right? Right.

Rodd (30m 32s):He had knee surgery, but, and he wasn't gonna come back from that. But mentally it's it, his position on Montreal as the only guy for the longest time mentally drained him. So he's checked out mentally. So that's why his assistant, he needs, he needs and out mentally. And in that end of the situation, so good on him for actually sticking it out and actually getting the help. So I, I don't fault him for doing what he did. A lot of people do because they're like, oh whatever, bro. Yo, yo, it's like, he's taking

Mitch (31m 10s):For one

Jo (31m 12s):Everyone. Else's everyone

Rodd (31m 14s):Else.

Brian (31m 15s):Did you say Jetson ducks?

Mitch (31m 17s):No.

Rodd (31m 18s):Oh yeah. Oh yeah. We did. Yeah. Yeah.

Brian (31m 21s):I really liked the ducks at night. I just might be the best. I know. But I missed that one because you kind of went out of order. You went to 10:00 PM. You kind of skipped around there, but I guess there are three, 10:00 PM games. Anyway. I like the Anaheim ducks tonight. I think that might be the best. One of the better dog plays out there. I think w and I've got a tough schedule. I think their first three, three games. This is their only winnable one, I think out of the next couple games. So I think that ducks women's

Mitch (31m 50s):You're right. I do like Montreal tonight, unless y'all know.

Brian (31m 54s):Well, you could park, you could do ducks and Montreal, but

Mitch (32m 0s):Let me see what's going on with the ducks in front of some numbers here.

Jo (32m 4s):They were one of the worst teams last year in the season.

Brian (32m 7s):I'll do that. Or my team. Then I'll put a

Jo (32m 9s):Young young team.

Brian (32m 14s):This is the Jet's first road game. And how long

Jo (32m 17s):I'm a Calgary flame. Sam. We do not like the jets that's for sure.

Mitch (32m 21s):Or the Oilers.

Jo (32m 24s):They tell you that

Mitch (32m 27s):The jets only beat the ducks. That's the only team they can be. This is a stinker. I like Montreal in this one.

Rodd (32m 40s):The backs of the ducks are five and 23, the last 28 home games as an underdog.

Mitch (32m 45s):Tonight's the night

Brian (32m 48s):Like 20, 25 cents though.

Mitch (32m 52s):Who cares? No one cares.

Jo (32m 56s):I love the jet Scully. Connor. Hello? Hello buck. Yeah,

Mitch (33m 2s):There's just not hockey names on us.

Jo (33m 6s):Oh, I love, I love goalies.

Mitch (33m 7s):Such a show off showing off how hot

Jo (33m 14s):I could see it. Rodd. Absolutely great Bet.

Mitch (33m 20s):My dog eats soap. How about that?

Jo (33m 26s):Okay. My dog doesn't you win

Rodd (33m 29s):The soap and then blow bubbles. Bubbles. All right. As you surf and he's got some soap and he's like blow bubbles.

Mitch (33m 38s):It was when he was a puppy. When he was a puppy, he ate soap. He didn't know

Jo (33m 49s):No matter

Mitch (33m 53s):It's pathetic. You guys saw on anything today. Brian, you got any Picks From, so

Brian (34m 2s):I got one hockey play. I've found it's my Wednesday executive dog play. I believe it's the best dog in the board. Van NHL. Pick that up at Pick Dawgz dot com, bringing picks or tune into the VIP premium show. I'll be giving it out on there.

Mitch (34m 16s):Is it, is it the Montreal Canadians?

Brian (34m 20s):I actually have two to give out on there and it possibly could be, but I can't confirm anything.

Mitch (34m 27s):So the best dog on the board Rodd,

Rodd (34m 31s):But for me, I've got one play as well. That's when I tend to start NHL and cross check the box. But my first 10, start back in the NHL, the season. But I'm so confident that I've given it to everybody. 15 bucks guaranteed jump aboard, grabbed my

Mitch (34m 45s): Joe.

Jo (34m 50s):Let's see. Oh God, are you Betting them?

Mitch (34m 54s):I have no idea. I've got no idea, but I think, I think I know what it is.

Jo (35m 0s):Okay. Now

Mitch (35m 2s):I can, I can narrow it down to two. I can narrow it down to two.

Jo (35m 10s):Maybe. I don't know.

Mitch (35m 13s):We'll think about that. No, I'm not

Jo (35m 15s):Going to come back to you on that. You know what? Assuming does.

Mitch (35m 19s):No, I don't.

Jo (35m 23s):I don't want to make an ass out of myself in a suit.

Mitch (35m 25s):Yeah, that would never happen.

Jo (35m 29s):I never assume it's no fun.

Mitch (35m 33s):What do you think of these three games, Joe? Oh, we did your, or what are selling? You have hockey picks for so

Jo (35m 39s):Yeah, I've actually got three picks tonight, two totals and one team winner lady.

Mitch (35m 44s):You're going to get this lady puck in action.

Jo (35m 48s):I was watching previous games the last couple of weeks in hockey. I've been missing out and being, looking at these match-ups so I'm excited.

Mitch (35m 60s):All right. We've got the Chicago blue. I have no picks tonight. So, so don't buy any of my stuff. If you did, if you have a week or something of mine, let me know. I'll extend it out an extra day. I got no picks, but I do like Montreal. That's the Michi pucks picked. I also have a mate, might have another one, got a Blackhawks against the avalanche in the Oilers against the Canucks. When are you going forward? Is Halloween Brian.

Brian (36m 40s):I actually bought my Halloween costume to wear on the podcast. So I guess I should say make it a surprise, but I do have a costume to wear. So I'll surprise everybody. I think it falls on a Sunday.

Jo (36m 57s):Well, that's going to be fun. I can't wait for the surprise.

Mitch (37m 1s):I'm going to be one of these. I'm going to be one of the women. One of the women are on our competitors sites. I'm just going to throw in a crap ton of makeup, but like I'm bobbing for apples and pancake, a face cover or something like red lipstick. That's just way too bright. Just basically a clown mask, Joe, what's the deal with all the women, like way too much makeup on these things. Like, I mean way too much. What's the deal because you don't wear a ton of makeup, right? You don't want a ton. So it's like, I can, we can talk. We can talk.

Mitch (37m 41s):But it's like, what's the deal? It's like way too much. I mean, did someone say that this looks good? I mean, does anyone think it looks, do people think that looks good?

Jo (37m 52s):I think a lot of them look very beautiful.

Mitch (37m 54s):You don't think it's like the clown show? Like the circus is now, right? Because that's what all the guys are thinking. At least the perceptive ones are the ones with any taste

Brian (38m 6s):Makeup. But it's

Mitch (38m 7s):Like, man, that woman wears a lot of makeup. It's like, wow, I guess, cause here,

Jo (38m 13s):I think there's also major competence issues for women out there. And makeup's a way of helping us feel better about ourselves. So if that's what they want to do put on that much makeup, I think they look gorgeous.

Mitch (38m 28s):A hairpiece. You think that would,

Jo (38m 31s):That would make you more confident? A hundred percent Mitch? I don't think it

Brian (38m 35s):Would. I would get a hair. A piece of it looked good.

Rodd (38m 38s):Yeah. But he never, it never like Scott getting their hair.

Brian (38m 44s):I was thinking about having an operation to have the hair sewn on or something.

Jo (38m 49s):I've seen that. Yeah, that looks very, very painful.

Rodd (38m 52s):No long enough at the back. If you let it grow long enough in the back for like a year, then I think I could flip it over and then

Jo (38m 59s):You could flip it forward. Like that I've considered heritage sanctions.

Mitch (39m 4s):It could be where I live. Cause like here, like women, they just don't wear that. Like white pancake makeup. It's stolen. It's too hot. You think that's what it is? Or you think they look like,

Jo (39m 22s):I think it's just for confidence issues. I really do. I think women get so picked apart more so than guys. Yeah.

Mitch (39m 31s):I was,

Jo (39m 32s):I was told I had the worst eyebrows on Instagram and like this guy just went off on it and it was like, it was really hard. I considered it having my eyebrows done and everything. It's really hard. People pick you apart for everything online.

Mitch (39m 46s):It's been a while since I've had my brows,

Jo (39m 51s):I like terrible. I don't know. He said they were Sinton and caterpillar, but they were thin and awful. And I couldn't imagine waking up to your eyebrows every morning. And I went like, I didn't even know who this was. He just decided to have a go at me. Wow.

Mitch (40m 8s):That's weird. I think, I think they're fine. Yeah.

Jo (40m 12s):Yeah. So, so you see women going through so much of this that you're damned if you do down, if you don't, they call it a calm face.

Mitch (40m 19s):The guys, get it to the guys. Get it too. I mean, I'm, you know, I mean, you think it's easy being the eye-candy piece of this programming know holding

Jo (40m 27s):Crap. I couldn't imagine the messages the women are sending.

Mitch (40m 30s):It's no day at the beach. I'll tell you that much.

Jo (40m 33s):Actually. You know what? That is. One thing I think our society needs to change is how women treatment, especially like at the bars and the bouncers at the doors, you know, men are just as big a pig. Cause those guys are, and it's not really frowned upon in our society for women to do that. They shouldn't do that.

Rodd (40m 55s):And Catherine is the worst answer. Women's by far it's just, it's crazy. It is. It's not even close. It's like, whoa, whoa, what happened in here?

Brian (41m 8s):I used to clean bathrooms in my young

Rodd (41m 10s):Days. Yup. That is like, oh wow. Oh, well

Brian (41m 23s):Urinals

Rodd (41m 23s):Are no fun either. Wow. Okay. No, that was not. Wow. Yeah. That's not good either. Then

Mitch (41m 29s):I think that for me, it's like, I think there's, I think the woman, the cake on the makeup, I don't think they need it. The ones that I'm talking about. I don't think they really need it. I just think that they've been given some bad advice, you know, by people that just, I mean, I guess everybody, I guess all tastes and all that other stuff and some people just have bad tastes. Right. So it's like, you know, it's all preference tastes have some thing for everyone. Right. But it's like, I dunno. It's like, if I'm a woman I'm not taking advice, you know, on books from a guy that frequent strip clubs, you know, or something, you know, it's like, unless that's what you're, unless that's what you're going for.

Mitch (42m 11s):You know? Good wing man.

Jo (42m 18s):I'm a good wing man. For sure. I am.

Mitch (42m 25s):I can play that role. I'm the wing man. I'm great wing man. Oh yeah. No. My friend Eddie that I used to golf with, it's like he, oh, I haven't seen him in a while. I would still golf with him. But he had, he was like picking up some are for something that we got paired up with asking you run into by me, you know? Cause he said there she referred dreads or fiance and she said their friends, what do you think? I don't know Eddie.

Mitch (43m 8s):I would continue down this road. The funny thing is I run to, I run into that woman all the time. Now we ended up having like mutual friends. Super nice, super nicely. She's she used to own a bunch of restaurants, LA area. Anyways Blackhawks, avalanche Oilers, Canucks Butler had some coffee.

Brian (43m 41s):Yeah. I think the best favorite on the board is the Edmonton Oilers tonight. It's way it's a ton of juice at minus 180. So I mean you have to lay the puck line here, but I think if a home team is going to dominate tonight, it's going to be Edmundson. And I do like the Chicago Blackhawks just for fun. I'm gonna put 55 bucks on them. See how they do there. I think Colorado will come out a little bit flat at minus 1 95. I mean they are, they have been dominant. All the, all the trends would lead you to believe Colorado is going to crush black Hawks tonight. But I think we see a little Pittsburgh penguin type upset here in Chicago.

Mitch (44m 15s):So five of the last seven Edmonton games have gone to overtime. So you wouldn't just take the park line there with the other two. That's a lot. That's like

Brian (44m 28s):Usually acts a favorites. I just have, it's just a gut feeling that

Mitch (44m 31s):Edmondson's kind of crushed, but they've been such a fall on their face. Disappointment. They made all those trades a couple of years ago and everyone's like Rodd was making the pizza and it was like, you know, I don't follow. Right. But then it was like, I noticed that we're not hearing about them. Right. I don't want to bring it up. Cause we know he's Rodd Scott tamper wrong. Right. It sounds like It's okay, Brian. We could be on different sides. It happens with the

Rodd (45m 5s):Blackhawks. I think they're

Mitch (45m 6s):All right. Good story. Rodd. Who do you like

Rodd (45m 10s):For me? I like the under in the Blackhawks and AVS game. Nobody can for the abs. He's got COVID so that's their top guy out. So they go some scoring punch for

Mitch (45m 22s):The apps. Does he have COVID or tested positive for CLI?

Rodd (45m 25s):I like being positive for COVID he's out for this game. When did that happen? Yesterday? Yesterday, my favorite player. He'll be all right. He's just

Mitch (45m 42s):Now Joe's made me rethink my whole Halloween bit and I gotta be Jo to Mika.

Rodd (45m 47s):And then you got, you got, you got flurry and gold. Chicago used to play for Vegas. And if you look at his numbers and every season that he's played, they have every team he's played for has made the playoffs. So Blackhawks make the playoffs this year. I tell you

Mitch (46m 5s):A sports fan,

Rodd (46m 9s):Laurie laws, the playing goal. And he's got, he's got a little crowd, his, his, his hat here against the Vegas Knights. He's going to be like, come on, you guys got rid of me. You guys are silly for doing it. And he's gonna, this is going to be one of those years for flurry. That he's stands on is so then the other one, the Oilers, I'm going to take a, the others as well because Mick David finally got his wingman. He, they stole it. It was Austin Matthews, a wing guy. They took Hyman from the Leafs. I'm like, ah, you guys don't want him. He's not good for Austin Matthews passing him in the pocket. And he's been scoring goals, all plenty of the regular season.

Rodd (46m 50s):But I was like, I want to win a cop. So he left because he's like Austin Matthews is a choker in the playoffs

Mitch (46m 55s):General team voice. Or is that like the general manager's voice

Rodd (47m 1s):General team boys disgruntled fan

Mitch (47m 5s):Know these things. So I'll make

Rodd (47m 7s):David James all happy. He has got a weed and you got dry side a lot on, he'll be anchoring on a second line. So it'd be only, there's actually have two lines this year. It's not just two guys want to do it all, do all the heavy lifting. So I'm going to be one of those to come out and make a statement against Vancouver, Canucks. They dominant and dominate them all breezy. They played a few times. So

Jo (47m 31s):Joe, yeah. I'm with Rodd on the Oilers. We saw what they did in preseason against this team. They get the wind tonight. Now, Rodd, slurry. He's not starting for the black. So tonight is he? I thought Kevin like Hanan was what? Kennan

Rodd (47m 48s):I, so flurry so far. Let me double check

Jo (47m 53s):Because that's what I'm seeing. And that's where I'm kind of, I'm leaning more on the abs to take this one. I don't know much about Kevin like Hannon and I'd have to look up more information about him. But you guys look at flurry when he has to play veg S and M major revenge games. When the black Hawk was played vague as he was done so dirty by Vegas, he didn't even know he was being traded until they announced it all over the internet. Like it was really bad what they did to him. And he was an incredible goalie for them, him for them. I just still don't understand why they did it like that

Rodd (48m 32s):So far. I see unconfirmed. Okay. All right. Confirm. Who's

Jo (48m 39s):Okay. Cause I know they have three goalies fighting that spot, correct?

Rodd (48m 45s):For the backup yet? Yeah. Florida gets a spot and he's hands down. Yeah. So between Lincoln and then the other guy, I can't remember the other guy's name right off. I think it's going to be like in it. Yeah.

Jo (48m 59s):And I think like I can, like, that's what I saw that he's starting tonight. So I don't know where I saw it this morning, but I was shocked by that. And was wondering if you knew anything about flurry hoping you'd feed me that information.

Rodd (49m 11s):Let me see so far they have no, nothing completely confirmed on either places that I look for goalies and there's nothing personal and sucks. Unconfirmed sucks.

Jo (49m 23s):Okay. Well definitely if it's flurry starting major lane on the Blackhawks, that's such great value. But especially with Nathan MacKinnon out for the Colorado avalanche,

Rodd (49m 37s):I think when would start on a dolphin so sucks, you would start, but it would suck. Yeah. And my other, my other one, Marc, Andre flurry is expected to get a start. I think he gets a start. I think it's blurry versus Colorado picked him up from Phoenix. You think they have tenders announced by now? Really? Don't like, because what I got, I got flurry and Kemper. So I think Lori starts

Jo (50m 5s):Okay. I hope so. Blackouts need to start off the season. Strong. They're very big momentum team. In my opinion.

Rodd (50m 17s):Dave's also back. That's used with, for lockouts as well. You don't cave. There's one guy, you know, you know, Jonathan Davis,

Mitch (50m 37s):This is brutal. Okay.

Jo (50m 43s):Well I'm excited for hockey

Mitch (50m 45s):Tonight. I'm excited for pre-season NBA got the sons and the blazers. We got Dallas versus Charlotte, the Pacers versus Memphis and the magic versus Celtics metrics are fairly small markets. Even that could be headed to Vegas. Pick one.

Jo (51m 12s):Yep.

Mitch (51m 14s):Yeah. That could emphasize too.

Jo (51m 16s):Yeah.

Brian (51m 19s):Yeah. They love their Chrissy. So

Mitch (51m 22s):I just like to say grisly, Joe, who do you like to be in this NBA? Contests by the land. Never bet on Edmonton. Never. We've learned that.

Jo (51m 40s):Yeah. It's the Oilers. It's

Mitch (51m 42s):Bad. It's bad. It's really bad.

Jo (51m 45s):I hate battle of Alberta. You guys should be here. What? Not as in Calgary. I don't know. I've never been to one in Edmonton, but man, Dan's coming down. It's bad.

Mitch (51m 56s):A couple of years ago they made this trade. They got these young guys. I got this. We're going to be really good. The guy like gets injured, like walking out of his car to the locker room, you know, for the first day. That was it. Yup. That's what we called cursed. They had their fun. They won their

Rodd (52m 13s):Yeah. Like they, they, two of them got hurt like right away. It was like, we're about to two guys. Yeah.

Mitch (52m 22s): move on. Like these NBA games. Yeah.

Jo (52m 28s):I'm just making sure I'm not jumping out of the time zone here. Give me the Dallas Mavericks. I know this is a lot of points at that seven, but I think they get it done against the Charlotte Hornets team. I see this being one they run away with and run away with it early. Otherwise. No, not the biggest fan of preseason basketball. Basketball drives me crazy when you don't know who is actually going to play and in the preseason, it's even more so.

Mitch (53m 8s):Alright. Rodd. Who do you like

Rodd (53m 12s):For me? I like, I like the sun's here. Well, I'll lay the points with the sons. I think they come up and get a nice win here. And the other one I like is I believe magic. They're trying to you in to take a Boston. They're like, Ooh, look, Boston. You know, Boston's a pub public Bet team. And they're giving you plus five and a half points with that. Nothing's given the magic a lay, the five and a half. It's actually moving up. I see it in four and a half in plays is five, five and a half. So it's moving. I've got to give you the magic Boston star. Nobody. Absolutely. Nobody. I bet you all bench guys give me magic.

Mitch (53m 51s):And that one.

Brian (53m 54s):Yeah. I lost my MBA pre-season game yesterday, but Orlando magic really jumped right off the page to me playing a five and a half now, five in some spots by they go to go to six and a half by tip off. It's just, when you see lines like that against the Boston Celtics, Uber rod said they are a highly Bet team. I just, to me, they don't want you to take Orlando. So I'm taking them in the preseason here. I'm going to lay that five of that.

Mitch (54m 20s):It seems that when these lines move in the preseason that the other team is the play. It's been that way almost every single day. And we've seen these extreme wind moves. It's only one time, I think. Have we seen it where the line move made sense? Normally it's been the other way. So I'll take the blazers, the Hornets and the Celtics. Why not? Who do you have? Brian magic. You take the Celtics then a double, double, double bed on the Celtics. Then There's a dedicated fan.

Mitch (55m 5s):Watching the replay of the Penn lightning

Brian (55m 9s):Didn't get enough. The first time

Mitch (55m 11s):Couldn't get enough.

Brian (55m 13s):That last eight minutes or six minutes. That really irritated me.

Mitch (55m 18s):Got the Detroit pistons against the Knicks, the thunder and the nuggets, the chicken nuggets and Utah jazz against the box. Brian, do you like any of these games?

Brian (55m 39s):I'm going to lean towards the Utah jazz at home. Utah's never an easy place for any visitor. Just, I think I saw two and a half earlier. I see it's at three. I just think the jazz or the better home team here at a better roster. I think the jazz can take them out

Rodd (56m 0s):And I'll take a, I'll take New York or Detroit, easy double D to blow. Right? Detroit's awful. And I, and I agree. Give me Utah, me the jazz

Mitch (56m 14s):Tell you that there's line moves. It's gone the other team every single time, Joe. Yeah. Give me the Milwaukee bucks. Easy money. Yeah,

Jo (56m 23s):They take this one. I'd lean towards that. Over 2 24 as well.

Mitch (56m 29s):This is nuggets and bucks from me Or Ashley P pistons, thunder and books. This is thunder bucks. So all the Dawgz it seems that the wine has moved to the favorite and every game means a Butler's playing. Most of the baths here loves those favorites.

Brian (56m 54s):I think Orlando is just, I think Orlando is a solid plate of

Mitch (56m 59s):Just like favorites and overs. Just say it.

Brian (57m 2s):How often did the magic lay leg? Almost six against Boston

Mitch (57m 6s):In preseason, NBA basketball week before the regular season started. I don't know. Cause I generally am not back in that bad of shape to bet it, except I just had to listen to 45 minutes of hockey. I've I'll do anything.

Brian (57m 19s):This is the first year I actually got into

Mitch (57m 20s):Pre-season that I'm ready to hit my head over that with the microphone. I actually heard a couple names in there. Hockey games. Couldn't tell you what team they're on, but I know that they play David and flurry or two of them, But we don't even know Florida is playing

Rodd (57m 47s):TB complaint. I think he plays,

Mitch (57m 50s):Oh, I'm S I'm expecting to hit the lottery. It doesn't mean it's going to happen.

Jo (58m 1s):Do you remember the player's name for Toronto maple Leafs, Mitch. There you go. That's all you have to remember. He's a forward Tom score,

Mitch (58m 10s):But she pucks. Alright. Anyone's got a Parlays. Got about a minute and 40 seconds left to go.

Brian (58m 24s):Rodd, Parlays.

Mitch (58m 25s):I'm sorry. Go ahead, Brian, go ahead.

Brian (58m 28s):Orlando with Orlando tonight. Easy lay up there. Right?

Rodd (58m 34s):Take the parlay. The sons magic. Nick's

Mitch (58m 41s):Joke.

Jo (58m 42s):Give me the Oilers and the Milwaukee bucks.

Mitch (58m 46s):I like the Montreal Canadians with Montreal Canadians, the Washington crap, but alls and the avalanche on the puck line. And it was a Smith. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate each and every one of you let's make it a winning day. And of course, I'm going to try and act more professional tomorrow. We're going to do the combo VIP and premium show. I actually have no picks today. So it's going to be a quick, let's make it a winning day.

Mitch (59m 26s):See you tomorrow. We'll see. It's actually 3:30 PM Eastern time for the office bull show with Joe and I.

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